God of Fishing - Chapter 2367 - The Third Round of Qualifiers Is Over

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Chapter 2367: The Third Round of Qualifiers Is Over

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Wu Bufan and the others saw that Han Fei was angry and became very obedient along the way.

In the last hour of the second night, Han Fei had already carried four flags. During this period, he defeated 9 teams. Cao Mengde and the others didn’t take any action. Han Fei resolved the teams in a moment.

But this was not the end of it. In the last two hours of the second day, under Han Fei’s lead, they found a team with five flags.

Cao Mengde and the others still didn’t have to take any actions. In fact, it might be useless even if they took action. Anyway, it only took Han Fei 43 seconds to pierce through the opponent’s peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator and finally get five flags.

Therefore, on the next day, their final score was 4,234 points.

On the third day, Han Fei seemed to be in a better mood, and everyone was relieved.

In the next ten days.

Han Fei no longer set traps. On the fifth day, Han Fei found Feng Yu. Han Fei didn’t go to Feng Xingliu. It was useless to look for him. If the people of the Heavenly Race came again, he might not be confident in suppressing them again. Who knew if Zhao Qinglong would let go of the Heavenly Race he had sealed?

Besides, Feng Yu was the strongest person on the Heaven Roll, so Han Fei could rely on her. Han Fei didn’t care about the remaining battles of the third round of qualifiers. It wouldn’t be a big problem for him to follow Feng Yu and get a few more flags.

Of course, this was not the biggest reason why Han Fei came to Feng Yu. The first thing he did when he saw Feng Yu was to say to her via voice transmission, “I saw the black dragon.”

“The black dragon?”

Feng Yu didn’t react for a moment, but she recalled carefully. Wasn’t the first time she heard of the black dragon at a gathering of the Void Temple?

“Hiss ~”

Although Feng Yu was surprised, she didn’t show it. “Where? Could it be that it has transformed into a human form to participate in the 100,000-year competition in the East Sea Divine Realm?”

Han Fei said, “He’s hiding in Zhao Qinglong’s body. A few days ago, I accidentally met Zhao Qinglong and had a fight with him. I found that the black dragon was hiding in his body.”

Han Fei believed in his own judgment. He was certain that the feeling brought about by the Void Stealing Technique was definitely from the dragon race. The failure of the Void Stealing Technique made Han Fei even more certain that it was the black dragon.

Feng Yu asked, “Are you sure? I heard from Senior Brother Azure Dragon that the black dragon is a Monarch, right? And I’m afraid it’s not a weak Monarch.”

Han Fei said, “90%. How do we deal with this matter? Should we inform Senior Brother Azure Dragon to come over and take the black dragon in his body away? And this guy, why does he have to name himself Zhao Qinglong? I don’t think Senior Brother Azure Dragon can bear it.”

Feng Yu said, “We’d better discuss this matter with Senior Brother Azure Dragon. If the black dragon is really hiding in his body, who can be his match in this hundred-thousand-year competition?”

Han Fei said, “Yes! He probably doesn’t know that I discovered his secret. But there’s one more thing. This person walked the path of invincibility, and so did I. Therefore, theoretically speaking, the two of us were born enemies. If I’ve guessed right, he wants to kill me now.”

‘ʀᴇᴀᴅ ʟᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀᴛ No(v) e lBin ᴏɴʟʏ.’,

Feng Yu was not surprised. She said, “Three hundred years ago, Zhao Qinglong just entered the God Roll. However, he didn’t take the same routine promotion path as me. He didn’t participate in the competition in the Central Sea Divine Realm but directly killed Wang Feng, the former tenth cultivator on the God Roll. Therefore, I haven’t fought him.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Killing a powerhouse on the God Roll? Suddenly appearing 300 years ago? According to Senior Brother Azure Dragon, it seemed to be 500 years ago when the black dragon defected.

Therefore, in terms of time, it was completely matched.

On the twelfth day.

Because they followed Feng Yu Team, Han Fei’s team had a smooth journey. However, Han Fei had never seen Feng Xingliu the whole time. God knew where this guy was fighting.

On the twelfth day, Han Fei’s team’s score reached 7,204 points. In the following days, they actually didn’t grab many points. Anyway, Han Fei felt that this score was definitely enough to pass the third round of qualifiers.

When the last two hours passed, Han Fei’s heart suddenly stirred. When he opened his eyes again, he had already appeared outside the black tower.

Coming out with Han Fei were Cao Mengde, Wu Bufan and the others.

Cao Mengde remarked with mixed feelings, “It’s so exciting! The third round of qualifiers is already so exciting. What will the fourth round of qualifiers be like?”

Wu Bufan: “I really don’t understand. Why are there so many rounds of qualifiers? What a headache.”

Li Chen: “I’m afraid there will be casualties in the next round of qualifiers, right?”

Luo Dafei said, “It’s very likely. If that’s the case, we…”

At this time, Luo Dafei and the others looked at Han Fei. Of course, they wanted to seek asylum from Han Fei! Anyway, in the third round of qualifiers, many teams knew that they hung out with Han Fei, so there was no need to hide it now.

However, Han Fei said, “If you can get me the essence blood of a divine beast or a ferocious beast, I can consider doing you a big favor. It includes, but is not limited to, helping you survive, preventing your enemies from assassinating you, or even helping you kill them… If the quality of this essence blood is high enough, I can even help you kill your competitors, or even the main branch competitors.”

