God Emperor - Chapter 2392 - Colourful Radiance Brought Light to the World  

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Chapter 2392: Colourful Radiance Brought Light to the World

Lord Xia Yu was launched into the air the moment the attack array was shattered. Saint Blood splattered everywhere as her skin split open.

She gritted her teeth and forced herself to stabilize her body. She sent a telepathic message through her spiritual energy, “All Array Masters, withdraw from the Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting immediately.”

“However, there are still two Star-Shield Grand Formations that need our protection.”

“No, we can still continue fighting.”

“There are still twenty hours before the Battle of Celestial-Hunting ends. We can delay them for as long as we can.”

None of the dozens of Array Masters of the Immortal Vampires left. Some entered the two Star-Shield Grand Formations, while others entered the illusion formations on the ground to continue fighting.

The first ranking of the ten clans was very close to their possession. On that crucial last day, they had to persist no matter what.

If they persevered for a moment longer, the time that the Yanluo clan and the Bone Clan would have to chase after the Immortal Vampires would be reduced by a moment.

If they persisted for a moment longer, Zhang Ruochen might be able to rush back and stabilize the situation.

For the Immortal Vampires, there was no moment that they were more eager to see Zhang Ruochen than now. Not only the cultivators on the battlefield of their own clan but also the Immortal Vampires in the entire Infernal Court who were watching the projection of the Mystic Eye of Myriad Realms.

Lord Xia Yu knew very well that the attack array had been destroyed. Under the combined efforts of the Yanluo clan and the Bone Clan cultivators, the two Star-Shield Grand Formations would soon be broken.

Rather than continuing to resist and having her cultivation destroyed, it was better to leave the battlefield immediately.

However, she couldn’t protect herself now, so she naturally couldn’t order other cultivators.

A golden light rushed over.

It was Yan Huangtu.

“Die!” Yan Huangtu shouted.

Yan Huangtu didn’t use any saint techniques and just threw out a punch without any fancy moves.

Lord Xia Yu barely held up the Pleiades Lotus to block the punch.


She flew out, and more blood spilled from her body.

Yan Huangtu’s punch was like a divine mountain pressing down. The power was endless, and it shook all the bones in her body to the point that they cracked and almost shattered.

Blocked it?

Yan Huangtu was slightly surprised. He chased after her and threw out another punch.

Lord Xia Yu’s expression was ice-cold as she blocked it once more. Her slender body flew out like a scarecrow. The flesh and blood on her arms turned muddy, revealing her jade-like bones.

Yan Huangtu threw out the third punch.

Lord Xia Yu landed heavily on the ground, her entire body was in a bloody mess.


Yan Huangtu landed on the ground, causing a slew of cracks to form. As he walked towards Lord Xia Yu, who was lying on the ground, the Nine Dragons Divine Marks revolved around his body, he said, “You were able to create a huge problem for me with the array, and you were able to take three punches from me without dying. You’re quite impressive. You stood out in the Celestial-Hunting Battle. The Immortal Vampires had undoubtedly nurtured you well. I don’t want to kill you. Surrender yourself by handing over the Pleiades Lotus and the Immortal Vampires!”

Lord Xia Yu stretched out her hand, which was half flesh and half bone, and supported herself on the ground. She slowly got up, flames burning in her eyes, and her expression was extremely resolute, she said in a deep voice, “I can’t admit defeat to the enemy. I’d rather die… than retreat.”

Every word was squeezed out from between her teeth.


She used a forbidden technique, and her bloody body began to burn.

“Heaven and earth devour blood and the Grim devours the soul.”

Blood-snake-shaped flames shot through her skin, flesh, and bones. Immense pain spread throughout her body, and she could not help but let out a long scream.

Her Supreme Saint’s blood and lifespan were quickly depleted, and they were converted into powerful energy, causing the aura that erupted from Lord Xia Yu’s body to grow stronger and stronger.

Above Lord Xia Yu’s head, the Pleiades Lotus was covered with countless Supreme Inscriptions. The energy it released was cold and dark, causing the thousands of miles long continent beneath their feet to be instantly covered in a thick layer of black ice.

Tens of thousands of souls flew out from the Ghost Lotus and howled in the sky.

The expression on Yan Huangtu’s face turned completely cold as he said, “Continue rejecting my good intentions. Next, you will have to bear the responsibility of your own life and death.”

Lord Xia Yu was a powerhouse who could enter the top ten of those who attained the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm. After burning her Saint Blood and lifespan, her battle prowess had increased greatly. In addition, she had a Supreme Artifact. It was enough to pose a threat to Yan Huangtu.

Yan Huangtu could only go all out and could not show mercy to her.

Even Yan Huangtu had to go all out. One could imagine how powerful Lord Xia Yu’s battle prowess was at this moment.


Yan Huangtu arched his back and waved his Scepter of Heaven’s Pass.

The light of the Scepter of Heaven’s Pass was boundless, and wherever it shone, the black ice instantly melted.

Finally, the two streams of Supreme Power collided, and the continent beneath their feet began to collapse.

All of the illusion formation inscriptions were shattered.

