God of Fishing - Chapter 1216 - Causing Troubles

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Chapter 1216: Causing Troubles

Control was never as easy as sabotaging.

Yu Cailing was only an inspector, so she could only temporarily detain the villains she thought to be villains. However, there were so many creatures searching for opportunities in the ruins, so conflicts were inevitable.

At first, within hundreds of kilometers, there might only be two or three conflicts. But since some time ago, this number had doubled.

Of course, within a hundred kilometers, there were only five or six fights, and the number was still small. However, don’t forget, how many sea demons in the Ice Mountain City were weak?

At first, the creatures compared who was faster, who had better perceptions, and who had better opportunities, relying on their strength to dig for opportunities.

However, as the number of battles and deaths gradually increased, their thoughts began to change.

Others can fight and scramble for resources. Why can’t I?

Han Fei wandered around for three hours, casually walking around the field. From time to time, he used the Void Lines to control two or three sea demons to fight for treasures, and some even fought vigorously.

Of course, all the creatures controlled by Han Fei died in the end.

In Han Fei’s heart, the old turtle said, “We can make a move now. Otherwise, the probability of death is too high. Someone will definitely notice the anomaly.”

Han Fei thought for a moment. It had only been three hours. Wasn’t it too fast?

Suddenly, more than 200 kilometers away from Han Fei, Yu Cailing shouted, “Stop! Don’t fight each other!”

Han Fei’s lips curled. What a simple-minded Half-Mermaid, but you don’t know people’s hearts were sinister.

Han Fei also shouted, “Grab resources, but don’t fight.”

As he shouted, he pretended to be surprised and asked in surprise, “Cailing, are you here too?”

Yu Cailing hadn’t seen Han Fei for three hours and thought that Han Fei had left alone. It turned out that he was also maintaining order. The funny thing was that the people who came with her had already run away and were busy looting.

Yu Cailing said, “That’s great. Let’s act together later.”

However, what Yu Cailing didn’t notice was that Han Fei was smiling mysteriously at this moment.


Suddenly, in the distant sky, there was a huge amount of spiritual energy impacting as rays of light burst out.

The intense spiritual energy attracted the attention of thousands of creatures around.

Someone exclaimed, “What rich spiritual energy! With the impact of the afterglow, a new pit must’ve been dug out.”

Someone was shocked. “Such a terrifying spiritual energy impact. Is it the original site of the Free Trade Valley?”

Someone took a deep breath. “It’s indeed in the direction of the Free Trade Valley.”

For a moment, countless people gasped. Wasn’t the Free Trade Valley already in ruins? Besides, countless people had already perceived that there was nothing there! Where did this terrifying spiritual energy come from?


At this moment, Han Fei sensed that someone was scanning the area with his spiritual perception. The old turtle reminded him, “Just do what you should do. A Venerable is perceiving.”

Han Fei was well aware of that. He looked at the Free Trade Valley in shock and shouted, “Cailing, let’s go. It’s going to be chaotic over there.”

Yu Cailing gritted her teeth and looked at the man who had run away. She felt a chill down her spine and thought to herself, Why are there so many things going on here?

Yu Cailing said, “Let’s go there. Hurry up.”

The Venerable scanned with his perception and found some broken arrays deep in the Free Trade Valley. In the array was a damaged Sun-Moon Shell.

In the distant void, a big sea horse shook its head slightly.

It did make sense. The man had just escaped. There was no reason for him to cause trouble in the ruins. As for the mere Sun-Moon Shell, let them take it!

As soon as Han Fei and Yu Cailing arrived at the Free Trade Valley, they found that thousands of creatures had gathered here, including crabs, lobsters, flood snakes, Half-Mermen, sharks, glowing jellyfish, Void Breaking Conchs…

Han Fei thought to himself, Under such circumstances, the messier the better. Maybe I can take back the resources I lost. After all, no matter how small a mosquito is, it’s still meat!

Normally speaking, whether it was the Sea Swallowing Seashell or the Sun-Moon Shell, they were not just shells but represented a space.

Although this kind of space could break too, it was much harder to break than ordinary space.

Everyone thought that the Sun-Moon Shell was an accident and was a resource left in the Free Trade Valley.

However, at this moment, the array was half hidden, and these treasure hunters didn’t see the whole picture. One by one, they drilled into the holes and went deep into the ruins.

A Half-Merman suddenly grabbed a spear and was about to stuff it into his Sea Swallowing Seashell when he heard a shrimp soldier shout, “Let go, or I’ll stab you to death.”

The Half-Merman roared, “The fortune and treasures are ownerless.”


The ice exploded, and one of the Overlord Catfish was blown away, its scales shattered.

Seeing that he didn’t get the Sun-Moon Shell, the Overlord Catfish immediately roared, “There is a Sun-Moon Shell full of resources. Treasures are scattered everywhere. Grab it!”

“Hiss! A full Sun-Moon Shell?”

Many people were refreshed. The space of a Sun-Moon Shell could reach at least a kilometer, and a lot of resources could be stored in it. Just the spiritual spring that escaped had already caused so much attention. Who knew what treasures were inside?

Han Fei confirmed that no one was paying attention to him.

Therefore, among the thousands of sea creatures, he found a random Half-Merman and threw out the Void Lines.

