God-Like Extraction - Chapter 286 - Another Calamity!

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Chapter 286 Another Calamity!

“Strange? It’s just wind. How is it strange?”

“I’m not sure about the details. In any case, I only know that the Luori Prefecture has encountered a rare windstorm. The winds have no fixed direction and have no eye, but the wind speeds are getting faster and faster. According to the weather station’s repeated surveillance, even though there are clearly no conditions for winds, a wind mass that covers the entire prefecture suddenly appeared.” “Are you serious? The Luori Prefecture is close to the periphery of the Boundless Mountain Range. Did the winds come from the mountain range?”

“Is this the first time you’ve heard of the Boundless Mountain Range? If there really is a source of the storm in the Boundless Mountain Range, with irregular changes in the flow of air, it would have been discovered long ago. Why would they wait until now?”

“Then what do you think happened?”

“I don’t know. I was just wondering. I heard that it’s difficult for ordinary people to even walk in the Luori Prefecture now. They’ve all hidden at home. Most of the simple buildings have been blown down.”

“Tsk, this is probably a force 9 strong gale. If the wind speed were to increase further, it would become a force 10 storm.”

“That’s right. Right now, the Luori Prefecture is in the midst of an emergency dispatch. The other neighboring prefectures are in charge of transporting supplies. I hope the wind stops


“It shouldn’t be able to turn into a strong gale. The Luori Prefecture isn’t near the sea, nor is there a big lake. Their scenery was always the best. If there is really a disaster, it should come from the barbarians in the Boundless Mountain Range. By the way, it couldn’t be the barbarians’ work, could it?”

“Well, I’m really not sure.”

“F*ck, why don’t you know anything? And still complaining?”

“Aren’t I just finding a topic to talk about?” “Get lost!”

The conversation did not last long before it ended and the three people left.

Although the Blood Doppelganger was a little surprised, it did not take the matter to heart.

Despite such strong winds being rare, the administration of the Luori Prefecture and the cabinet of the Yu Nation were much more experienced than Su Jingxing in handling such matters./ please keep reading on Myb0xn0vel(d0t)c0m.

In the face of all kinds of natural disasters, they had long had corresponding strategies.

Su Jingxing controlled his Blood Doppelganger to continue extracting cards. His main body continued to refine the Nine Souls Ring.

Right now, the most important thing for Su Jingxing was to refine this rare treasure and gain complete control over it.

Soon, another three days passed.

That evening, when the Blood Doppelganger was extracting cards, it heard a few people talking again.

“Is it a bad year this year? Some time ago, there was a “self-combustion” disaster here. Now, there’s a wind disaster in the southwest. I heard that there’s already a windstorm there. Some unstable buildings have been easily destroyed. A few days ago, martial artists could still walk outside, but now, even the lower-level martial artists don’t dare to go out anymore.”

“Most importantly, the number of deaths caused by the storm is constantly rising. If the corpses aren’t incinerated in time, they will turn into Corpse Puppets.”

“That’s right. That’s the most important. I heard that after the storm spread to the Qiannan Prefecture, it destroyed a house and crushed someone to death. However, they didn’t get rid of the corpse in time, resulting in the birth of a Corpse Puppet. Then, the Corpse Puppet charged into the neighboring house and killed many people. In the end, it was because the Martial Suppression Office arrived in time that the Corpse Puppet was killed.”

“I heard about that too. Right now, the Luori Prefecture, the Qiannan Prefecture, the Daqin Prefecture, and the Sifang Prefecture have all been attacked by the storm. The experts from the Martial Suppression Office who head out all carry large buckets of Corpse Dissolving Liquid. Once corpses are discovered, they will be dissolved and not sent to the crematorium.”

“In such a situation, that’s the best option. Sending them to the crematorium is completely unnecessary and will cause other future troubles.”

“Four prefectures. The storm has already enveloped four prefectures. If it doesn’t stop, that will become five prefectures or six prefectures!”

“The increase in area is secondary. An increase in wind speed is the main problem. If the winds accelerate further and turn into a hurricane, more people will die! There won’t even be enough Corpse Dissolving Liquid!”

“Not only that, if it really turns into a hurricane, all martial artists below the fifth-grade will have to stay in their rooms. To resolve the problems of the corpses, we’ll have to send out fourth-grade or even third-grade martial artists!”



There was a moment of silence.

The few people talking fell silent.

The Blood Doppelganger, who was listening to the conversation, was also speechless.


Three days ago, Su Jingxing didn’t take this matter to heart. But now, hearing the news again, news that provided more updates, his heart suddenly skipped a beat.

There’s something wrong with these winds!

The storm covered the entire Luori Prefecture, Qiannan Prefecture, Dain Prefecture, and Sifang Prefecture, and it was still extending outwards. There was definitely something wrong with this wind mass.

Almost immediately, Su Jingxing thought of the possible source.

The Void World!

The monsters from the Void World had caused a disaster in the Yu Nation through the border membrane again.

Compared to the strange self-combustion last time, this time, it was a storm, a hurricane, a wind disaster!

“What is the Martial Sage of the Yu Nation doing?”

Su Jingxing cursed inwardly.

He was 90% sure that the source of the windstorm in the four prefectures came from the Void World.

The problem was that the Yu Nation’s territory in the Void World was guarded by a Martial Sage!

The last time, Su Jingxing had specially used his Essence Soul to enter the Void World and found the Martial Sage of the Yu Nation standing in the northeast.

If a Void World monster has broken into the Yu Nation’s territory, passed through the border membrane, and invaded the southwest, why didn’t the Martial Sage take action?

Is he busy again and not in the Void World?

So, he’s unaware about the hurricane that struck the four prefectures?

Su Jingxing pondered in silence.

He was only one step away from completely refining the Nine Souls Ring.

As long as he could finish this last step, he would be able to gain absolute control over the Nine Souls Ring.

For this, Su Jingxing was anxious, but he had to endure it for the time being.

Another two days passed.

Fortunately, he had finally refined the Nine Souls Ring and controlled this powerful treasure.

As soon as the refinement succeeded, Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul held the Nine Souls Ring and left his body. It came to the outside world and flew into the sky.

The Essence Soul activated its perception of the border membrane. After seeing it, it quickly passed through it and stepped into the Void World.

Instead of looking for the Yu Nation’s Martial Sage, the Essence Soul headed southwest, vigilantly searching for the Void World monster that caused the windstorm.

In the end, instead of finding a Void World monster, it found a hole in the border membrane.

It was about the size of the hole that the ostrich creature had made last time.

Su Jingxing’s heart skipped a beat when he saw this hole.

If the source of the windstorm isn’t in the Void World, doesn’t that mean that the monster’s main body had entered the real world below?

The storms in the four prefectures in the southwest are becoming increasingly strong and spreading getting wider and wider. Is the reason behind this because the monsters from the Void World were personally involved?

At this thought, Su Jingxing decisively returned to the real world through the hole and descended to the southwest.

If he were to take a plane or fly in a straight line, it would take at least a day or two to get from Qinghe City to Luori Prefecture.

However, he could reach it in a few minutes through the Void World.

The moment Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul descended, he felt a super strong hurricane comparable to a force 16 one howling in the world.

Hundreds of meters to the left, there was a thick tornado that connected the sky and the ground. It wrapped around all kinds of debris and moved forward.

Everywhere it passed, trees, stones, and buildings were destroyed, allowing the tornado to carry them along. It continued to strengthen and destroy other things.

Boom! Boom!

Explosive thunder that split space resounded through the air.

Lightning and thunder!

There were actually streaks of lightning and thunder in the tornado that kept flickering!

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