The cultivators on the continent were flung into the air, and many of them were severely injured and forced to flee the battlefield.

Lord Xia Yu retreated dozens of miles. More than 70% of her flesh and blood were blown away by the Supreme Power storm. Even if she used a forbidden spell, she still couldn’t fight against Yan Huangtu.

“I have to fight! Must never admit defeat. Must never retreat.” Lord Xia Yu muttered.

Lord Xia Yu was strong and stubborn. She never bowed to any cultivator, including Zhang Ruochen. Although he had defeated her, she had never admitted defeat to Zhang Ruochen.

It could only be considered a spar with Zhang Ruochen.

Yan Huangtu was now an enemy that threatened the entire Immortal Vampires, so it was even more impossible for her to admit defeat.



The Supreme Artifact collided fiercely. The continent under their feet split into dozens of islands.

Huge waves rose on the blood-red sea.

The powerful energy storm kept blowing hurricanes on the planet. The whole world became extremely dark.

“I can’t lose. I can’t lose. I once promised Zhang Ruochen that no one could break into our home planet. Even if I have to fight to the last drop of my blood, I have to defend.” Lord Xia Yu muttered.

90% of Lord Xia Yu’s flesh and blood were sent flying by Yan Huangtu. Her internal organs were torn and tattered. She looked like a skeleton, but she still held up the Pleiades Lotus and fought fiercely with Yan Huangtu.

Xuemo defeated Shang Ki, the Bone Clan Supreme Saint in the Great Perfection stage of the Hundred-Shackle Realm. He spread his ten black wings and flew in mid-air. He looked at the sea area where Lord Xia Yu and Yan Huangtu were fighting and was stunned for a moment, he said, “This woman looks delicate and cold. However, she is too stubborn. She actually fought head-on with Yan Huangtu who has the Royal Divine Frame. How long can she hold on with her body and the Supreme Artifact?”

Xuemo was not as stubborn as Lord Xia Yu. He was smart enough to dive into the ground.

“I better go find Zhang Ruochen first. If he doesn’t come out, no one can stop Yan Huangtu.” said Xuemo.

Although Xuemo had defeated Sang Ki, he had been seriously injured. His chest had been pierced through.

Fortunately, the Deva Wiccan Demonic Physique had an extremely strong self-healing ability, so it didn’t affect him to continue fighting. Otherwise, he would have already retreated from the battlefield and wouldn’t have taken his own life as a joke. There was no point in forcefully holding on.

All the gods of the Bloodysky Clan gathered in the Wargod Bloodximius’s divinity world.

Blood Empress nodded in satisfaction, she said, “Xia Yu’s will is firm, and she has successfully fused a Grade Three Saintwill. She can ascend to godhood. If she can survive this hurdle, she might be able to soar to the sky in the future and become another god of the Bloodysky Clan who has mastered the Canon. Chen ‘er, you are good at seeking the talented!”

There were very few gods who could master the Canons in the entire Bloodysky Clan. Each of them was an existence that could hold up the sky.

All the gods present sighed.

They knew very well that Lord Xia Yu would definitely submit to the Xue Jue Family. It was already too late to rope her in now!

They did not see that the Supreme Artifact had been given out.

They heard Blood Empress’s tone. It was as if she was commenting on her own daughter-in-law.

Perhaps, after the Battle of Celestial-Hunting, Lord Xia Yu would marry into the Xue Jue Family and become a core member, completely dispelling the thoughts of the other gods.

The Fane of Thousand Clearwater had always been enemies with the Xia Family and had annexed a large amount of the Xias’ territory.

The lord of the Fane of Thousand Clearwater was only a pseudo god, sitting at the bottom of the throne. At this moment, he was thinking about whether he should take the initiative to return the territory to the Xias. After all, with the support of the Xue Jue Family, Lord Xia Yu had a high chance of becoming a god in the future.

Furthermore, even if Lord Xia Yu was unable to become a god, as long as she could marry Zhang Ruochen, a world-shattering peerless genius, how could he, a pseudo god, afford to provoke her?

Blood Empress only had one son, Zhang Ruochen.

Moreover, everyone could see that Wargod Bloodximius had high hopes for Zhang Ruochen and intended to nurture him as the future successor of the family.

“No, wait a little longer. What if Lord Xia Yu dies at the hands of Yan Huangtu?”

The lord of Fane of Thousand Clearwater closed his eyes again and waited quietly for the result.

The gods of the Bloodysky Clan actually hoped that Lord Xia Yu would admit defeat and withdraw from the battlefield immediately. After all, it was already very impressive to be able to fight with Yan Huangtu until now.

If she continued to hold on, she would be in danger of dying.

Actually, the one who was most depressed was still Yan Huangtu.

It was just the Battle of Celestial-Hunting and there was no great enmity between the two sides. Was there a need to risk their lives like this?

Back then, the reason why Xu self-detonated his Sainthood Source was entirely because he was the leading figure of the Ghosts. He had to bear the main responsibility for the destruction of his own planet. Even if he escaped from the battlefield, he would still be cruelly punished by Ghost Master.

