Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game - Chapter 244 - Twists and Turns

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Chapter 244 Twists and Turns

It took more than 20 minutes until the last player left. Mo Jiawei then asked two elite Dark Knights to stand guard at the door and opened the other door.

Soon, the zombies lined up one by one and moved all kinds of mechanical parts and insect pupae into the basement of the shelter through the passage.

Meanwhile, in the main command room on the fourth floor of the mansion.

The four beam turrets and the second basement had been dismantled by the zombie team.

Fang Heng yawned.


He gulped down a can of coffee.

He controlled the zombie team to move the materials while observing the situation outside through the camera.

It would take some time for the zombies to move the materials, and there were only two Corpse Kings left on the battlefield.

Although the Blood Moon had ended, the zombie team still needed some time to move the materials.

The rest would depend on Lucia’s performance.

Fang Heng turned to look at Mo Jiawei and said, “Come, it’s your turn.”

Mo Jiawei patted his chest and fiddled with the speaker.

“No problem. Watch me.”

Outside the mansion.

The battle was still going on.

As the Blood Moon fell, the zombies stopped respawning.

However, the zombies that had respawned would not disappear. The player still needed to clean them up.

On the field, the last two Corpse Kings’ strength had been greatly reduced due to the end of the Blood Moon.

After eight hours of continuous fighting, the players’ were extremely exhausted. They were almost at the critical point.

Fortunately, everything was worth it.

Meng Hao could already see a glimmer of hope.

“Look! It’s the players from the Federation!”

From afar, the players could see the Federation’s player team clearing the zombies in the distance. They were slowly gathering toward them.

As long as they could get rid of the last two Corpse Kings, the Blood Moon would be able to pass safely. Zhao Qinsi carried the rocket launcher and aimed at the Corpse King. “Boom!!!”

It was a direct hit!

The Corpse King was pushed back by the rocket launcher.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Tyrant strode forward and charged at the Corpse King

It was the best opportunity!

The Tyrant raised its fist.

Meng Hao also clenched his fist.

He could almost see the scene of the Tyrant blowing up the Corpse King’s head in the next second.

“Eh? What’s going on?!”

Tyrant’s fist stopped right in front of the Corpse King

The fist didn’t land.

Instead, Tyrant slowly retracted its fist.

It slowly turned its head and looked at the AEFC players outside the mansion.

Then, Tyrant seemed to have fallen into a daze and stood motionlessly on the spot.

Like most players, Meng Hao couldn’t understand what was happening.

What was going on?

Why did it stop?

“Do it! Give the Corpse King a fatal blow!”

Zhao Qinsi was the first to react. He immediately turned to look at Lucia.

The other players also came back to their senses. They all looked at Lucia.

Lucia’s face was pale. She stood at the entrance of the mansion, propping up the wall with one hand. She looked like she was trying her best to hold on.

The Captain of the Meteorite Company’s security team, Hao Te, took out his walkie-talkie and communicated a few words.

“Quickly take her to the first floor to rest.”

Two NPCs from the Meteorite Company immediately helped Lucia into the mansion.

Hao Te turned his head and explained to the crowd, “Madam Lucia suffered a backlash from controlling the zombies for a long time in battle. She can no longer continue to fight.”



Meng Hao wanted to curse.

He forcibly restrained himself.

There were many twists and turns. Every time they thought they were about to complete the mission, there would always be some special situation that would bring them back to their original state.


He didn’t know if Lucia’s sudden accident was a special setting for the mission.

This sudden twist was too mind-blowing!

The most annoying thing was that the Tyrant and Lickers who were under Lucia’s control stood in the middle of the battlefield.

They didn’t move at all.

Unless they were attacked by zombies, they would just stand there in a motionless position.

They didn’t attack or retreat.

Meng Hao’s eyes were bloodshot.

He was afraid.

He was afraid that the Tyrant form that had lost control would turn around and attack them.

The AEFC had invested too much in this Blood Moon! They had even sacrificed their shelter.

If they failed…

Meng Hao gritted his teeth, not daring to think about it.

Even Zhao Qinsi, who was as calm as ever, was on the verge of collapse.

It was the same every time!

If the shelter had been attacked when it was Blood Moon Level 32 earlier on, this kind of hopeless battle would have been fine. He could not even muster the will to resist.

But now!

They were given a glimmer of hope when it seemed that they were about to succeed and then suddenly, they were dealt with a heavy blow!

Zhao Qinsi took a deep breath and tried hard to control his emotions.

They had invested too much manpower and resources in this plan, and they had to hold


They could do it!

There were two Corpse Kings left and they weren’t in a good condition!

“Everyone, focus! There are only two Corpse Kings left! After this mission is over, we will apply for rewards for everyone!”

Meng Hao also reminded the players loudly, “Don’t touch the zombie team controlled by Lucia. be on guard against them attacking


Although the AEFC players’ hearts were filled with hatred, they had no choice but to focus completely on fighting the remaining zombie horde and the last two Corpse Kings.

Lucia returned to the lounge of the mansion with the help of two members of the Meteorite Company’s mercenary group.

When the NPCs left, Lucia’s sickly pale face was gone.

She was in high spirits as she walked toward the back of the storage room on the first floor of the mansion.

Mo Jiawei and Victor were setting up a bomb at the blast hole earlier on.

When he saw Lucia, he couldn’t help but be stunned.


In the video, Lucia looked so pitiful that she could be blown down by the wind…

So it was all a disguise!

What a scary woman!

“Where’s Fang Heng? Is he not here?”

Lucia looked around in confusion, looking for Fang Heng. “Oh, he’s fine.”

Mo Jiawei waved his hand. “He’s on the fourth floor, controlling the zombie team to dismantle the machine. He said that the surveillance equipment in the mansion is not bad and is trying to move it back to the shelter…”

Mo Jiawei admired Fang Heng.

After all, he was a god-level player. He was thoughtful!

If the entire surveillance equipment was moved back to the prison, wouldn’t the safety level of the shelter increase?

“I’ll go find him.”

Lucia had a bad feeling.

During this period, she and Fang Heng had been controlling the zombie team at the same time, so they had a weak sense of each other.

She could vaguely sense that Fang Heng was also controlling the zombie team’s consciousness.

The strength of that consciousness was much stronger than hers.

But just now, that consciousness seemed to have disappeared.

In the past, such a situation would only happen when Fang Heng was sleeping.

Lucia picked up her guns and returned to the surveillance hall on the fourth floor.

In the room, Fang Heng was lying on the table.

“Fang Heng? Fang Heng!” Hearing someone call his name, Fang Heng opened his eyes in a daze.

In front of him was Lucia’s slightly anxious face.


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