God Emperor - Chapter 2496 - The Divine Artifact Was Taken

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Chapter 2496: The Divine Artifact Was Taken

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Yu Qianchen’s death shocked everyone.

This was the Scioness of the Fane of Destiny five thousand years ago.

In that era, Yu Qianchen was the most outstanding and influential prodigy in the world. She had led the Infernal Court for a thousand years and was unrivaled in the same realm. She represented the Fane of Destiny and led the army of the Infernal Court. She had swept through countless Macroworlds and killed many Supreme Saints.

In the eyes of all the cultivators in the myriad worlds of Celestial Court, she was once synonymous with invincibility. The most terrifying female demoness was the supreme ruler of the Infernal Court.

The battle between divinities was too far away from them and would not affect them. On the contrary, it did not have much influence.

Five thousand years ago, when she stepped down from the position of Scioness, she was already a first-class powerhouse below divinity.

5,000 years of accumulation had allowed her cultivation to reach the highest level. It didn’t matter if it was the pinnacle of the Paramount Realm or the pseudo god. They would be defeated in less than ten breaths.

In fact, her level 69 and a half spiritual power was enough to dominate the world.


However, such a powerhouse, who had once shaken the world, was killed by Xue Lingxian. It was easy to imagine how terrifying Xue Lingxian’s reputation would be after this news was spread.

“Sword Thirteen! I didn’t expect there to be a cultivator in the world who could cultivate Sword Thirteen to the grand completion in the Supreme Saint Realm. With this sword strike, Xue Lingxian is invincible in the world.” Zhang Ruochen smiled bitterly.

Zhang Ruochen thought he was a genius in Swordsmanship. However, he still comprehended Sword Eleven and hadn’t reached the grand completion.

Only the cultivator knew how difficult it was to cultivate the Wordless Sword Manual.

The further one went, the more difficult it became.

One could not succeed with hard work and time.

Duan Lingfeng felt as if he had been suffocated just now. It took him a long time to recover. He said, “What a terrifying sword! Can the pseudo god withstand this sword?”

“Uncle Master, this Xue Lingxian is invincible under divinity, right? I don’t think Lord Wu Ma could withstand that sword just now,” Shang Yue said in a trembling voice.

Duan Lingfeng shook his head and said, “Not necessarily! Wuma Jiuxing’s blade energy has reached its pinnacle, and he can slash instantly. It can be said that he is always successful. powerhouses at their level have never fought before, so how do we know who is stronger?”

Yu Qianchen’s spectral body dissipated, and Xing Luo heard Gong Nanfeng’s shout of “Sword Thirteen”.

Xing Luo was not an ordinary person. He was the top presence in the world. He could see that although Xue Lingxian had killed Yu Qianchen, he was also heavily injured. Therefore, he changed his body and struck out like a phantom.

When he struck out, the precepts condensed into the light shadow of the Buddha Tower.

The Paramount-level saint technique, the Great Pagoda Palm.

Xue Lingxian’s eyes were calm. He seemed to have expected this and lightly pushed out his palm.


Xing Luo retreated seven steps in a row.

Xue Lingxian’s palm was not only extremely powerful, but the lightning from his palm also left three scorched black wounds on Xing Luo’s right arm. They were ferocious and terrifying.

The wounds were so deep that the bones could be seen. Blood was oozing out from the injuries, and the pain was unbearable.

His entire right arm seemed to have lost consciousness, and he could not circulate his power.

Xue Lingxian was sent flying several miles away, and fresh blood flowed from his mouth.

His chest had been pierced through by the Ominous Blade, and the bloody hole left behind was also spewing out blood. The wounds could not be healed.

The essence, Qi, and spirit in his body became even weaker.

The price he had to pay to kill Yu Qianchen was too great. His spiritual power and physical body had been severely injured, and he was at a disadvantage when fighting against Xing Luo.

Xue Lingxian let out a long cry, and the blood that flowed from his chest flew back and turned into fine silk wrapped around his body.

The wound on his chest slowly healed.

Xing Luo withdrew the Ominous Blade, and his eyes were shocked. “How is this possible? The Ominous Blade’s baleful qi and Supreme Power have already invaded his body through the wound. How can the wound heal so easily?”

Silver brilliance was emitting from Xue Lingxian’s body, and the butterfly wings on his back radiated bloody brilliance. The world turned into half silver and half blood red.

He was indeed heavily wounded, but his aura did not diminish. The stone sword in his hand hummed again. The voice was sharp, indicating that the will in his heart was unyielding.

Xing Luo let out a long sigh. “I came here for Wuma Jiuxing, but I didn’t expect to meet you first. This era is indeed as predicted. It’s more exciting than any other era. There will be many evildoers, and the strong will step on their bones and ascend to divinity most gloriously.”

Xing Luo grabbed the Divine Ghost Mask floating in the air and put it on his face. The starry sky under his feet unfolded, and a giant shadow of a Ghost God appeared behind him. The power that burst out was significantly increased.