Ghost Master was known for his ruthlessness and Xu would most likely die.

Since Xu was going to die, he naturally chose to kamikaze. He would die a more heroic death.

Lord Xia Yu was only ranked fourth among the Immortal Vampires. Why did she have to fight to the death with Yan Huangtu? Losing to him was an honorable thing. It wasn’t shameful at all.

To the Immortal Vampires, the most important thing was blood.

More than 90% of Lord Xia Yu’s Saint Blood had been lost, so how could she still hold on until now?

Yan Huangtu looked carefully and finally found that Lord Xia Yu’s bones and heart were engraved with array inscriptions, forming a ninth class array. Blood Qi kept gushing out of her heart, supporting her to keep fighting.

“How can a heart contain so much blood Qi? How did she do it?” Yan Huangtu found it hard to understand.

Of course, Yan Huangtu didn’t know that Lord Xia Yu had sealed the Saint Bloody Shadow inside her heart.

During the time when Yan Huangtu was delayed by Lord Xia Yu, the two Star-Shield Grand Formations hadn’t been broken. A large number of powerhouses from the Bone Clan and the Yanluo clan were still blocked outside the planet.

However, the Array Masters of the Immortal Vampires had been wiped out.

Some of them fled the battlefield.

Some of their Sainthood Sources were taken away and banished to the void.

Some were beaten to death by the Bone Clan Supreme Saints and perished in mid-air. Their flesh and blood turned into ashes and scattered on their own planet.

This battle was too cruel.

It was the same for the Bone Clan and the Immortal Vampires.

In the Fane of Destiny, the Immortal Vampires’ gods were all cold and solemn. They weren’t moved by the Immortal Vampires’ defeat. After all, this was what they had expected.

They were already very satisfied that the Immortal Vampires could fight to this extent.

The only thing that made them angry and confused was where Zhang Ruochen had run off to? If he had been there, the battle wouldn’t have ended up like this.

Pink Skull stood at the edge of the broken dimensional teleportation array. The Gate of Destiny appeared behind her.

Precepts of Destiny flew out of the door like threads. They pulled the broken array back and restored it to its original state.

The bone fire in her eyes jumped as if she was smiling.

“Stop fighting and finish her off immediately. Killing all the Immortal Vampires is more important,” Pink Skull sent a voice transmission to Yan Huangtu.

“Alright, it’s time to end this!” said Yan Huangtu

Yan Huangtu controlled the Scepter of Heaven’s Pass and sent the Pleiades Lotus flying.

At the same time, he punched out with both fists, and thousands of dragon shadows with Divine Marks flew out and hit Lord Xia Yu’s body.


Lord Xia Yu flew up. The array on her body broke inch by inch.

The crystal-clear bones of the Supreme Saint broke like glass. Lord Xia Yu’s eyes were filled with unwillingness, she felt bitter and she said, “Even if I try my best, I can’t change the outcome of failure. Zhang Ruochen… I have disappointed you… I’m sorry…”

At that moment, she didn’t want to consider herself a lord anymore.

It wasn’t that her confidence had been crushed, but that she didn’t have the face to see Zhang Ruochen again. The Saint Bloody Shadow and the Supreme Artifact had been given to her and helped her cultivate the Grade Three Saintwill. Unfortunately, she was still defeated and couldn’t defend her home planet.

After the Madre Bloody Shadow died, all the Bloody Shadowseeds in the underground disappeared.

Xuemo followed the blood river and came to the center of the planet through a maze-like river. Zhang Ruochen was sitting cross-legged under a jade tree in the form of a young girl. He sat on the foot of the tree and emitted colorful light.

“This kid is still cultivating in such a critical moment. Wasn’t there a sarcophagus in the center of the planet? Where is it?”

Xuemo was also very interested in the opportunities on his own planet.

Just as he stepped on the stone stairs and was about to walk toward Zhang Ruochen, the colorful brilliance on Zhang Ruochen’s body suddenly increased by 10,000 times. The colorful tidal waves formed sent Xuemo flying backward and his body crashed into the stone wall.


The colorful brilliance flowed through the river channels, causing the water to flow backward. It spread from the planet’s core to the surface. The cultivators in the river channels were also washed away.

Colorful light pillars flew out from the ground.

At that moment, the entire planet was like a blood-red light bulb that was lit up. Dazzling colorful light emitted from all parts of the planet. It was beautiful.

The planet was like it was made of sand, soil, rocks, mountains… all of them were separated, revealing a complicated jade-white hard river channel.

The Madre Bloody Shadow’s body was completely detached. It was more than 10,000 miles tall, in the form of a jade tree.

Every river was a branch.

Even though the Madre Bloody Shadow had fallen and the divine power, Essence Qi, and soul fragments had all entered Yan Zhexian’s stomach, they still gave off an extremely shocking aura.

Zhang Ruochen sat cross-legged at the foot of the tree. The colorful light emitted from his body illuminated the entire Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting. It could be seen from hundreds of millions of miles away.

Although it was not even one-tenth of the brilliance of a star, it shocked all the gods, who were brighter than a star.

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