The Half-Merman was refreshed and roared, “Who dares to monopolize the spoils? Kill him!”

The Half-Merman controlled by Han Fei rushed into the ruins and broke the ice with his harpoon.

Electricity burst out of a jellyfish as it roared, “F*ck off!”

A Purple Sand Eel was pierced through by a spear and roared, “Go to hell!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was a complete mess here.

Han Fei and Yu Cailing were wondering how to deal with this mess. Yu Cailing was having a headache. They were all troublemakers.


Suddenly, the Half-Merman controlled by Han Fei was pierced through by a Lobster Soldier. Under the Lobster Soldier’s shocked gaze, with a bang, the Half-Merman exploded.

This explosion seemed to have shattered some of the remaining arrays in the ruins.

Immediately, spiritual energy surged.

A high-quality Divine weapon flew out in the explosion.

“Oh my god, it’s a high-quality Divine weapon. Come on, catch it.”

Yu Cailing shouted, “Don’t panic. Stop killing.”


When Yu Cailing was anxious, Han Fei took a step forward, condensed a hand in the air, and slapped a serpent away.

After that, the water rippled, and a water snake rolled the high-quality Divine weapon towards Han Fei.


A black giant shark, spewing gales from its mouth, and a horn appeared on his head, thrusting at Han Fei.

An Ice Fish waved his tail, freezing the hundred meters around Han Fei.

An old turtle shouted, “Release the Divine Weapon.”

Yu Cailing was shocked. “Yu Hanjia, don’t fight now.”

However, Han Fei roared in a low voice, “Everyone, stop! Divine weapons belong to those who deserve it. Look at yourselves, do you deserve it?!”

Han Fei casually waved the harpoon and smashed the Ice Fish. Letting the black shark gales baptize him, Han Fei pointed the harpoon at the huge turtle shell.

This scene stunned many people.

Yu Cailing was slightly surprised too. The Giant Shark and the old turtle were both peak-level Law Enforcers. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have come to snatch this high-quality Divine weapon. However, they couldn’t even resist Han Fei?

In an instant, demonic energy surged from Han Fei’s body, his eyes were cold, and he launched the Sea God Strike.

Boom! Crack…

Two cracks appeared on the old turtle’s shell.


Han Fei grabbed the high-quality Divine spear with one hand and shouted coldly, “What a bunch of idiots. It’s just a Sun-Moon Shell. You have already reached the peak of the Sea Spirit Realm. Why don’t you join forces and use it together?”

Then he suddenly said, “Since you’re scrambling for the Sun-Moon Shell crazily, I’ll keep it for you.”

Immediately, a long tentacle slapped at him from the void, and a big octopus smashed through the ruins. “Don’t listen to him. He is high-sounding but actually wants the Sun-Moon Shell. If you have guts, come down and fight.”

Han Fei shouted in a low voice, “Do you think I dare not?”


Yu Cailing quickly appeared beside Han Fei. “Stop, all of you! I am a servant of the Royal City in the Ice God Canyon and also the inspector of the Ice Mountain City, Yu Cailing. Stop right now…”

Han Fei really wanted to roll his eyes at her. If you tell them you’re a great demon in the Dao Seeking realm, you’ll definitely be listened to.

However, you are now a peak-level Sea Spirit. No matter what your identity is, no one will listen to you.

As he expected, the Ice Fish roared, “It’s an ownerless item. Why are you interfering?”

Han Fei’s eyes were cunning. There was still a lot of spiritual spring in the Sun-Moon Shell. If they competed more fiercely, it would burst open. At that time, the spiritual spring would spew out, and the divine weapons would float in the air. The scene would be a mess, and there would be a melee.

At the Explorer level, Han Fei really didn’t have any feelings for these resources. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have easily exploded five million catties of spiritual spring.

However, just as Han Fei was waiting for the chaotic battle to break out, the void suddenly tore, and a great demon at the Dao Seeking realm walked out of the void. He first glanced at Yu Cailing and the others, then glanced at Han Fei, and finally looked at the sea demons who were fighting over the Sun-Moon Shell.


Han Fei was a little surprised. This Dao Seeking great demon was a little strange! He looked like a human. If it weren’t for his webbed hands and gills on his neck, Han Fei would have thought that he was a human.

Only Venerables would look human so much.


The man reached out and directly grabbed the Sun-Moon Shell through dozens of barriers.

At this moment, countless people discovered, to their shock, that a great demon at the Dao Seeking realm had come!

Yu Cailing quickly bowed. “Hi, Mr. Wen Dao.”

The man said indifferently, “A bunch of trash. How can you fight for such a small profit?”

With that said, the man looked at Yu Cailing. “And you, you are the strongest here. But you hesitate and lack means. Go back to the Ice God Canyon first.”

The man glanced around and finally looked at Han Fei. “You’re not bad. Why haven’t I seen you before?”

Han Fei quickly cupped his hands. “Mr. Wen Dao, I just advanced to the peak of the Sea Spirit level.”

The man grunted. “Not bad. Let’s return to the Ice God Canyon together.”

Then, the man’s voice echoed thousands of kilometers away, “The top Heavenly Talents of the Royal City want to select some attendants. Three subordinates and eight ordinary attendants. There are limited seats, and all peak-level Sea Spirits have a chance. If you want to come, come to the Ice God Canyon’s arena immediately.”

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