Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 1649: The saber King and the impossible

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Chapter 1649: The saber King and the impossible

In Huaian City.

“Did you see it?” Gu Chen asked his friend, Chen pianzhen, while holding the Huai an Morning Post.

“Huaian Morning Post?” Chen pianzhen asked. You’ve known me for more than ten years. When did I have the habit of reading the newspaper?”

Gu Chen put down the newspaper. In fact, the newspaper was not the key. He had brought it here to discuss it with Chen pianzhen.

Seeing that Chen pianzhen really didn’t seem to know anything, Gu Chen couldn’t help but ask,””You really didn’t see the message?”

“What news? Did you send me a message? I was tutoring my child in the morning. You don’t know how terrible it was. My head hurts like hell, and I can’t even communicate with him. ” Chen pianzhen rubbed his forehead, his head still ached when he thought about it.

Chen pianzhen picked up her phone and looked at it.

Now, all kinds of apps were installed on mobile phones, so even if there was no news, other apps would still release hot news.

Other than that, Chen pianzhen received two messages as soon as he opened his phone: [the solution to the beef has been cracked],[head chef Yuan has done another big thing]

Chen pianzhen didn’t hesitate to click on the second one. As for the first one, he had received too many news with such headlines every day.

“Chef disses the cow for Wen Huijun. Where your hands touch, where your shoulders lean, where your feet wear shoes, where your knees dismember the cow…” This paragraph should be very familiar. It came from ‘Zhuang Zi’. Today, the Japanese reporter learned from head chef Yuan’s third news spokesperson, Mr. Wu Yungui, that head chef Yuan would be performing the legendary chef disses the cow at zhama banquet.

It was reported that…

Such a report had successfully dumbfounded Chen pianzhen, who read it many times. This news was reposted by Youth Daily.

The youth newspaper was different from other tabloids. As an official newspaper, the news it published was definitely verified.

There was also an introduction of Yuan Zhou’s information below, which was the yuan Zhou that Chen pianzhen was familiar with.

As for Yuan Zhou’s spokesperson, the number of interviews he had accepted could be counted with fingers. The second spokesperson was Zhou Shijie, and a lot of information was leaked from him. First of all, everyone should know about this, so he didn’t say anything.

Chen pianzhen raised her head and looked at Gu Chen. She suddenly realized,”You must have come to find me for this matter, right?”

“That’s right. The internet has gone crazy because of this. Anyway, our circle of chefs has been blown up. What do you think?” Gu Chen said.

“What do you think?” Chen pianzhen said,”if it was anyone else who said that, then it would be 100% false. But it was head chef Yuan who said that. I’m not sure…”

“Yes, I’m here because I’m not sure.” Gu Chen rubbed his head and said,”head chef Yuan is too much. He is always trying to create something big. I heard that many foreigners have come to Chengdu because of the young chefs ‘exchange meet.”

“If it wasn’t because of the lack of time, I would also like to participate,” Chen pianzhen added after a pause.

“The timing is indeed not suitable.” Gu Chen had the same idea.

The two of them were not just talking. They had carefully studied the schedule of the young chef’s exchange meeting. If they were to advance to the finals, it would take about two months starting from the initial selection. Of course, they didn’t have to stay in Chengdu all the time in between. It was just that the whole cycle would be so long.

Gu Chen and Chen pianzhen were both chefs of the ‘knife-holding Department’ of Huaiyang cuisine. The chefs of the knife-holding Department had been preparing for the knife banquet recently, so they didn’t have enough time.

“We’ve gone off track. Should we tell Grand Master about this?” Gu Chen asked.

“I have to tell him,” Chen pianzhen said.”Anything related to head chef Yuan is no small matter.”

After the two decided, they immediately went out. Chen pianzhen and Gu Chen were both 34 years old this year, but the former looked much younger than the latter. When the two stood together, people would believe that Gu Chen was Chen pianzhen’s uncle.

Huaiyang cuisines were known for their excellent knife skills, and the Huai knife Department specialized in creating knife skills that were more visually appealing and valuable. Every two years, the chefs of the Huai knife Department would jointly hold a Huai knife banquet to show the beauty of Huaiyang cuisines ‘knife skills.

The creator, Wang Huai, was the famous Huaiyang cuisine chef who had put the “Saber King” board in the museum more than 30 years ago.

The Grandmaster that Chen pianzhen and Gu Chen were talking about was Wang Huai. In fact, after old man Wang founded the Huai knife Department, many chefs with excellent knife skills joined, which was the second generation. Chen pianzhen and Gu Chen were the third generation. In fact, they were only called grandmasters, not the traditional grandmasters.

