God of Fishing - Chapter 1048 - Hydra Grass

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Chapter 1048: Hydra Grass

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When Han Fei stepped onto the mountain on the left, the nine snakeheads roared. They seemed to feel that someone had violated their dignity, and their nine heads spewed out strange blue flames at the same time.

Han Fei’s expression changed slightly. They don’t seem weak!

This flame gave Han Fei a strong sense of danger. It seemed to be a flame that could burn souls. At this moment, the entire mountain was engulfed by this blue flame.

At that moment, the ordinary demon plants on the mountain were completely vaporized by the terrifying blue flames.

With a thought, Han Fei stomped his foot and a pale yellow array appeared.

This was a Soul Controlling Array he had learned from the Ocean Book. In the Ocean Book, this wasn’t considered a profound array. In comparison, in terms of soul defense, it was equivalent to the Coiling Turtle Array’s defense against physical attacks.


After just two seconds, Han Fei saw cracks appear on the Soul Controlling Array.

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. They’re indeed strong!

However, Han Fei was building up his strength and transforming himself. The moment the Soul Driving Array shattered, the Sacrificing Punch penetrated half the mountain and struck the root of the Nine-Headed Snake Grass.

In Han Fei’s opinion, the difference between plants and humans was that it was extremely difficult for them to move.

This was especially so for gigantic demon plants like the Hydra Grass that took up half the mountain. How was it to run with such a huge body?

Furthermore, his Void Lines also went out with the Sacrificing Punch. Han Fei didn’t believe that such a behemoth didn’t have a soul.

As for Han Fei himself, he was instantly covered by the blue flames. For a moment, Han Fei felt as if his entire body was being pricked by needles. In his mind, there was energy constantly attacking him, but the power didn’t shake his soul.

“Phew! You gave me a fright. I thought you were very powerful.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but secretly heave a sigh of relief. This spiritual attack probably had the power of a junior Law Enforcer. Its power was comparable to an ordinary soul explosion.

If an ordinary person were to come up the mountain, it would probably be extremely difficult for them to withstand the flames.

Han Fei looked up and saw that on the mountain, the nine heads seemed to have cleverly realized Han Fei’s thoughts. This human seemed to want to severely injure them by destroying the roots…

At that moment, the nine heads gathered together, revealing their dark-red forehead as they faced the Sacrificing Punch together.


The terrifying explosion swept out for dozens of kilometers. Even the Heavenly Vines and Heavenly Red Hibiscus couldn’t help but move slightly. In the clouds, a void vine swept past as though a dragon had flown across the sky.

Outside the mountain.

About dozens of people suddenly jumped out of the hidden area.

Someone shouted, “Quickly retreat far away. The Soul-burning Flame is coming.”

Someone frantically fled back as he shouted, “Be careful of the Heavenly Vine.”


As he spoke, a vine that was thousands of meters long in the clouds struck the demon forest like a whip from the sky. It left a pit that was more than 2,000 meters long.

However, the Heavenly Vine didn’t attack the Hydra Grass.

At this moment, Han Fei’s heart surged. The Sacrificing Punch was blocked? The nine snakeheads combined their power and blocked his Sacrificing Punch.

However, Han Fei didn’t panic but manipulated the Void Lines. The Void Lines had attached to their souls, and hundreds of lines tied up all nine snake heads.

However, Han Fei’s expression immediately changed because he was shocked to discover that the nine snake heads weren’t one, but nine independent creatures.

Therefore, it was almost impossible for Han Fei to control nine Law Enforcers at the same time. It wasn’t a matter of who was stronger or weaker, but that Han Fei’s control was too scattered. With Han Fei’s current level, it was impossible for him to complete such intense control.

Almost immediately, Han Fei felt a counterattack at his soul. After a clash of souls, Han Fei felt a backlash and spat out a mouthful of blood.

In his heart, Han Fei thought, In a place like the Ideal Palace, since everyone was a soul body, the so-called blood was probably also a manifestation of a soul body?

How could he spit out his soul? Therefore, Han Fei swallowed the blood.

The Void Lines retracted and all shot at one of the snake heads.

At this moment, Han Fei spread out his Phantom Glass Wings, and his two copper hammers streaked across the sky, turning into a hundred-meter-long hammer shadow accompanied by the Law of Gravity. Han Fei’s hammer attack could even strike a high-level Law Enforcer.

The Hydra Grass seemed to hate hammers. Apart from one of the snake heads crazily swinging around in an attempt to escape the Void Lines, the other eight snake heads opened their mouths and tried to swallow Han Fei.

Although it was called a snake head, it was actually a plant. It didn’t have any teeth. Instead, there was a circular golden rim around its mouth that resembled thick lips.

Han Fei could even see the esophagus inside the snake head through the mouth. There was a black sticky liquid inside.

