Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game - Chapter 243 - Transfer

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Chapter 243 Transfer

Outside the mansion.

After equipping their weapons, the morale of the AEFC Company players was greatly boosted.

After being suppressed by the zombie horde for so long, they could finally vent their frustrations.

Meng Hao reported the situation to the company leader before he went online again.

Looking at the players who were fighting the zombie horde he had a vague feeling that something was wrong.

He seemed to have overlooked some details.

What was it…

But before he had time to think, a small pistol was stuffed into his hand.

“How is the company?”

Meng Hao immediately stopped thinking and raised his head to answer, “A total of 1,000 points. This amount is the most points the company can raise in a short period of time. Anything more than that will incur ‘handling fees’. The company can’t afford it.”

“Okay, as much as the company can afford.” Meng Hao took out the flashbang and rocket that he had just exchanged for from his backpack.

The eyes of the surrounding players lit up when they saw this.


They finally had a weapon that could suppress the Little Corpse King!

“In addition, I’ve communicated with the contact person of the Federation. Their people have just been triggered and are on their way. They will arrive soon. At that time, they will provide support in the periphery of Meng City to help us reduce the number of zombies.” “Okay…”

Two hours later, at the periphery of Meng City.

Chen Yu also joined as a member of the support team to counter Meng City’s Blood Moon Zombie Wave.

He was going to apply to his superiors for assistance in the prison.

He didn’t expect that AEFC would pull him over to be a coolie.

After the federal team arrived at the predetermined location, they immediately formed a battlefield on the spot.

They used bows and arrows to shoot from afar, trying to reduce the number of zombies that spawned.

Chen Yu, who was in the team, scratched his head.

He felt that something was wrong. Was that place the entrance to the sewer? Why were so many zombies rushing toward that place?

For some reason, Chen Yu thought of Fang Heng, who often moved in the sewer.

(Hint: Your zombie has transported the package (No. 2891) to the designated location and is returning.]

(Hint: Your zombie has completed the dismantling of the mechanical parts.]

(Hint: Your Tyrant clone has successfully killed the Little Corpse King. You have obtained 112 survival points, Tier 2 evolution crystal*1.]

(Hint: Your zombie has completed the dismantling of the mechanical parts…] It took Fang Heng three hours to control the zombie team to work with Victor to dismantle the laboratory in the second basement.

The dismantled mechanical parts were packed by Victor himself and then transported by the zombies. They were temporarily piled up at the stairway of the basement.

Victor was very patient and made a number on each box to make it easier for the parts to be transferred back and assembled. As time was tight, brute force was unavoidable during the dismantling process and many parts were damaged.

However, Victor promised that he could complete the repairs when he returned.

The demolition of the basement came to an end. Fang Heng and Victor rushed back to the main control room on the fourth floor.

“How’s the situation outside?”

In the main control room, Mo Jiawei was sitting in front of the big screen, concentrating on ‘controlling the water temperature’. “It’s a bit difficult. These people are too powerful. Even the rocket launchers had been triggered. An hour ago, I forcefully ‘damaged’ another light beam turret.”

“If this continues, I’m afraid the ‘water temperature’ will not be under control.”

“So powerful?”

Fang Heng was also shocked. Through the monitor screen, he observed the situation outside the mansion.

What the heck!

The people from AEFC Company went all out?

Just like what Mo Jiawei said, AEFC spent a huge amount of money to buy high explosive bombs, rocket launchers, flashbangs and other combat weapons.

“Fortunately, we didn’t fight them head-on… otherwise, it would have been a bit troublesome…”

Fang Heng muttered softly. From the looks of it, they had likely consumed at least 700 to 800 of their King of Gods’ points!

Fang Heng felt a little embarrassed. He looked at the time.

There was still nearly an hour left until the end of the Blood Moon and the frequency of Corpse Kings spawning had obviously decreased. The strength of the corpse wave had also begun to gradually decrease.

Victor asked, “Fang Heng, can we start dismantling the light beam turret?”

Fang Heng nodded. “Yes, start dismantling!”

“Hehe, the water temperature is rising again, right? Let me do it!”

Off to the side, Mo Jiawi skillfully turned on the voice control and the walkie-talkie.

“Put Meng Hao on the communicator.”

“Mr Meng Hao, I have some unfortunate news for you. The last beam cannon turret is temporarily unable to operate due to overheating. I’ve already sent people to carry out emergency repairs….”

“God d*mn!”

When he heard Tsugawa Hideharu’s voice, Meng Hao had the urge to smash the walkie-talkie.

There was only one hour left until the end of the Blood Moon and the intensity of the zombie wave had begun to drop. It was estimated that it would be the last few waves, so why did he drop the bomb again?

When the AEFC players heard the voice coming from the walkie-talkie, they also began to curse.

“What bullsh*t company is this? Why are they using inferior products? They had four beam turrets and all are spoilt? Are you kidding me?”

“When the mission is completed, I will tear down their mansion one day.”

“What kind of mission is this? They won’t let anyone live!”

The players of the company were still focused on dealing with the zombies despite the curses.

Every time they were at the point of wiping out the zombies, they became extremely excited.

“Stop complaining, there’s only one hour left!! Let’s make it through!”

“This should be the game’s special setting due to the difficulty level of this mission. We can’t use the laser weapons to kill the zombies in the final hour.”

Zhao Qinsi was worried that their morale would be affected, so he casually found an excuse to justify the situation before commanding everyone to continue fighting.

“Hold on for a little longer, the people from the Federation have already arrived at the periphery of Meng City. They will help us reduce the number of zombies as well so as to relieve the pressure on us. We can make it through!”

“Aro, go buy three flashbangs and 20 rocket launchers.”

“But, Captain, we don’t have any King of Gods’ points anymore.”

Meng Hao gritted his teeth. “Use mine. I’ll go buy them.”

Zhao Qinsi nodded. “After we’re done, we’ll report the expense to the company.”

As he spoke, Zhao Qinsi turned his gaze to Lucia, who was standing at the entrance of the mansion.

Right now, Lucia had become the last hope in their hearts.

They could still hold on without the beam turret, but Lucia must not have any problems!

Their biggest attack output was the zombie team controlled by Lucia.

Lucia’s expression was as calm as ever. As she controlled the zombie team to fight, she did not forget to observe the AEFC Company players’ every move.

She whispered into the walkie-talkie, “Okay, I’m safe. I understand. Fang Heng, you have to be careful too.”

(Hint: The current Blood Moon has ended. You have successfully passed the Blood Moon. You have unlocked your mid-tier gaming qualification…)

“It’s over!” “I’m out of jail!!!”

“D*mn it, I’m suffocating…”

Applause and cheers rang out in the temporary safe house in the basement.

Most of the players had gone offline to sleep. The Blood Moon ended when they woke up.

It was simple.

Looking at the excited players, Liao Bufan yawned.

“It’s finally over…”

He had no way to go offline, so he quietly sat with these players for nine hours.

It was too boring!

Mo Jiawei and Fang Heng were having a good time at the mansion.

Following Fang Heng’s instructions, Liao Bufan immediately began to evacuate the players back to the prison.

“Thank you for your support. Now, please line up and return to the prison. After we finish cleaning up the battlefield, you can leave the prison on your own.”

The players did not want to stay in this enclosed basement any longer. They lined up and left one by one.

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