Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister - Chapter 559: Attacking Kara

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Chapter 559: Attacking Kara

Yuna’s fist smashed into a huge burly man, puncturing a hole into his chest while sending him crashing into the wall. Satisfied with her work, she turned around and looked at Kawaki.

“Was that another one of those ‘Inner’ guys you were talking about? He was significantly stronger than the other mobs.”

Kawaki could feel his eyebrows twitch as Yuna described the person she just one-shot as “significantly stronger”. Well, considering the “Outers” simply fainted after Yuna looked at them, he guessed that there was quite a bit of difference in them.

‘It’s like comparing an ant to a slightly bigger ant. There clearly is a difference, but if their strength were to be compared to a human, it would be insignificant. Just how powerful is she?’

“Yes, he was one of the Inner. His name was Boro.”

Yuna nodded her head in understanding, but the colossal man she had supposedly just killed, Boro, suddenly appeared behind Yuna, his fist already raised to deal a devastating blow.


However, his fist hit nothing as Yuna suddenly disappeared from her position and appeared behind him, resulting in a small red line appearing on Boro’s neck. Moments later, his head fell down as it was separated from the rest of his body, causing Yuna to chuckle in amusement.

“Oh my, you survived getting your heart destroyed? I am impressed.”

To everyone’s surprise, the flesh of Boro’s neck started wiggling, and moments later, he managed to grow a new head, impressing Yuna quite a bit.

“Wow, to think you could regenerate your head this quickly. It must have a considerably simple structure to be reformed this easily.”

Naturally, Boro wasn’t happy about her mocking words and exploded in anger.


Black mist started surrounding him and Yuna as he charged at her again, causing Yuna to shake her head mirthfully.

“Why does a weakling like you even bother to stay in my way?”

Yet again, Yuna vanished from her position far faster than her enemy could see, and moments later, blood splattered as her opponent was sliced into four pieces.

“Well, let’s see what happens now. Will all the pieces merge together, or will only one piece regenerate?”

According to one of Yuna’s predictions, one of the four pieces started wiggling around, and a moment later, the bulging figure of her enemy returned to life, muscles quivering in anger.

“Ara? Only one piece regenerates, so you must be the one-core-type. Well, finding your core is too much of a hassle, so I guess I’ll just obliterate your whole body.”

Her enemy gritted her teeth when he heard Yuna’s words as he looked at her with hatred.

“Why are you not affected by my black mist!?”

Usually, Yuna should have felt numb by now due to the exposure to his black mist, but she still seemed completely fine.

“Haa? Isn’t it just a mere virus you are trying to infect me with? Do you honestly think you can defeat me with a cold? Well, I do admit that those Scientific Ninja Tools have some nifty abilities, but at the end of the day, they have reached the level I predicted them to be at. Mere toys.”

Yuna’s opponent became even angrier when she was mocking pretty much his whole existence as a human that got heavily modified by Scientific Ninja Tools, but before he could say anything about that, a smirk appeared on Yuna’s face.

“Speaking of having a cold, don’t you feel like it’s getting pretty cold in here?”

Before Boro could comprehend what was going on, Yuna snapped her finger, causing a giant icicle to grow around her opponent, encasing him instantly.

“Let’s see if you can regenerate from this.”

Moments later, the icicle shattered, resulting in Boro’s body shattering into thousands of ice shards, killing him permanently.

“Well, that’s that. And what do you want, old man? You don’t look like a fighter to me.”

While Yuna finished off Boro, A middle-aged appeared and walked out of one of the nearby doors. He has white hair, a well-trimmed mustache, and thick glasses with orange lenses. Behind those glasses was a pair of light green eyes. He wore a black collared shirt and matching pants.

“I’m not that old, you know, and my name is Amado Sanzu. I’m indeed not a fighter, but I would like to switch sides.”

“I’m not calling you an old man because you are old, but because you look like one. Do you honestly believe I’ll allow you to switch sides just like that?”

Amado chuckled in amusement as he lit up a cigarette and took a drag. To his surprise, the only thing he inhaled was cold air. He looked at his cigarette and noticed that the previously lit tip was frozen solid, causing him to raise his eyebrow at Yuna.

“No smoking in front of my children.”

Amado rolled his eyes as he flicked the cigarette away and focused his eyes on Yuna.

“Obviously, I don’t expect you to just accept me. I’m the head of Kara’s research and development division and bring a lot of knowledge to the table. Although you dismissed my Scientific Ninja Tools as mere toys, you surely see some use in someone who can create such toys.”

Yuna nodded her head in agreement when she heard Amado’s words while not really being sure what “Kara” was.

‘Wasn’t it Inner?’

[You really aren’t paying any attention, are you?]

‘Well, are you?’

[No, not really.]

“Indeed. However, why do you want to switch sides in the first place?”

“I’ve been looking for a way to kill Jigen or rather Isshiki Ootsutsuki for a long time now, and I think you are someone who can do that.”

Yuna could only sigh deeply as her hand covered her face.

“*Sigh* Another Otsutsuki? Just how many of them are there?”

Amado could only chuckle dryly at how easily Yuna dismissed that she had to fight another Otsutsuki soon. However, he could fully understand why she acted like this; after all, the previous two who appeared were easily dealt with.

“I should warn you thou that Isshiki is significantly stronger than the previous two you killed. To truly kill him, we have to follow a very specific plan. First we… Karma… Kawaki… vessel… Karama…. Karma… Kawaki… Err, are you still listening?”

While Amado was talking, Yuna’s eyes glazed as she started staring at the wall absentmindedly. Amado noticed that, so he couldn’t help but ask whether she was really listening, awakening her out of her daze.

“Oh yeah, sure, I was totally listening. Just to be sure, Naruto, a condensed version, please.”

Naruto tapped his chin for a short moment before nodding his head.

“You have to kill the bad guy twice.”

“Got it.”

“O-Oi, that isn’t at all what…”

Before Amado could say anything else, Kawaki fell to his knees while black smoke came out of his right hand.

Naruto acted instantly, grabbed the three other kids, and teleported behind Yuna while frowning at whatever was currently happening to Kawaki.

Moments later, the black clouds seemed to solidify, allowing a tall man to step through it. He had a broad stripe of black hair going from the front to the back of his hairline while leaving the rest bald and black eyes.

“Damn inferior creatures, incapable of catching my vessel and forcing me to do it myself. Pathetic.”

A wide grin spread on Yuna’s face when she saw the utter contempt on her opponent’s face. She slowly walked toward him while cracking her knuckles in excitement.

“Oh yeah, I’ll have lots of fun with this one.”

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