Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2120 - Saturn Revival Team

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Chapter 2120: Saturn Revival Team

Under Feng Xun’s relentless interrogation, the ninja finally broke.

He gritted his teeth and stared at Feng Xun. Sweat rolled down his forehead and into his eyes.

He looked like he had just been pulled out of the water.

His throat was raw from all the screaming.

Feng Xun patted his chest with the dagger and said teasingly, “You don’t have to speak. There’s still so much flesh left. I can wait.”

“Stop… I’ll tell you…” When Feng Xun raised his dagger again, the ninja shouted, “I’ll tell you whatever you want.”

Feng Xun grinned. “Where are you from?”

The ninja said, “The Dongsang Kingdom.”

Feng Xun said, “Your name.”

The ninja said, “Tanimura Ryuichi.”

Feng Xun asked, “What’s your mission?”

The ninja said, “I’m an undercover agent. I collect information and carry out assassinations.”

Feng Xun smiled a little. “When did you come to the Junwu Empire?”

The ninja said, “13 years ago.”

That answer surprised a lot of people.

Wasn’t that when the war took place? Had this man been here since then?

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched.

She was reminded of the tenth trial.

It was to kill everyone on the Dongsang Kingdom’s revival list.

Was it possible that this ninja was one of them?

Feng Xun asked, “Did you participate in the war?”

The ninja hesitated, but nodded in the end.

Feng Xun said, “Didn’t you sign the letter of surrender, and were chased out of the Junwu Empire by that man?!”

He grabbed the ninja’s collar and shouted, “Speak!”

The ninja said, “Before the sacred war…”

“The sacred war? Is that what you call it?” Feng Xun almost broke his neck.

The ninja almost choked, but Feng Xun released him in time and said, “Keep talking!”

The ninja coughed and panted for a while before going on. “Back then, our kingdom sent people here before the war started, and some of them weren’t exposed during the war. Therefore, they’ve stayed hidden since then.”

Feng Wu frowned.

“Is that your so-called ‘revival project’?” Feng Wu smiled.

The ninja looked up in astonishment and stared at Feng Wu in disbelief. “Why do you know that title?!

“Hahaha! The crown prince is indeed a capable man. We can’t keep anything from you.” The ninja laughed, but stopped abruptly.

“You deliberately let me get away so that I could send that message… You!” The ninja glared at Feng Wu. “This is a trap! Curse you!”

Feng Wu didn’t say anything.

Nor did Jun Linyuan.

Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu in confusion.

Feng Wu was troubled but couldn’t tell anyone else.

She knew what the ninja meant.

When he got away, he had sent a message to say that the crown prince wasn’t as capable as he was said to be. After the undercover agents in the Junwu Empire learned this, they would definitely try to assassinate Jun Linyuan.

But now, this ninja thought that this was a trap designed by the crown prince…

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