God of Fishing - Chapter 2368 - Conditions to Give Birth to a Star Core

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Chapter 2368: Conditions to Give Birth to a Star Core

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Just as the referee said, the hundred-thousand-year competition was not for a small number of people, but for everyone.

At that time, those who passed the four rounds of qualifiers and entered the arena would be carefully selected. However, those who were chosen in the end would definitely not be paired based on their ranking. There would probably be a suppression in terms of strength. Of course, this was only a guess for now.

Only such an arena battle would be exciting. Whether it was those who had entered the Star Transformation Realm or those who hadn’t, their fights could be seen clearly. Otherwise, if it was really a battle between cultivators in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm, to be honest, 80% of the people couldn’t even understand it. They could only sit in the auditorium in a daze, which wouldn’t help their strength grow.

The referee said, “All participants who have passed the third round of qualifiers, please gather here in seven days for the fourth round of qualifiers!”

Suddenly, someone exclaimed, “Look, the ranking on the qualification token has changed again.”

Hearing that, Feng Xingliu quickly looked down and found that its ranking had become 4,066.

Han Fei looked down and found that his ranking had become 398th.

Cao Mengde said, “Huh! I’m 131,120th now.”

Li Chen was surprised. “I’m 140,215th.”

Wu Bufan said, “I’m 141,123rd.”

Ye Lingling also looked down and found that her ranking had become 98,021st. This ranking had almost doubled, which surprised her.

The corners of Feng Xingliu’s mouth twitched. In the end, Han Fei’s ranking still became about 300th. Although his ranking had dropped, his own ranking had risen.

With this in mind, Feng Xingliu couldn’t help but be in a great mood. “Hey! How about we go pick up Qingcheng? We’ve been fighting for 12 days. Let’s go have a meal without Feng Yu.”

At this time, Feng Yu said to Han Fei via voice transmission, “Are you going to tell Senior Brother Azure Dragon, or should I?”

Han Fei said, “Senior Sister, it’s better if you tell him! I fought Zhao Qinglong and had an epiphany now. I need to cultivate in seclusion for a few days.”

Feng Yu was surprised. “There are only seven days away, and you’re still going to cultivate in seclusion? Even if you have the Great Dao of Time, you only have seven days to accelerate.”

Han Fei said, “I can’t waste these seven days, right? Anyway, it doesn’t matter which of us goes. Let’s see if Senior Brother Azure Dragon will attack the black dragon.”

Feng Yu nodded slightly. “Alright! No wonder you’ve grown so fast. You’re really racing against time.”

‘ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ꜰʀᴏᴍ NoVELBIN. ᴄᴏᴍ.’,

“Han Fei, Han Fei, did you hear me?”

Feng Xingliu shook Han Fei. He knew that Han Fei was talking to someone via voice transmission, but he didn’t know who Han Fei was talking to. For some reason, Han Fei’s soul seemed to be exceptionally powerful, and no matter where his spiritual power touched, it couldn’t be detected. This made Feng Xingliu depressed.

At this time, Han Fei also felt a gaze, which was from Zhao Qinglong. But Han Fei didn’t care. He was sure that the black dragon wouldn’t investigate the sound transmission between him and Feng Yu. This dragon hid itself very well. In this place, if he dared to reveal his spiritual sense, would he really think that the people of the Divine Capital Dynasty were a bunch of junks?

Therefore, Han Fei and Feng Yu could chat without being eavesdropped on by the black dragon.

Zhao Qinglong glanced at Han Fei, then turned around and left, but the look in his eyes was extremely aggressive.

Han Fei couldn’t help but feel that whenever he encountered someone else taking the path of invincibility, there must be one killed unless the difference was so great that he didn’t even have the mood to harvest.

Han Fei and Zhao Qinglong were at loggerheads with each other. Even though Zhao Qinglong hadn’t found out that he was on the path of invincibility, he had developed a strong desire to kill him. This proved that this was also the end of the path of invincibility.

In the end, Han Fei didn’t go to the hot pot at the invitation of Feng Xingliu, mainly because his time was too precious now. Zhao Qinglong had already developed a killing intent towards him. This killing intent made him have to work hard to grow up.

On his Origin Star.

Han Fei’s Origin Star had already settled. Now, a large amount of Earth Vein Spring Water had been born in the ground veins he had created.

Because he had enough energy, Han Fei tried crazily to accelerate the birth of the Star Core.

Half a day later.

On the Origin Star, more than 6,000 volcanoes began to erupt, and large black clouds enveloped the sky above the Origin Star.

This time, Han Fei had completely consumed the Star Core of Yi Qianxing in Origin Returning. Because it was very close to the last Origin Returning, this time, Han Fei’s Origin Star almost became a star burning with raging flames.

Of course, this wouldn’t affect the ground veins. All he needed to do was to sort out the earth’s surface.

Now, Han Fei could feel that his Origin Star was filled with terrifying energy. This energy manifested on the surface as burning, but underground as energy shocks scattered in the ground veins.

Because Han Fei had already shaped the ground veins, there were no crustal movements or earthquakes for the time being.

Three days later.

