God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 1084 - The Terrifying Frost Dragon

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Chapter 1084: The Terrifying Frost Dragon

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The numerous Sage warriors around were extremely nervous at this time.

The scene just now had really frightened them.

A Sage warrior was killed just like that.

The strength of this Frost Flood Dragon is too terrifying!

Not only those Sage warriors, but even Lin Xiu was shocked.

This Sage warrior actually died just like that.

Moreover, under the inspection of the Analytic eye, Lin Xiu also clearly saw that the power of this beast-saint-level evolved beast, Frost Dragon, was far more terrifying than the strength of the beast-saint-level evolved beasts he encountered the previous time!

Its various attribute points were actually much higher than his own.

No wonder Elder Yu did not hesitate to take out ‘Silence’, a legendary holy-level skill card and offered a reward to so many warriors to kill this thing.

At this time, the body of the frost dragon continued to fly wildly in the air.

And then charged towards those Sage warriors!

Elder Gong, who was the first to bear the brunt, had a change in expression.

With the triggering of his thoughts, his body skill was activated and his figure instantly disappeared in place, then appeared on the other side.


And at this moment, with a wave of the long sword in his hand, a terrifying sword aura burst out.

Directly charged towards the frost dragon!


The surrounding space seemed to be torn apart at this moment.

This sword aura directly impacted that Frost Dragon’s body!

There was a loud noise.

The Frost Dragon’s huge body was directly sent to the back by the shock of this terrifying sword aura.

What a powerful force!

The Sage warriors around looked at this scene and couldn’t help but exclaimed in their hearts.

The reason why they respect Elder Gong was not only because of his seniority but also because of his strong power.


Originally thought that this blow would cause great damage to the frost dragon.

But what they didn’t expect was that in the next moment, the frost dragon flew over again.

And there was a ferocious roar.

With the roar of the frost dragon, all the ice on the ground flew directly into the air.

what is this!?

When the surrounding Sage warriors saw this scene, the expressions in their eyes changed slightly.

There was dazzling light in the frost dragon’s eyes.

With the surrounding ice blocks suspended in the air, they suddenly turned into huge ice picks.


These ice picks, in the next moment, all charged towards the surrounding Sage warrior!

Whoosh whoosh—

Thousands of ice picks charged towards the Sage warriors who were suspended in the air.

When Lin Xiu saw this scene, the pupils in his eyes shrank slightly.

In the next moment, directly use the ‘Flashing Souls’ body skill.

At this moment, the figure kept dodging the ice picks.

Because of the body skill Lin Xiu used, those huge ice picks could not impact Lin Xiu’s body.

Although the rest of the Sage warriors unfolded the ‘Sphere’, they were hit by those ice picks and their bodies flew out.

There were some cracks on the ‘Sphere’ of some Sage warriors.

The impact of this ice pick is too powerful.

Even using the ‘Sphere’ to block, it was very difficult.

And at this time, the frost dragon came flying from the other side again!

Lin Xiu saw this scene in his eyes and the Dark Edge spear in his hand waved directly into the air!

With the triggering of Lin Xiu’s thoughts, the source strength of his body bloomed.

At this moment, the entire sky suddenly turned red.

Soon, the sky became like a sea of ​​fire.

‘Fire Refining Starlit Sky’!

“what is this!?”

The surrounding Sage warriors looked at the whole sky, full of flames, with a look of surprise in their eyes.

And with the appearance of this flame, the surrounding temperature has obviously increased a lot.

And in the next moment, in the sea of ​​fire high in the sky, a large number of flame balls condensed and crashed down from the sky!

Those huge flame balls, like huge meteorites falling from the sky, charged towards the frost dragon!


The incomparably huge Frost Flood Dragon clearly felt the flames and made a huge roar at this moment.

A large number of ice blocks floated into the air, then gathered in front of the frost dragon.

A huge shield was formed, which directly blocked the huge meteorite balls!

Seeing this scene, the pupils in Lin Xiu’s eyes shrank a little.

This Frost Dragon is too smart!

Moreover, he could actually use this kind of power to block his skill.

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