Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 1604 - The Teenager Confessed (5)

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Chapter 1604: The Teenager Confessed (5)

Feng Wu rolled her eyes at it. “How can you still be laughing?”

Little Phoenix said, “Hahahaha — why is this prince so dumb? He called himself Feng Xun? Hahahaha —”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes again.

Little Phoenix went on laughing.

“Laugh again and I’ll give you to Jun Linyuan!” Feng Wu threatened with a dark face.

“Hng…” Little Phoenix stopped laughing abruptly.

For some unknown reason, it had a natural fear of Jun Linyuan. After rummaging through its memories, it still couldn’t tell why.

Subconsciously, it believed that Jun Linyuan was a lot more than the crown prince of the Junwu Empire.

Feng Wu was still talking to Little Phoenix, when someone suddenly bumped into her.

“Ouch —”

The figure tried to run past Feng Wu but was immediately thrown backward.

Feng Wu had been talking to Little Phoenix and didn’t pay much attention to the activity around her. When she realized what had happened and tried to stop it, the person had already fallen backward.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

“Argh… It hurts…” Someone moaned in the grass a short distance away.

Feng Wu frowned and was about to examine the person.

She didn’t think that she was capable of knocking someone away. In fact, she didn’t believe that she had run into anyone at all.

They were bounced off when they didn’t run into her, but they appeared to have been injured. How interesting…

At that thought, Feng Wu narrowed her eyes.

“Lady Tung, are you alright?” Feng Wu heard a familiar voice.

Looking up, she saw that it was indeed an acquaintance.

It was Princess Sefiro.

She walked up to them in a hurry and helped the woman, whom she called Lady Tung, to her feet, looking rather anxious.

“Lady Tung, are you alright? Can you stand?” Sefiro shouted loudly, as if she feared that no one could hear her.

They were quite close to the core area of the campsite, so her voice alarmed many people.

Jun Wuxia, Jun Wuyu, Mrs Dugu, Mrs Zuo, and the noble ladies of the Senal Grassland were at a gathering held by Empress Dugu.

Empress Dugu frowned when she heard the voice, and she gave Queen Thy, who sat right next to her, a confused look.

Queen Thy was Chieftain Senal’s official wife and Sefiro’s own mother.

She was a reserved and taciturn figure that seldom came out to meet guests.

“That’s Sefiro. Squin, go find out what happened,” Queen Thy said with a frown.

Squin was Queen Thy’s senior maid. Hearing the order, she nodded, bowed at Queen Thy, and slowly backed out.

“You go have a look as well,” Empress Dugu told Suya, her senior maid.

Just then, Mrs Zuo rose to her feet. “Your Majesty, would you like me to go have a look as well?”

Empress Dugu nodded.

Mrs Zuo thought that she had heard Feng Wu. When she went out, she saw that it was indeed Feng Wu, together with Sefiro.

She was elated to see that the two girls were confronting each other.

Mrs Zuo was confident that there was a conflict.

As expected, Mrs Zuo could hear Sefiro’s angry yelling.

“Feng Wu, what do you mean by this?! Do you think so highly of yourself just because you’re a princess?! You can knock people down just because His Majesty and the chieftain favor you?” Sefiro glared at Feng Wu, looking very aggressive.

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes.

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