Above the Sea of Stars, above the flame curtain of the altar, the God of War sent a message.

“Oh! It’s only been a few days, and you’ve already completed the ground veins molding?”

Han Fei responded, “Senior God of War, I have to be quick. I met a man who is on the path of invincibility. He is a super strong master on the Sea Realm’s God Roll. I have a feeling that I will have to fight him someday.”

God of War: “Didn’t I tell you to keep a low profile first? Why did you mess with a cultivator on the God Roll?”

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Han Fei said, “Who knows when trouble will come? My ground veins have been molded, and the energy on my Origin Star is overflowing. I feel that it’s time to give birth to a Star Core. So I’d like to check with you, after a Star Core is born, I should continuously compress the Star Core, right? Is it to suck back all the energy that is released?”

On the fire curtain, the God of War responded, “How does it feel when you take someone else’s Star Core?”

Han Fei said, “It contains an extremely rich power of the Great Dao and is extremely repulsive to me. I have to obliterate the aura of the Great Dao in the other party’s Star Core before I can use it for my own use.”

The God of War said, “Isn’t this it? The Star Core is a core with a base. And the core of the Star Core is the Great Dao. To be precise, you have to first condense a Great Dao crystal to use it as the base and then cover it with energy. After a long time and the accumulation of countless resources, you can create a Star Core filled with terrifying energy.”

“I see. The problem is that I’ve walked too many Great Daos. What Great Dao should I use to condense a Great Dao crystal?”

God of War: “Haven’t you ever embarked on your own path? The unique Dao that belongs to you?”

Han Fei thought about the huge mirror at the end of the road behind the green jade stone bridge. Up to now, he hadn’t figured out what his original Great Dao was. If he had to use his original Great Dao as the base of the Star Core, it would be a little difficult.

Han Fei asked, “Do I have to use my original Great Dao? My other Great Daos are also very strong.”

God of War: “Logically speaking, it doesn’t matter after a Star Core is born because a Star Core can be compatible with any Great Dao. However, at the beginning of the birth of a Star Core, the choice of the Star Core’s base is very important. Only your original Great Dao is most compatible with you. You can condense many Great Dao crystals, but it’s best if these Great Dao crystals are only attached to your original Great Dao. In this way, your Star Core will be perfectly compatible with your own Great Dao. Once the base is born, it will automatically absorb energy. You can carve an array to accelerate energy absorption or let nature take its course. Anyway, from that moment on, your Star Core will be born. Of course, you have to continue to prepare enough energy and vitality to prevent the Star Core from absorbing too much energy. The stronger you want to become, the more energy and vitality you need. When that time comes, most people will have insufficient vitality, so they have to reduce the Star Core’s absorption speed. Otherwise, their vitality will be overdrawn.”

“Huh? Overdraft vitality?”

God of War: “That’s right. The birth of a Star Core requires sufficient energy and vitality as support. These two are the fundamental power that the Star Core can maintain the operation of the star. Otherwise, why do you think that all strong masters have to find World Origin? World Origin is the external manifestation of energy and vitality.”

Han Fei couldn’t help taking a breath. “It’s easy to get energy. I can get other people’s Star Cores to provide me with energy. But how can I get vitality?”

Several spots appeared on the fire curtain, and Han Fei seemed to be able to see the God of War’s speechless expression behind the fire curtain.

The God of War said, “You can already get a Star Core from others’ Origin Stars. Can’t you deprive them of their vitality too? Don’t underestimate the vitality of these Origin Stars. If they can all be gathered, they’ll be no worse than the World Origin Fruit. Think about it! The lifespan of a Sky Opening Realm cultivator is at least millions of years. As long as you don’t mess around with an Origin Star, the vitality contained in it will only be more than its owner. Of course, the vitality in different people’s Origin Stars is different for you. You can’t measure others with your own.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip and he hurriedly sent a message. “Senior God of War, how can I deprive an Origin Star of its vitality?”

The God of War asked, “What I’m curious about is how you obliterated the Great Dao contained in the enemy’s Star Core.”

Han Fei thought to himself, How can I tell you? I have to keep the Demon Purification Pot a secret. What if you covet it too?

Han Fei immediately said, “My original Great Dao can obliterate the other party’s Great Dao, but I haven’t completely understood what my original Great Dao is.”

In the distant Sea of Stars, the God of War was puzzled. “Destroy the other party’s Dao? Is there such a Dao?”

The God of War replied with uncertainty, “I can teach you this technique first, but it’s still very troublesome to teach it to you from such a far distance. I’m very weak now. You have to understand the old man. Sacrifice a Sky Opening realm creature to me later. Keep the Origin Star for me. Don’t take it away again. It’d better be within ten years. How does that sound?”

Han Fei said, “Senior, let me try. If it goes well, it may not even take ten years.”

Han Fei thought that if someone died in the fourth round of the qualifiers, then not only could he get the corpse, but he could also get the other party’s Star Core and the vitality in his Origin Star. This would greatly speed up the birth of his Star Core.

Sure enough, the God of War instantly replied, “Okay! Kid, keep your word! Don’t take away the Star Core again, OK? Now take it…”

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