“You’re just a blade of grass. What makes you think you can eat me? I’ll hammer you to death!”

Clang Clang Clang!

In midair, Han Fei’s figure flickered crazily. He struck the snake heads crazily with his hammer.

In the distance, someone had just dodged the tree demon’s sudden stab. At this moment, when he saw this scene, he couldn’t help but click his tongue. Could this… be a powerhouse born with great strength like Yang Nanxi? Could it be another member of the Yang family?

There were also a few members of big clans who had ugly expressions and were alarmed. Han Fei was actually so powerful that his strength was comparable to Yang Nanxi’s? Weren’t people born with great power very rare?

Someone gritted his teeth. “While Han Fei is fighting the Hydra Grass, let’s go out and inform everyone to surround him outside the Soul Realm.”

In the swamp of the Demon Plant Soul Realm, Luo Xiaobai’s pupils turned white as she flew back and controlled the spiritual plant to attack like a storm.

However, three water dragons soared up and chased after the three of them.

Occasionally, there was a flash in the void from time to time. However, every time this happened, Le Renkuang would use the Sky Swallowing Technique to forcefully stop the hunter hiding in the void shadows.

As for Yang Nanxi in braids, she ran crazily across the water. She didn’t dodge any of the attacks. With her powerful physique, she took all of Luo Xiaobai’s attacks.

“Great Spirit Summoning Art!”

Instantly, white fog appeared as dozens of flowers bloomed in the void. Poison, mucus, illusions, and psychedelic gases spewed out as well as ghostly-blue vines.

Behind him, the long-legged woman shouted, “Dragon King’s Fury, Buddha’s Three Thousand Hands.”

A sea of red tentacles kept extending out from Luo Xiaobai and company, making everyone feel as though they were running through a sea of red tentacles.

Luo Xiaobai shouted, “Seize Soul!”

In the blink of an eye, a large number of tentacles were controlled by Luo Xiaobai, and the two parties continued to fight.

Behind her, the long-legged woman shouted, “Luo Xiaobai, do you think you can resist us? Even if your brother is here, he’s not my match. Who do you think you are?”

Zhang Xuanyu shouted, “Let me stop these guys.”

However, before Zhang Xuanyu could say anything, he suddenly saw a blazing orange light erupt from Le Renkuang’s body. The Violent War Body and the Majestic Mystic Spell were activated at the same time.

“Deep Blue Roar!”


A hundred-meter-wide void hole appeared. In an instant, the Sun family’s hunter in the void frantically jumped back. The three water dragons instantly shattered, and thousands of tentacles were straightened.

Le Renkuang was holding two sabers in both hands, and a demonic red figure appeared behind him. The True Martial Fiend Saber slashed out two void rifts.

Le Renkuang shouted, “Let’s go first. After all, you won’t have any memories after we leave. Then, I’ll let you experience what it means to be… a legend!”

“Try my hammers!”

Yang Nanxi didn’t care at all. As the others retreated, she swung the hammer in her hand like a wheel of fire and wind and smashed it at Le Renkuang.


The phantom of a huge turtle that was hundreds of meters long appeared. Yang Nanxi was sent flying backward, and the huge turtle was also sent flying by the hammer. Like a huge ball, Le Renkuang rolled thousands of meters in the swamp, shattering all the spiritual plants along the way.

However, the huge ball rolled back and slammed into the group of people.

Zhang Xuanyu roared, “Fatty, charge in. Don’t waste time here, OK?”


He collided head-on with Yang Nanxi again and flattened everything within a thousand meters. Only then did he roll and chase after Zhang Xuanyu.

Behind them…

Yang Nanxi moved her wrist and twisted her neck. “What a powerful recoil. He’s fine after taking two of my hammer strikes head-on. I’m afraid that fatty really has a legendary contractual spiritual beast. It’s even stronger than my Expanding Soil Black Turtle.”

At the top of the mountain

Han Fei’s arm went numb.

After hammering for a long time, he finally smashed one of the heads. In the end, a large amount of black mucus spewed out of the head. The mucus even attempted to grow a new snake head.

“Pui! You win if you can grow it.”

At this moment, the snake head controlled by Han Fei was biting the other snake head. Han Fei had switched the hammer in his hand to Snowmourne. He drew his sword and slashed at the Hydra Grass’ root.

With this strike, the six heads opened their mouths and bit at Han Fei.

When the sword came out, Han Fei was swallowed by a snake head.


The Infinity Water exploded the snake’s head, and Han Fei’s body turned pitch-black as if he had fallen into ink.

When Han Fei focused his eyes, he saw that the plant had sacrificed a snake head to block the Draw.

However, it was also because of this that three snake heads were destroyed. One snake head was controlled by him and was attacking the other. Only four snake heads could still fight now.

Han Fei grinned. “Let’s see how long you can last. There’s no spiritual energy or energy here. Here, I’m invincible.”

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