God-Like Extraction - Chapter 344 - The World in the Darkness (2)  

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Chapter 344: The World in the Darkness (2)

Xiang Qingtian’s Essence Soul was not dead, and it could not die yet.

North of Green Cloud Mountain.

Su Jingxing’s main body circulated the Emperor Chu’s Jade Book and began the sanctification of his physical body into a Sage.

He circulated the nation’s fate to cover his body.

The derived technique targeted the body and used the power of the nation’s fate to carry out mysterious and profound changes.

Su Jingxing couldn’t describe this change. In any case, there was no pain or abnormality.

All he had to do was remain motionless.

Using the Emperor Chu’s Jade Book, together with fate of the nation, it was so gentle that there was no abnormality.

This piqued Su Jingxing’s interest.

The Blood Doppelganger came to Green Cloud Mountain and took out the materials to forge the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal. The Essence Soul descended from the Void World and forged the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal at the same time.

Physical sanctification targeted the body, and the Essence Soul forged the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal.

The Blood Doppelganger acted as a protector.

They were independent of each other, perfectly undisturbed.

One day, two days, ten days…

One month, two months.

Soon, the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal was successfully forged, and the transformation of his physical body was still ongoing.

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul returned to the Void World with the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal.

According to Xia Cangxuan, soul power controlled the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal to release invisible power.

This invisible power first covered the entire Yu Nation’s territory in the Void World which included all 18 prefectures.

Then, the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal would guard the center and be linked to every corner of the 18 prefectures.

In an instant, the 18 prefectures were connected.

The moment it ended, Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul clearly sensed that the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal and the 18 prefectures of the Yu Nation were perfectly compatible.

Silently, the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal contacted every citizen and began to condense the Sage Origin Fruit.

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul was very satisfied.

With the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal in hand, it did not need to circulate the Emperor Chu’s Jade Book and could already use the nation’s fate to protect him.

Although this protection had a limit on the use of the nation’s fate, it was much better than the Emperor Chu’s Jade Book.

Of course, Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul had the Thunder Dragon Bone Armor and did not need the nation’s fate to protect it.

What he valued more was the Sage Origin Fruit.

So far, only the Sage Origin Fruit and the Heaven Essence Pill could greatly boost the strength of the Essence Soul and achieve an improvement in class.

However, obtaining the Heaven Essence Pill required too much luck.

Unlike the Sage Origin Fruit, which only required the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal. As long as one kept a close eye on such an automatically condensed treasure and did not let it be seized by the monsters in the darkness of the Void World, one could continuously harvest it.

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul had waited for so long. It was finally here.

During this period of time, there were monsters that came out from the darkness of the Void World. However, they were immediately detected by the divine weapon, the Wandering Dragon Saber. The Wandering Dragon Saber could kill most of them.

For the remaining small portion, Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul to paused the forging of the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal and quickly return to the Void World kill them.

These monsters weren’t very powerful.

The Void Beasts it had encountered before never appeared again.

Forging the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal could be paused for a short period of time. If a Void Beast appeared, it would more or less affect it.

Now that the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal had been completed, there was no longer a need to be nervous about whether or not a Void Beast had appeared.

North of Green Cloud Mountain.

Su Jingxing’s main body was still immersed in the transformation of his physical body.

With the nation’s fate on him, the silent changes had never stopped.

Another month passed. One morning, just as the sun rose, Su Jingxing suddenly shuddered.

A wisp of purple energy descended from the sky and entered his body.

In the next moment, Su Jingxing’s physical body seemed to have entered nothingness and disappeared from Earth Star.

The Blood Doppelganger watched from the side. In its vision, the main body was still where it was, but the body had become translucent.

It was faintly discernible, as if it existed, but also as if it did not.

This change lasted for a month before it disappeared and the body returned to normal.

However, the transformation of his physical body did not stop. It was still ongoing.

Almost two months later, the circulating Emperor Chu’s Jade Book stopped automatically.

Su Jingxing opened his eyes, which shot out a golden-red glow.

The surface of his body was also covered in a golden-red glow.

With a thought, his body turned illusory, invisible to the naked eye.

Even with the Blood Doppelganger’s perception, it could not be discovered.

