God-Like Extraction - Chapter 355 - Evacuate Immediately!  

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Chapter 355: Evacuate Immediately!

Go to the Little Demon World!

He had no idea how to seal and close the Door of Darkness.

Most array formations and restrictions could not do either of that.

But what if the source of the Ancient Demons’ return to the human world was cut off?

The source was the Demon Soul Fruit Trees. Destroying three, no, even one of them could stop the Ancient Demons from coming through the Door of Darkness.

There were 18 Demon Soul Fruit Trees and three Ancient Demons, six for each of them.

If one tree was destroyed, it meant that one Ancient Demon would not be able to complete the breakthrough.

Would this Ancient Demon watch as the other two Ancient Demons became stronger?

No way!

It would seize the Demon Soul Fruit Trees and attack the other two Ancient Demons.

As a result, the three Ancient Demons would fight it out with one another.

If three Demon Soul Fruit Trees were destroyed, the battle would only be more intense.

Even if an Ancient Demon won in the end, it wouldn’t be any better off.

Without decades or centuries of recovery, they could forget about returning to the surface.

How could Ancient Demons hold back when they were at one another’s throats?

Sealing and closing the Door of Darkness was only a form of defense, and there was no guarantee of success.

However, if he entered the Door of Darkness and destroyed the Demon Soul Fruit Trees, he would definitely be able to stop the Ancient Demons!

As for picking the Demon Soul Fruits to strengthen his physical body, that was just something to be done while on the way.

Cough cough!

At this thought, Su Jingxing clenched his fists and his eyes shone.

However, Su Jingxing’s expression changed after he watched the last segment of Baletudor’s memories.

After plucking, the Demon Soul Fruit had to be consumed within three seconds!

Beyond that, this magical fruit would quickly rot and turn into a pile of residue.

Consume within three seconds.

Didn’t that mean that Su Jingxing’s body had to go there personally?

Su Jingxing’s original plan was to have the Blood Doppelganger enter the Little Demon World.

That way, even if the Blood Doppelganger was destroyed in the Little Demon World, it wouldn’t affect him much.

Who would have thought that he would have to consume the Demon Soul Fruit within three seconds of plucking it?

He had to go personally.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t impossible for his physical body to enter the Little Demon World.

Firstly, Su Jingxing had the Heavenly Demon Card that allowed him to transform into a demon.

This demon would be transformed according to the demons Su Jingxing had seen before.

In other words, Su Jingxing could transform into any kind of demon.

Among them was naturally the Half-Demon Overlord of the Bone Demon Beasts!

Even though the transformation would only last for three minutes,

Su Jingxing also had Invisibility Cards, two at that.

One had a duration of 30 minutes, and the other, 60 minutes.

With the Invisibility Cards in hand, Su Jingxing could become invisible the moment he stepped through the Door of Darkness.

Then, he would rush to the location of the Demonic Soul Fruit Trees to pluck the fruits and destroy the trees.

If he really couldn’t get close to the Demon Soul Fruit Trees, it wouldn’t be too late then to unlock the Heavenly Demon Card and transform into a Half-Demon Overlord.

Looking at it this way, while going there personally was dangerous, the level of danger was within Su Jingxing’s control.

After all, with his transcendent body activated, the defense of the five-transformations golden body was comparable to the Thunder Dragon Bone Armor.

As long as he did not encounter three Ancient Demons, Su Jingxing was confident of escaping.

At this thought, Su Jingxing’s smile returned.

Right, I haven’t checked the function of the card extracted from the Half-Demon Overlord, Augsabel.

Su Jingxing immediately took out the card and read it in his palm.

The Heavenly Demon Card!

The Function Card extracted from Augsabel’s corpse was also a Heavenly Demon Card.

And the duration of the transformation was as long as three hours!

His first card only had a duration of three minutes.

This second Heavenly Demon Card would actually last three hours.

“It’s the will of the heavens, it seems like the heavens want me to enter the Little Demon World and destroy the Demon Soul Fruit Trees!


Su Jingxing couldn’t hide the smile on his face.

