God of Fishing - Chapter 1852 - Martial Emperor's Inheritance

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Chapter 1852: Martial Emperor’s Inheritance

The corner of Han Fei’s mouth twitched. Was he too high-profile this time?

It was said that as long as one’s trial results were above 95%, he could obtain the true inheritance of the Martial Emperor.

Han Fei didn’t know what the so-called Martial Emperor’s inheritance was, but he had obtained the great technique of the Void Temple.

Besides, the person with the best result in the trial could obtain three opportunities in the Martial Emperor City.

This gift was incredible. It was equivalent to the Martial Emperor City owing Han Fei three favors.

Han Fei immediately put away his surprised expression and cupped his hands at the kings. “Han Fei greets the kings. I was lucky enough to win this trial.”

Yan Meng said, “The trial is not over yet.”

However, everyone knew that Yan Meng’s words were very powerless.

In history, there had never been anyone getting a result above 95% in the trial of the Martial Emperor’s inheritance.

Han Fei was the first, but how could it be so easy to meet the second?

However, in any case, Han Fei could inherit the inheritance of the Martial Emperor.

At this moment, the man in the dragon-scale battle suit glanced at Han Fei and said, “Since your trial completion rate has reached 95%, follow me! Prepare to accept the inheritance of the Martial Emperor.”

Han Fei was stunned and then said, “Shouldn’t I wait until the trial is over?”

Before the person said anything, Yan Meng said, “If Xia Xiaochan comes out in advance, we’ll inform her. Of course, you can accept the Martial Emperor’s inheritance after the trial is over. However, there are still seven days before the trial ends. You can wait if you don’t mind.”

Han Fei thought for a moment. Since there was the trial of the Martial Emperor’s inheritance in the Martial Emperor City, the Martial Emperor should be related to the Void Temple.

However, he had to be vigilant.

Han Fei secretly activated the Nine Palace Luck Ruler in Forge the Universe. When the ruler fell on the “Greatly Auspicious” marker, he was relieved.

Han Fei bowed slightly. “Thank you.”

Therefore, what Eldest Senior Brother gave him was just a benefit.

And this Martial Emperor’s inheritance was the Martial Emperor’s inheritance. The two didn’t conflict.

Seeing that there were still seven days, Han Fei thought to himself, Maybe I still have time to come back after I accept the Martial Emperor’s inheritance.

The Martial King looked at Han Fei and said, “Follow me.”

The Martial King stomped, and a complicated array appeared in midair.

As the Martial King entered, Han Fei suddenly saw a tower.

If Han Fei remembered correctly, this should be the cultivation tower of the Martial Emperor City. When he learned about the Martial Emperor City, it was said that some places in the cultivation tower were not open to the public.

However, the two of them had appeared here openly. There were so many strong masters in the Martial Emperor City. How could they not see them?

The Martial King said, “This is not the cultivation tower. This is the other side of the Martial Emperor City. You can understand it as the Mirror World.”

“Huh? Mirror World?”

The Martial King said indifferently, “In the Martial Emperor City, only Sea Establishers know of the existence of this world. However, this is just a cultivation place I created. It doesn’t have any special significance.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows. Was this space created by this person?

To be able to create such a huge world which was not in his Origin Sea and could accommodate living people in? Who was this guy?

The Martial King turned his head, glanced at Han Fei, and said leisurely, “The last person who received the Martial Emperor’s inheritance was me. After 80,000 years, there’s finally another one. I hope that the Martial Emperor’s inheritance can be put to greater use by you.”

“Hiss ~”

Han Fei was shocked. This person had obtained the inheritance of a Martial Emperor?

In other words, this person had once challenged the trial of the Martial Emperor’s inheritance and had a score of more than 95%?

Basically, this person had at least walked to the bronze door. As for whether he had entered the bronze door or not, Han Fei didn’t know.

He said, “Let’s go! The land of inheritance is in the secret realm.”

With that, the Martial King took Han Fei into the tower.

In the middle of the room on the top floor, there was an array.

Han Fei and the Martial King stood on the array. With a flash of the array light, the two of them appeared in a place that looked like a cave.

However, this cave was extremely vast and high.

After Han Fei came here, he was attracted by a huge statue. It was sitting cross-legged on the ground, but even so, it was still more than 3,000 meters high.

Han Fei stood in front of the statue, as small as an ant.

More importantly, this statue gave Han Fei the feeling that Eldest Senior Brother gave him. Oh, no, Eldest Senior Brother was much bigger than this statue.