He rose into the air and strolled across the horizon.

As he walked towards the sky, golden-red glow flickered in his eyes. Su Jingxing saw the border membrane of the Void World.

Immediately, he continued to cross space and walk up. Soon, he arrived in front of the border membrane.

He gently reached out and his illusory palm passed through the membrane, then his entire arm, shoulder, and finally, his entire body entered the Void World.

There was no suffocation, no boundless pressure weighing on him.

Su Jingxing easily stepped on the border membrane and walked around the Void World.


After more than half a year, Su Jingxing completed the transformation of his physical body and stepped into the Transcendent-grade.

Like the Essence Soul, he easily arrived in the Void World.

The most direct reflection of this change in life level was an increase in lifespan.

Others had added 240 years, but Su Jingxing didn’t know how much he had added.

Because the paths they took were different, the methods they cultivated were also different.

The Essence Soul cultivated soul power. Su Jingxing’s body did not need it, but his true essence was still there.

That’s right, the true essence in his dantian was still there!

After his physical body transformed, his dantian did not seem to have changed much. The true essence of 300 years of cultivation still existed, but it was different from before.

This was the abnormality Su Jingxing discovered after carefully sensing the true essence in his dantian.

His true essence had mutated!

It wasn’t that it had become useless or heretic.

If he had to describe it, his previous true essence was equivalent to a bowl of clear water, and the current true essence was a bowl of thick soup.

As his physical body transformed, his true essence also underwent a qualitative change.

Moreover, Su Jingxing could vaguely feel that with this qualitative change, his true essence was now even stronger than his original true essence.

As for where the strengths laid, it was unclear for now.

His physical body had come to the Void World, and his Essence Soul was also in the Void World. At this moment, Su Jingxing was not afraid of any Void Beast invasion.

He even dared to venture into the darkness.

Su Jingxing had never left leave the Yu Nation’s territory before.

He couldn’t see…

Hey, wait a minute!

Suddenly, Su Jingxing, who had walked to the edge, froze.

He was seeing!

His eyes that flickered with golden-red glow actually saw the environment in the darkness.

The dark region that the Essence Soul could not see through, his eyes that had transformed with the physical body saw.

There was no sun, no moon, and no stars.

In his strange light red vision, there was only an empty wasteland!

There were no plants or animals in the wilderness.

All he could see was sand.

At first glance, it looked like a forbidden area with no life.

However, an invisible sense of danger still lingered in Su Jingxing’s heart.

Of course, it was much better compared to the Essence Soul.

Su Jingxing was in no hurry to leave. He stood at the edge of the darkness and looked at the wasteland in the darkness, waiting patiently.

If there was really nothing, it would not have given him a sense of danger.

Since the feeling existed, it meant that there was unknown danger in this wasteland.

This wait lasted for seven days.

On the morning of the eighth day in reality, when the sun rose, Su Jingxing finally saw the changes in the wilderness.

First, the ground covered in sand kept rolling and rolling, as if it was boiling. From a small pile, they piled up into a small slope, then a small hill, and finally, a huge mountain.

Mountains that were a thousand feet tall, ten thousand feet tall, and ten thousand feet tall rose from the ground.

The entire process was silent, but it was still indescribably spectacular and shocking.

In his light red vision, these mountains were arranged in a certain pattern on the original wasteland.

One after another, strange lifeforms appeared on the mountain.

They were either jumping, rolling, flying, or running.

They came in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Their numbers moved from the single digits at the beginning to dozens, and finally the hundreds.

There were even more monsters in the distance, but Su Jingxing couldn’t see them clearly.

However, Su Jingxing saw the monsters nearby clearly.

The ostrich monsters and puffer fish monsters that he had killed previously appeared one after another.

Su Jingxing didn’t see any Hidden Thunder Dragon Beard Beasts, but he saw no less than three Void Beasts that were similar in size to it.

Their appearances were each more hideous and strange than the other.

One of them resembled a lion, but it had four flaming hooves, eight tails, and a body length of more than ten meters. It roared silently and ran towards Su Jingxing.

In his surprise, Su Jingxing was about to summon his divine weapon to defend himself.

A young female with long flowing hair in martial arts attire suddenly appeared in his field of vision!

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