God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 734 - Battle with Xue Liantian

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Chapter 734 Battle with Xue Liantian

“Kill him for me, did you hear me!”

Xue Liantian looked at the fact that his subordinates were constantly retreating at this moment and suddenly said angrily.

He just thought he could kill Lin Xiu directly, but he didn’t expect that Lin Xiu still retained his strength!

And at this moment, he killed one of his subordinates.

His heart was bleeding, these were the backbone of their guild!

Following Xue Liantian’s roar, at this moment, those warriors who had been retreating constantly because of Lin Xiu’s terrifying strength just displayed, also gritted their teeth and roared and attacked Lin Xiu again!

And Xue Liantian was also holding a long sword, waiting for an opportunity.


Before the weapons in those people’s hands could attack Lin Xiu, they were blocked by the Dark Edge spear in Lin Xiu’s hands!

Moreover, the terrifying power from Lin Xiu’s spear made them fly directly.

“Courting death!”

Just when Lin Xiu wanted to charge out, the figure of Xue Liantian appeared in front of him!

He leaped up high with the slender swords he held in both hands, slashing down Lin Xiu’s body from top to bottom.

It seemed that he wanted to directly split Lin Xiu’s body into two halves.


But at this moment, Lin Xiu held both ends of the Dark Edge spear in both hands, then directly blocked the blow with the spear body.

His war knife slashed in the middle of the Dark Edge spear and made a dull sound.

Seeing Lin Xiu resisting this attack, Xue Liantian became even more furious. He raised his sword and continued to slash, but Lin Xiu’s figure had disappeared!

Where is he!?

Xue Liantian’s pupils shrank slightly and when his body fell to the ground, he seemed to sense something and his body suddenly turned to look in the air behind him.

Lin Xiu, holding the Dark Edge spear, stabbed from top to bottom.

The spear pierced down as if drawing a galaxy.

‘Ninth Heaven Galaxy Fall’!

Lin Xiu let out a loud roar and the long spear shone brightly.

“Tornado Storm’!

Seeing the aggressive Lin Xiu, the expression in Xue Liantian’s eyes changed greatly.

At this time, he did not hide his power at all and directly used his own skill.

With a wave of the long sword in his hand, a terrifying tornado swept straight towards Lin Xiu!

Lin Xiu, who was about to come down, was blown away by this terrifying tornado!

His entire body instantly slammed into the jungle behind him.


Seeing this scene, Xue Liantian couldn’t help but sneer.

Although Lin Xiu was very strong just now, he already knew that Lin Xiu’s strength should still be at the ninth rank.

A rank 9 warrior, no matter how strong he is, is he still stronger than a master warrior?

“Be careful, this guy has killed a master warrior before.”

Just when Xue Liantian was full of confidence, Huang Ji, who was not far away, suddenly said.

“Mr. Huang, do you know him?”

Hearing Huangji’s words, Xue Liantian was stunned for a moment, then said aloud in surprise the next moment.

“If I guess correctly, he is Lin Xiu.”

When Huangji said this, his tone became cold.

“Is it really him?”

Xue Liantian’s eyes widened and he said subconsciously.

And just as he finished speaking, Lin Xiu’s figure came over from the front.

The impact just now didn’t seem to cause much damage to Lin Xiu.

“You are Lin Xiu!?”

Xue Liantian looked at Lin Xiu walking out of the jungle in front of him unscathed, he seemed very upset, then he pointed at Lin Xiu with the sword in his hand and said aloud.

“Don’t think that you can hide by wearing a mask. Your skills had already betrayed you.”

Huangji said with a sneer at this time.

Huangji wanted to get rid of this kid, but didn’t expect that this kid would come to the door.

This is simply a joke!

“I originally thought that I could kill you with a sword, but it seems that you still have some strength.”

Lin Xiu looked at Xue Liantian’s subordinate who was standing up again not far away and said aloud as if talking to himself.

And at this time, Lin Xiu also took off the mask directly.

“It really is you!”

Looking at this scene, Huangji’s face became even more gloomy.

“I’ll deal with them first, then it’s your turn.”

Lin Xiu glanced at Huangji, then said lightly.

Huangji sneered, although Lin Xiu showed good strength, but for him, it was still not good enough.

He was a peak warrior at the master warrior level!

“Attack together and kill him!”

At this time, Xue Liantian also roared loudly and in the next moment, he followed his subordinates and attacked Lin Xiu.

He clearly felt the oppression brought by Lin Xiu, this time, he would kill Lin Xiu with one blow!

Those warriors watched their boss rush over and they were full of fighting intent at this time and attacked Lin Xiu directly!

boom boom boom —

Looking at these people charging over, Lin Xiu waved the Dark Edge spear in his hand without hesitation.

With the swinging of the Dark Edge spear, flamng birds burst out continuously from the Dark Edge spear at this time.

As soon as the flaming birds with terrifying temperature were released, the surrounding snow seemed to melt away.

And at this time, those warriors looked at the flaming birds that were charging and hurriedly used the ‘Sphere’ to resist.

“Get lost!”

Xue Liantian looked at the flaming birds that were charging towards his body and roared, the sword in his hand directly split the flaming birds in half and continued to charge towards Lin Xiu!

When he rushed over, he also saw Lin Xiu standing in the same place, the spear in his hand swiped towards him and the huge black dragon directly charged out!

The black dragon opened its mouth wide and charged towards Xue Liantian. It seems that Xue Liantian will be eaten whole.

Seeing the black dragon coming, Xue Liantian’s expression changed slightly, then his body directly dodged. But when he just dodged, the black dragon, seemed to know that he would dodge like this and actually followed him around!

Damn it!

Xue Liantian roared inwardly and the sword in both hands burst into a faint purple light.

Holding the sword in both hands, he made a volley in the air and a terrifying sword aura burst out directly.

“Get lost!”

The terrifying sword aura made a sound of cutting through the air, charging towards the black dragon in front of him.


In the next moment, this purple sword aura directly cut the black dragon in half!

But before he could celebrate, a cold light appeared in front of his eyes!

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