The Martial King said, “In this world, there is a strange technique called the avatar. The avatar is a body condensed from the power of the Heavenly Dao. It contains the power of law, rules, and Great Daos. It is an extremely powerful soul technique. To put it more bluntly, you can understand it as a special combat form, an avatar, or even a technique.”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. “Soul technique? Avatar?”

The Martial King said, “Let me show you.”


Han Fei looked at the Martial King, and mystic light erupted from his body. Then, a giant a thousand feet tall suddenly appeared in the void behind him.

The giant’s face was blurred.

Its limbs were no different from humans, very much like the phantom of the God of War that Han Fei had once seen.

However, the phantom of the God of War wasn’t so big, and it was just a phantom.

This avatar looked much more awesome than that.

Han Fei felt the terrifying power of the avatar. Even though he was now the strongest among the Half-Kings, he still felt a heavy burden on his shoulders when he saw this avatar.

It seemed that as long as the avatar pressed down, he would be pressed to the ground and killed.

The avatar said, “The so-called soul technique can be understood as a soul battle technique. The fundamental power of the avatar comes from the power of the soul. The soul forms a fetus and is regarded as the avatar. With the avatar guarding your soul sea, ordinary soul attacks are difficult to shake your soul. The battle time of the avatar is completely dependent on the strength of your soul. The characteristics of the avatar are mainly inherited from you yourself.”


With that, the avatar behind the Martial King dissipated and turned into a phantom bit by bit.

Han Fei was stunned. Good lord, this was definitely a super technique. Before this, Han Fei had never heard of the existence of such an avatar.

Han Fei couldn’t help asking, “Senior, how’s the combat power of the avatar?”

The Martial King said indifferently, “The strength of an avatar is related to your own strength. It represents the strength of your soul. It won’t be higher than your own strength… However, 50% or several times stronger is still possible.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip when he heard that. Just now, the avatar stood in front of him, and the pressure almost made him unable to withstand it. This person said that the strength of the avatar was not much different from his own… Didn’t it mean that this person was very strong and could definitely rank in the top ten of the entire Raging Sea?

Or… Han Fei vaguely suspected that this person was… the Martial King?

At this moment.

The Martial King pointed at the huge statue and said, “Back then, I didn’t completely pass the trial, so I’m not an official disciple of the Void Temple. At most, I’m just an in-name disciple. Although I can’t enter the Void Temple, I have to continue this trial and wait for newcomers to appear…”

At that moment, Han Fei shivered.

Han Fei looked at this person in shock. This person knew the Void Temple? And he was an in-name disciple?

“Gulp ~”

Han Fei confirmed his guess. The strongest person in the Martial Emperor City, the mysterious Martial King, was actually a in-name disciple of the Void Temple?

The Martial King said indifferently, “There’s no need to be surprised. Everyone has their own opportunities. My opportunity is broken here, but yours starts here.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Senior Martial King, who can be your match in the Raging Sea? How is it possible that you didn’t make it to the Void Temple?”

The Martial King smiled. “You don’t understand. Once you fail the trial, you won’t be able to become a real disciple. This time, if you can’t enter the bronze door, you will be like me that the door of the Void Temple won’t be opened for you again.”


Han Fei took a slight breath. Wow, this entrance trial is too f*cking strict!

The Martial King said, “Accept the inheritance! I’m leaving.”


The Martial King disappeared, and Han Fei looked at the towering stone statue in a daze for a while. Then, he walked straight to the front of the stone statue, on a circular platform that emitted dense light.

As soon as Han Fei stood on the platform, a golden light suddenly rushed into Han Fei’s mind from above.

Boom ~

Han Fei’s mind was unusually clear.

The power of the soul gathered crazily and finally condensed into a small golden figure, which appeared in his mind.

The little man emitted a dazzling golden light.

When the golden light stopped, some abstruse words appeared in Han Fei’s mind.

In the end, the information that appeared in front of Han Fei was as follows:

Firmament Divine Martial Body (Unrated)

Introduction: This technique is also called the Firmament Avatar Technique. It’s a cultivation technique for cultivating a divine fetus. The avatar lives and dies with its master. The power of the avatar depends on the realm, the path of cultivation, the strength of the soul, the firmness of the Dao heart, and the comprehension of the Great Dao of the original body. The Firmament Divine Martial Body is ranked 108th among all the techniques in the Infinite Ocean.

Deduced Art: Void Avatar

Deduction Cost: 100,000 wisps of Chaotic Qi

Remarks: The stronger the Dao heart, the stronger the avatar.

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