A demon form lasting three hours was enough for him to take action.

Two Invisibility Cards and two Heavenly Demon Cards for him to charge into the Little Demon World.

Oh right, it would be best if I have four more Soul Splitting Cards.

Su Jingxing thought for a moment and decided to let the Blood Doppelganger set off immediately for the Black Flame Caves. It would look for the black-armored men to extract more Soul Splitting Cards and gather four of them so that he could obtain one shot of Spirit Annihilation.

Only with Spirit Annihilation in hand could he truly ensure his safety!

If Su Jingxing were to encounter an Ancient Demon whose strength was equivalent to the Primordial Spirit realm, escaping was his only choice.

However, if he had Spirit Annihilation, even if he couldn’t kill the Ancient Demon, he could severely injure it!

With this in mind, Su Jingxing controlled the Blood Doppelganger guarding the crematorium in Changyang Prefecture City to set off for the Black Flame Caves once more.

In his Essence Soul state, Su Jingxing left the Demon’s Den and found Wu Qifen.

Wu Qifen, Wang Kaimen, and the other elders of the Celestial Pole Sect who were guarding the entrance of the back mountain hurriedly went forward and greeted Su Jingxing.

“Greetings, Martial Sage!”

“Thank you, Martial Sage, for saving the Celestial Pole Sect again!”


“Don’t thank me yet. The problem hasn’t been resolved.”

Su Jingxing raised his hand and interrupted, “Sect Master Wu, the situation in the Demon’s Den is very serious. You guys should evacuate Dongting Mountain first. This place has to be temporarily sealed.”


When Wu Qifen, Wang Kaimen, and the others heard this, their expressions turned grim.

“Are… are there really demonic creatures in the Demon’s Den?” asked Wu Qifen through gritted teeth.

“More than that,”

Su Jingxing didn’t say anything else and only warned again, “You guys better evacuate immediately. You can’t stay on Dongting Mountain anymore. I still have something on, I’ll make a move first.”

“By the way, no one is allowed to spread the news about the situation in the Demon’s Den!”

With that, Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul soared into the sky and headed for the capital.

Wu Qifen, Wang Kaixing, and the others stood rooted to the ground. The atmosphere was solemn.

“What should we do?” murmured an elder.

“What else can we do? Since Martial Sage has already said so, let’s evacuate.” Another elder sighed.

Although there was a Demon’s Den under the back mountain of Dongting Mountain, the Celestial Pole Sect had guarded the Demon’s Den for nearly 2,000 years. Other than the surge in demonic energy some time ago, nothing had ever happened before.

The density of worldly energy in Dongting Mountain was ranked top in the Yu Nation.

Not to mention that there were some rare specialties here that people coveted.

If not for the fact that they had no choice, no one in the Celestial Pole Sect would be willing to let go.

As the Sect Master, Wu Qifen was most indignant.

But no matter how indignant he was, while the demonic creatures…


Su Jingxing’s answer of “more than that” contained so much information that Wu Qifen felt a chill run down his spine.

Not just demonic creatures!

This means that there are existences stronger than the demonic creatures in the Demon’s Den.

Ancient Demons!

There are Ancient Demons in the Demon’s Den!

Once the Ancient Demons emerged, will the entire Celestial Pole Sect still be alive?


At this thought, Wu Qifen’s expression turned solemn. He shouted in a deep voice, “Pass down the order, everyone is to evacuate immediately!”

The capital.

Su Jingxing’s Essence Soul turned into a ball of white light and descended from the sky into the palace.

When the cabinet was established, the Xia Family, as the imperial family, had moved out of the palace.

These ancient and magnificent palaces had been renovated and become the offices of the cabinet.

Of course, only a portion of them were occupied. Most of the palaces were used as historical sites to be preserved for the citizens to visit.

To put it bluntly, they were tourist attractions.

Diplomats from other countries could also enter open areas after coming to the Yu Nation.

When Su Jingxing arrived at the palace, he happened to encounter a foreign diplomatic mission that was preparing to enter an open door of the palace.


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