Anyone could see that Xue Lingxian’s injuries were severe. Still, Xing Luo had received the help of the Divine Ghost Mask, and his battle strength had significantly increased.

One side was weaker, and the other was stronger.

If they continued to fight, Xue Lingxian would definitely lose, and there was even a risk of dying.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Xue Lingxian did not run away. Instead, he brandished his stone sword and took the initiative to attack. The monstrous blood qi that surged out of his body turned into a river of blood. Like the nether river in the universe, it collided with the stars under Xing Luo’s feet.

On the other side, Granny Begonia attacked the three high priests of the Fane of Destiny, trying to seize the Divine Artifact, the Tensho Compass.

Granny Begonia launched a spiritual attack, making the three high priests tired of fighting. They didn’t have any other energy to activate the Supreme Artifact. In the spiritual power confrontation, the three high priests were at a disadvantage. With every step Granny Begonia took, they would take a step back.

Lord Wu Yue, who was recuperating, stood up with Destiny Halberd in his hand. He said, “The spiritual power of the three high priests is not weak, but it’s hard to resist with the combined strength of three people. Is the spiritual power of this colorful begonia really below level 70?”

Sengenwraith also stood up as if he was facing a great enemy. He looked at the old figure walking over from the colorful flower rain in the sky.

Gong Nanfeng’s expression was solemn. The Tensho Compass in his hand emitted circles of divine light and ripples. He said, “Support me.”

Gong Nanfeng threw the Tensho Compass up and patted his chest. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

After the Tensho Compass absorbed his blood, it exploded with a divine might that sounded like a tsunami. Streaks of divine light and Qi broke through the clouds and dyed the sky for thousands of miles.

Lord Wu Yue, Sengenwraith, Que, and Pan Ruo mobilized their powers and turned into light pillars that surged toward the Tensho Compass.

The power of the Tensho Compass increased. The light it emitted made Zhang Ruochen’s eyes hurt from thousands of miles away. On the back of Genbu’s divine corpse, the other spiritual-power Saint Masters screamed. Blood flowed out of their eyes, and they became blind.

They were still tens of thousands of miles away. If they were any closer, their bodies would have exploded from the impact of the Divine Artifact.

Shang Yue, Lord Ironclad, and the others were all shocked.

Although they were Supreme Saints with top cultivation, they had never seen a Divine Artifact before. Who would have thought that a Divine Artifact would be so terrifying?

The light waves emitted by the Divine Artifact could heavily injure a Saint-level cultivator tens of thousands of miles away.

Duan Lingfeng was both excited and fanatical. He roared, “The time has come. Next, it’s our turn to go on stage and seize the Divine Artifact. All the Supreme Saints have their own duties. All the spiritual-power Saint Masters, do your best to mobilize your spiritual power and activate the inscription of the array formation.”

Under cover of the Cloaking Array formation, Genbu’s divine corpse walked towards the core of the battlefield.

The Supreme Saints under Bai Qing’er were both fearful and excited.

What a remarkable feat to snatch the Divine Artifact.

The Tensho Compass flew out and drew a path of light, destroying the space around the light path and disrupting time. The Sea of flowers that Granny Begonia had manifested could not stop the Tensho Compass and instantly turned into ashes.

No power could stop the Divine Artifact.

In the eyes of all the cultivators of the Fane of Destiny, Granny Begonia was dead for sure.

“Sword Pavilion!”

Granny Begonia dispersed her body and returned to her original form. She turned into a colorful begonia and bloomed in the void.

The begonia tree was thousands of miles tall and had countless flowers. The colorful light emitted by the petals illuminated the earth and the starry sky.

Under the influence of the Tensho Compass, the petals quickly withered, and the branches and leaves were damaged. The entire begonia tree was about to wither.

An ancient pagoda flew out from the damaged branches and leaves.

The pagoda’s body spun rapidly, and wisps of smoke surrounded the pagoda. Tens of thousands of ancient swords flew in the smoke, making ear-piercing sounds of rushing wind.

It was the Sword Pavilion.


The Sword Pavilion and the Tensho Compass collided, and a powerful energy storm spread out in all directions. The mountains were destroyed, and the earth was torn apart.

Gong Nanfeng looked at the sky, and his hands couldn’t help but tighten. He said, “Why did you block the attack of the Divine Artifact? I see, I see, I understand…”

Suddenly, a white light appeared in the sky, and the light became brighter and brighter.

It was a sword.

It was a sword that emitted pure light.

“Everyone, be careful. It’s the Great Lightsword,” Fortune Palace’s High Priest said.

The Great Lightsword was similar to the Divine Book of Light. It was a Divine Artifact of the Fane of Light.

The Great Lightsword in front of them was only a replica, but its grade was extremely high. It was at the level of Class Seven Regal Artifact.


The Great Lightsword split Sengenwraith’s body in half.