This was the reason why the two of them didn’t tell their master first, but instead skipped a grade.

Old man Wang Huai was already over seventy years old this year, and his health wasn’t as good as it used to be, but he would still personally host the saber banquet at the beginning.

At this time, Wang Huai was at home. Because Chen pianzhen and Gu Chen had better cutting skills among the younger generation, they had asked many questions about cooking. Old man Wang Huai also liked to guide the younger generation. It should be said that most people who could be called Masters in a certain craft liked to guide the younger generation.

Therefore, the two of them were very familiar with Wang Huai.

About 20 minutes later, Chen pianzhen and Gu Chen arrived at Wang Huai’s house.

“Bang Bang Bang” he knocked on the door.

The one who opened the door was not Wang Huai, but Wang Jike.

“Eh, head chef Wang, why are you here?” Chen pianzhen and Gu Chen immediately felt that their backs were straightened unconsciously.

“I have something to discuss with elder Wang today. Come in.” Wang Jike turned around and entered the living room.

Chen pianzhen and Gu Chen carefully followed Wang Jike into the door.

Old man Wang Huai sat on the sofa. His hair was completely white, but his body was still quite strong. He didn’t look like he was in his 70s, but he looked to be at most 63 or 64.

“I heard that during the pastry gathering, head chef Yuan made exquisite Jiangsu-style boat dishes. They were exquisite and delicious. It’s a pity that I didn’t get to eat them.” Wang Huai continued his conversation with Wang Jike, his voice full of vigor.

The old man was eating melon seeds as he spoke. The reason why the old man was in good health was that he could eat a lot.

In old man Wang’s words,”my cooking is so delicious, so of course I have to eat more. But not all chefs have good appetites. For example, the GaN cuisine master, Chen Mu, is as thin as a match. I suspect he has anorexia.”

A chef suffering from anorexia was like many laughing stars suffering from depression. It was absurd, but reality was often so.

“There weren’t many chefs in Jiangsu who were invited. I didn’t get an invitation back then.” Wang Jike said.

“It’s not a big dessert party, so it’s normal to think about it. ” “I’ve always wanted to go to Rong city, but I haven’t had the time recently,”Wang Huai sighed.

The old man said as he handed the melon seeds to Gu Chen and Chen pianzhen and asked,””If you want to eat, catch it yourself.”

Gu Chen and Chen pianzhen nodded and stood at the side like primary school students. If it was only old master Wang Huai, the two would be quite free, but with Wang Jike around, they had to be more disciplined.

“If it wasn’t for my Xiaoqiang, I wouldn’t have come into contact with head chef Yuan. I also wouldn’t believe that a young chef under the age of 30 could have such good cooking skills. Most importantly, he is so serious and rigorous about cooking.” Wang Jike said.

“It’s only right. The younger generation now lives better, has better nutrition, and is smarter. Their achievements will definitely surpass us old men.” Wang Huai looked at Chen pianzhen and Gu Chen.

Chen pianzhen and Gu Chen really wanted to say that they shouldn’t be compared to Yuan Zhou. If Yuan Zhou could surpass Wang Huai and Wang Jike, it didn’t mean that they could do it!

As the founder of the knife Department, old man Wang Huai was a chef from a famous Chinese Kitchen with Jiangsu cuisine. He had even given Wang Jike some pointers on cooking, so he could be considered half a master of Wang Jike.

Wang Jike came here today to exchange the insights he had gained from Yuan Zhou. That was why he talked about Yuan Zhou.

“Tell me, what questions do pianzhen and little Chen have for me?” Wang Huai said.

Grandmaster, we’re not here to ask you any questions about cooking. We’re here today for head chef Yuan…”

Before Chen pianzhen could finish, he was interrupted by Wang Huai.”Eh? Head chef Yuan is going to have another dessert party and he sent an invitation to you?”

The first thing he said was to eat. From this, it could be seen that old man Wang Huai was not a glutton, but a foodie.

“No, head chef Yuan just announced something big today.” Chen pianzhen said.

“What’s the big deal? why didn’t I know about it?” Wang Jike said. After returning from Chengdu, he had been very concerned about the news of master chef Restaurant, but he hadn’t received any news yet.

“It’s news that only came this morning. ” Chen pianzhen said.

“It’s all over the internet,” Gu Chen said.”Maybe head chef Wang and Grandmaster were discussing something this morning, so they didn’t see it.”

When Gu Chen first received this news, he immediately went to find Chen pianzhen because Chen pianzhen was good at talking.

“What’s the big deal?”Wang Jike asked.