“Hiss ~”

Cao Mengde and the others were stunned. Han Fei had charged a million kilometers of resources before. If they wanted him to help them kill their opponents, it would still cost half a million kilometers.

But now, Han Fei proposed to exchange the essence blood of a divine beast or a ferocious beast for his help. This was a f*cking opportunity!

As a big clan that had existed for countless years, they had abundant resources. Hearing Han Fei’s words, Wu Bufan and the others were all tempted. Even if they had to steal, they would steal the essence blood of a divine beast.

Han Fei reminded everyone via voice transmission, “It’s best not to let others know about this. Besides, I don’t want any essence blood. I only want good ones. Don’t give me the inferior, ordinary, and insignificant ferocious beasts and divine beasts’ essence blood.”

Cao Mengde said, “Brother Fei, don’t worry. I may not be able to get the resources, but these things are usually used as refining materials. I think I can get some.”

Wu Bufan said, “Although the essence blood of high-level divine beasts is difficult to find, if Brother Fei wants it, I can definitely get it for you.”

Li Chen said, “Brother Fei, wait for me. I’ll look for it when I get home.”

Puzzled, Ye Lingling looked at Cao Mengde and the others who looked overjoyed and strange. It seemed that Han Fei had said something to them.

Sure enough, she was not on the same side as them. She was just accidentally assigned to the same team. This team relationship should be disbanded from now on.

At this moment, Luo Dafei said, “Miss Ye, you are an itinerant cultivator in the wilderness. You should already know how terrifying this 100,000-year competition is. If you want to compete for a ranking here, you don’t even know what kind of terrifying opponent you will encounter. Miss Ye, if you don’t mind, how about being a retainer of the Luo family? In terms of resources and benefits, it should be much better than in the wilderness.”

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Wu Bufan said, “Haha, Miss Ye, you can come to our Wu family too. The treatment is good, and more importantly, I’m not a lecher!”

Cao Mengde said, “Miss Ye, you can consider this matter on your own. If you want to stay in the Divine Capital Dynasty, you can contact us.”

Han Fei’s heart stirred. In fact, Wu Bufan and the others were very smart. The power of the family just belonged to the family, and they didn’t trust many people in their families. Ye Lingling’s strength wasn’t weak. When he didn’t take much action in the last few days, Ye Lingling’s strength had been revealed. If they could recruit such a strong cultivator, she would be a good helper. Even in the Divine Capital Dynasty, it wouldn’t be easy to find such a person.

Han Fei also nodded slightly. “Their proposal is good. You can consider it.”

“Han Fei ~”

As soon as Han Fei said so, Feng Xingliu ran over and hit Han Fei’s chest. “Why didn’t you come to me? I’m exhausted these days!”

Han Fei smiled. “What’s wrong? Were you robbed?”

Feng Xingliu put on a disdainful look. “How could I be robbed? Of course, I robbed others. Alas, to be honest, these people are too fierce. I fought almost every hour of the twelve days. Unfortunately, this score is indeed not easy to earn, so I only got 4,212 points. I thought you would come to me. I waited for you for many days, but you just didn’t come.”

Han Fei patted Feng Xingliu’s shoulder and said, “Not bad. Why would I look for you? I definitely believe in your strength! Do you think I will think you can’t pass the third round of qualifiers?”

Feng Xingliu scratched his head. “You’re right. I didn’t really need your help in the third round. Hey, how many points does your team have?”

Feng Xingliu, who was familiar with Han Fei, simply grabbed Han Fei’s wrist and glanced at it. Immediately, Han Fei felt that his breath stagnated and his body stiffened.

Han Fei patted his shoulder. “Get used to it.”

Feng Xingliu: “…”

At this moment, the referee said, “Everyone, the third round of the qualifiers is over. According to the data on your qualification tokens, the advancement line we have set is 2,378 points. Any team below this point will be eliminated.”

“Hiss ~”

“So high?”

“How many people will you eliminate with such a high score?”

“This is unfair. Some teams are too strong. One member of them can fight a whole team. Isn’t this third round of qualifiers unfair?”

For a time, there was a heated discussion in the field.

After a while, when these people had shouted enough, the referee said in a cold voice, “If someone can fight your whole team alone, it means that you really can’t enter the following competitions. Even if we let you enter, you’ll only be eliminated later. Besides, there aren’t as many eliminated teams as you think. There are 27,689 eliminated teams this time, a total of 207,661 people, just a little more than half.”

When the referee gave the specific data, many people fell silent. In terms of whether the competition was fair or not, it was actually relatively fair. In these 12 days, they had enough opportunities to hunt and obtain points. Unfortunately, their strength couldn’t allow them to obtain more points, so they were eliminated.

There were weak people in their teams, but there were also weak people in other teams. Their teams had strong masters, but the other teams also had strong masters. Therefore, they couldn’t blame anyone for being eliminated.

Only those who thought they were strong felt that they should be able to enter the final arena.

However, the referee told them that they were only eliminated in advance. Otherwise, if they went to the arena and encountered someone of the same level, they would still be eliminated, so it was meaningless.

Someone shouted, “I’m ranked 39,219th, but there are still 160,000 people left. Why am I eliminated in advance? Even if I can’t beat them, I shouldn’t be in this ranking!”

The referee said indifferently, “The 100,000-year competition is for everyone to watch. It needs cultivators at all levels, not just strong masters. Otherwise, we can just let the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators participate. Why do we need so many people to participate?”

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