The sword contained pure light energy that was used to counter the cultivators of the Infernal Court. The two halves of Sengenwraith could not be reassembled. The flesh on the wound turned into specks of light.

The three high priests of the Fane of Destiny were furious. Although they wanted to lure out the Celestial Court’s hidden powerhouses from the Infernal Court and kill them all in one fell swoop, there were two variables, Xue Lingxian and Granny Begonia.

The Celestial Court’s side attacked at this time. They wanted to take advantage of both of them being injured.

Of course, they did not know that the Great Lightsword was activated by the dozens of Supreme Saints on Genbu’s divine corpse. These Supreme Saints were Bai Qing’er’s subordinates.

Without the support from Sengenwraith, the power of the Tensho Compass would be significantly reduced.

The colorful begonia tree regained vitality in the void and blossomed with flowers. Countless battle swords flew out from the Sword Pavilion Pagoda and formed a sword formation to trap the Tensho Compass. They wanted to force it into the pagoda.

The Sword Pavilion spun, and space and time also revolved, turning into a Space-time Vortex.

Countless Precepts of Dimension, Marks of Time, and Precepts of Swordsmanship wrapped around the Tensho Compass and pulled it. The pulling force was far more robust than the Violet Gourd.

On the back of Genbu’s divine corpse, a group of Supreme Saints controlled the Great Lightsword and attacked the three high priests.

Duan Lingfeng stood in the center and released his spiritual power. Instantly, countless inscriptions of an array appeared on the Genbu’s back. In the array, the world became dark and intense winds blew.

The spiritual-power Saint Masters who assisted Duan Lingfeng in activating the Heaven-devouring Genbu Formation discovered to his horror that the array below them was like a bottomless pit. Not only did it quickly drain their spiritual power, but it also began to devour their Saint Souls and blood. It even began to devour their Saint Souls and blood.

“High-saint master, I can’t hold on any longer. Quickly stop the formation!”

“This formation… isn’t something we can activate… Ah… help… help…”

“I knew it. When they decided to snatch the Divine Artifact, we were already doomed. “Right now, we’ve only turned into the essence of the formation… we’re just tools of the Enchanteur Chamber…”

One spiritual-power Saint Master after another was sucked dry by the array.

Their spiritual power, Saint Soul, and blood were all sucked away and turned into dried corpses.

Duan Lingfeng held his staff and laughed crazily. He was laughing at their ignorance and pity, but also because he was excited that he was about to take the Divine Artifact.

Zhang Ruochen’s pretense was also sucked dry. He disguised himself as a dried corpse and fell into the array.

He could roughly guess that Xue Lingxian and Granny Begonia must have taken the Tensho Compass to rescue the lord of Nephilim Island. He wanted to destroy Duan Lingfeng’s plan and let Granny Begonia use the Sword Pavilion to take the Tensho Compass away.

However, his reason told him that Duan Lingfeng, who controlled the Heaven-devouring Genbu Formation, was at his most potent.

It would be difficult if he attacked now, even if the Intergold Tiger helped him.

The Tensho Compass was about to be sucked into the Sword Pavilion’s Space-time Vortex.


The space shook.

Genbu’s divine corpse rushed out of the clouds and crushed the Space-time Vortex with one claw before swallowing the Tensho Compass.

“How dare you! You dare to take the Divine Artifact? Kill without mercy!”

The Anger Palace’s High Priest roared as he and the Death Palace’s High Priest charged forward and unleashed their Supreme Artifacts.

Genbu’s divine corpse had the Heaven-devouring Genbu Formation’s buffs, making it extremely powerful. A snake tail flew out from the back of Genbu, knocking the two high priests and the two Supreme Artifacts back.

The snake tail was a part of the divine corpse, but it was shattered by the Supreme Artifact.

Large amounts of divine blood fell to the ground.

Activating the Heaven-devouring Genbu Formation consumed much of Duan Lingfeng’s spiritual power. He couldn’t stand properly, so he didn’t dare to continue fighting. He quickly activated the spatial formation he had set up.


A white light flashed, and the space shook violently.

Genbu’s divine corpse’s huge body disappeared into the sky.

The Tensho Compass was snatched away by the powerhouses of the Heavenly Realm!

This result was out of all the cultivators’ expectations.

All the parties fighting, be it the magnates of the ten dark forces or the Supreme Powerhouses of the Fane of Destiny, all stopped.

Fukurokuju kept the great light sword and stared at the sky. He was lost in thought for a long time before he asked, “Have you deduced who took the Tensho Compass?”

All the cultivators shook their heads.

Fukurokuju looked around and asked in surprise, “Where’s Gong Nanfeng?”

Everyone shook their heads again. No one noticed where Lord Overseer had gone. Perhaps, in the chaos, he had been hit by the aftermath of the battle and turned into dust.

Death Palace’s High Priest was furious and roared, “Seal all the wormholes on Hoth and don’t allow any cultivators to leave. Investigate! Find out which Archsaint or Hand of the World came to Hoth.”

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