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Chapter 690: Ghouls

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“What the hell is Fang Shuo doing…”

Zhao Nan cursed softly as she ran in the direction of the vampires’ building.

Not only was it the periphery of the campus, but even after entering the inner part of the campus, there were still no guards at the entrance of the vampires’ building!

In front of the black building, Zhao Nan stopped.

It was too weird.

The surroundings were too quiet, but it made Zhao Nan feel uneasy from the bottom of her heart.

Zhao Nan gritted her teeth and shouted towards the door, “Is there anyone here? I’m here to look for Fang Shuo! He told me to come!”

There was no reaction.

Zhao Nan carefully leaned her head over, wanting to hear if there was any movement within the campus.

Chi chi chi…

There was an extremely slight sound of friction.

Someone was there?

Zhao Nan’s brows were tightly knitted. She took a deep breath and pushed open the front door.

It was pitch black and quiet.

Zhao Nan turned on the flashlight that she carried with her, trying to see the layout of the entire hall clearly.

The building layout assumed a ‘ring’ shape.

In front of the hall was an open terrain in the middle. The moonlight directly shone down from the outside world, providing a weak light.

There was no one there!

Zhao Nan thought that she would be stopped by the heavily guarded vampires after she entered the building. She did not expect that there was not even a shadow inside the building!

“Chi Chi…”

Another extremely soft sound came from behind.

Zhao Nan’s hair stood on end. She turned her head and shone her flashlight behind her.

What was that?!

Zhao Nan shuddered.

She clearly saw a grayish-brown shadow flash past the wall.

It was so fast that she could not see it clearly.

“Chi Chi Chi Chi…”

Zhao Nan suddenly raised her head and looked up.

A grayish-brown life form.

It was climbing on the ceiling. It looked ferocious and ugly. There were three vertical lines in the middle of its face. Its yellowish eyes were staring at her.

What kind of creature was that?!


It didn’t look like it. Wasn’t the Licker’s skin red?

Zhao Nan’s pupils suddenly constricted. For a moment, her mind was in chaos. She couldn’t believe what she had seen with her own eyes.

Why would a Licker appear in the Vampire Apocalypse?!

The Licker didn’t attack. It ‘looked’ at Zhao Nan as if it was observing.

“Bang! Bang Bang Bang!!”

Extreme nervousness and fear made Zhao Nan’s instinctive reaction faster than her brain. She immediately took out her Colt and shot at the Licker on the ceiling.

“Chi Chi…”

The Licker dodged the attack and submerged into the darkness again.

It ran away!

“Thump thump…”

Zhao Nan felt her heart beating wildly.


She felt lucky.

Luckily, it ran away.

She calmed herself down to think carefully to find an explanation for all these.

The appearance of a Licker during the Vampire Apocalypse could be due to the player’s special ability, such as having a Licker-like pet at birth… or it could be that she was mistaken. That thing was not a Licker but a similar creature…

A mutated vampire?

Yes, that should be the case.

It couldn’t be the invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse, right?

Too many things had happened tonight. Zhao Nan was constantly trying to mentally prepare herself. That suffocating sound rang in her ears again.

“Chi Chi Chi…”

The sound became louder and more concentrated.

Zhao Nan felt something and her face turned pale.

She carefully lowered the flashlight from a high position and looked around.

Under the illumination of the light, she was surrounded by countless Lickers who were slowly approaching her.

Zhao Nan’s forehead was covered with a layer of cold sweat.

She silently raised the guns in her hands and made a surrender gesture.

“I’m here to look for Fang Shuo. Hmm, maybe I took the wrong path. I’ll leave now…”

Chi Chi Chi…

The Lickers seemed to understand Zhao Nan’s words and made way for a small passage to the right.

Zhao Nan raised her head nervously and used electricity to illuminate the stairway on the second floor of the right passage.

A familiar figure slowly walked down the stairway.


“It’s you. I was wondering.” Sandy hid his brush behind his back and threw the night vision goggles to Zhao Nan. “Turn off the lights and follow me.”

Zhao Nan took the night vision goggles and turned off the flashlight. She carefully passed through the group of Lickers and followed closely behind Sandy.

“Mr. Sandy, what are these things?”


“What?” Zhao Nan was puzzled. “What are ghouls?”

“Ehmm, you’re not from the Holy Court, so it’s normal that you don’t know. Ghouls are a kind of creature of the undead, and they’re quite strong. In short, they’re the latest product developed by our technology company. You’ve heard of our Ark Company, right?”

Zhao Nan was at a loss and shocked.

Ghouls? Holy Court? Technology company? Ark?

She could not connect these words together for the time being.

But Zhao Nan felt that they were very powerful.

According to Boss Fang Heng, Sandy would do whatever he wanted whenever someone asked about them, “The first batch of ghouls from the Ark Company came directly through the time tunnel. It’s quite difficult to control them.”

Zhao Nan clenched her fists nervously.

Her hands were covered in sweat.

It was certain that there was no large-scale company called the Ark in the current Vampire Apocalypse world.

Moreover, judging from the time teleportation passage he mentioned…

It was very likely that the other party came from another world.

And it was very likely to be a high-tier game world!

Zhao Nan probed carefully, “You can control ghouls?”

“That’s a must. How can we play if we can’t control them? The prerequisite is that we need permission. Let alone ghouls, what other vengeful spirits, nightmare demons, blasphemer…” Sandy rambled on about the creatures he had seen in the Holy Court’s ancient books, he was just fooling around.

As he spoke, he suddenly covered his mouth and carefully looked around, he lowered his voice and instructed, “Aiya, I forgot. The Boss told me not to say this. I was just spouting nonsense. Just pretend that I didn’t say anything.”

Zhao Nan opened her mouth.

She was shocked again.

Nightmare demon!

That was not a product of the elementary game!

She guessed it right!

The other party was definitely from the game world of the higher realm!

However, how could a high-tier person enter the lower realm?

In a trance, Zhao Nan followed Sandy to the fourth floor of the hall.

From here, one could overlook the entire first floor of the hall.

Through the night vision goggles, Zhao Nan saw that there were many ghouls hiding in a corner of the first floor of the hall.

Just from what she saw, there were about thirty ghouls.

“Oh right, let me introduce you. This is Liu Maoxue, from the Pious Guild. He works with our boss.” Sandy pointed at Liu Maoxue and then pointed at Zhao Nan, “This is Zhao Nan, a middleman. Hmm, not very reliable.”

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