Old master Wang Huai was munching on melon seeds as he waited to listen.

“Head chef Wang and Grandmaster should know about the news of the roasted whole cow, right?” Chen pianzhen said.

Wang Huai and Wang Jike nodded, and the latter even said that he wanted to eat the whole roasted cow.

“There are still some problems to be solved at this year’s saber banquet, so I don’t have time to go. Ji ke, you must take more pictures when you go. If you can’t eat it, I can take a look.” Old man Wang said.

“I’m not very good at taking photos. ” Wang Jike said.

“Don’t worry, just high definition will do,”grandfather Wang said.

After the two finished their conversation, Chen pianzhen continued,”Head chef Yuan is saying that you will be able to display how a chef disseminates an ox with a chef’s knife at zhama banquet.”


Hearing the words ‘using a butcher to cut a cow’, Wang Huai almost subconsciously rejected the idea. As a chef who pursued the ultimate knife skills, he had naturally studied how to cut a cow with a butcher.

And more than once, when Wang Huai was thirty years old, he had gone into seclusion for a long time, trying to restore it to shock the world.

But he failed.

When he was forty-five years old, he tried to study it again, but he still failed.

Ten years ago, when the old man was in his 60s, he wanted to do something for the Chinese cooking world, but he still failed.

“To achieve what Zhuang Zi said about dissecting an ox with a butcher’s Cleaver, one must first not use his eyes but use his spirit to sense the ox. This alone is already a legendary thing. An ox is extremely complicated, so how can one sense it without using his eyes?” Wang Huai said.

“The most important thing is the knife. Every knife must follow the texture of the beef. I can do this, but every knife must cut the gap between the bones and tendons. At the same time, it can’t touch the bones at all. The knife must move between the joints. Not to mention how difficult it is to grasp the distance between the bones, there is also the gap between the bones and tendons. This is an accuracy of millimeters. No cutting skill can do this.”

Old man Wang Huai was different from the others. The others only knew that dissecting an ox with a butcher’s knife was very magical and was a product of miracles. However, they didn’t know how difficult it was to restore it.

Because he didn’t understand, he felt that it was impossible.

However, old man Wang knew it too well. After all, he had failed three times and knew the specific difficulty, so he thought it was impossible.

Chen pianzhen and Gu Chen really couldn’t refute old master Wang Huai’s resolute and decisive words.

Wang Jike turned on his phone and started to search for this news.

“It must be a rumor. Head chef Yuan’s knife skills are better than mine. It’s just an adjective.” At the same time, Wang Jike also didn’t believe that Yuan Zhou was a person who would speak arrogantly. Therefore, he made the most appropriate judgment.

“The reporter from Youth Daily called Chairman Zhou and boss Wu Yungui. They confirmed that head chef Yuan’s plan to restore the dish to its original state is true. It will be displayed at zhaoma banquet.” Chen pianzhen said.

It was so accurate.

Wang Huai also turned on his phone. Although he wasn’t as good at it as young people, it wasn’t a problem to check the news. It was indeed as Chen pianzhen had said, many official departments had reported on this matter, and the chef’s Association even put up a big banner on the main page of their official website.

The room was silent.

“Ji ke, do you need an invitation to zhama banquet?” Wang Huai broke the silence in the room.

“Other than the few people who were specially invited to thank you, the rest can go by themselves.” Wang Jike had inquired quite clearly.

“Elder Wang is going? Are there any problems with the saber banquet?” Wang Jike knew that after his wife’s death, old man Wang cared about the saber banquet the most.

“In essence, because I understand how a chef disseminates a cow, I think that it is a skill that can not be restored. However, at the same time, I believe in head chef Yuan. I believe in head chef Yuan, so I have to see the specific situation myself.” Wang Huai said.

“Head chef Yuan is very serious about cooking. If it wasn’t 90% or even 100% identical, he wouldn’t have said that he had already restored it successfully.” Wang Jike said.

“If it’s true, then the saber King’s horizontal board should have an owner.” Wang Huai heaved a long sigh.

There was no first in literature and no second in martial arts. No matter how many times he looked at it, he felt that the ancient people’s words were too reasonable. Many chefs coveted the saber King’s horizontal board.


Chen pianzhen and Gu Chen spoke at the same time. The reputation of the saber King had been maintained in the hands of Huaiyang cuisine’s chefs for more than thirty years.

It meant that Huaiyang cuisine was the best cutting technique in the country. If it was awarded to Yuan Zhou, then…

“You don’t have to say anything. The saber King has always been known for his excellent knife skills, and a butcher dismembering an ox is the best knife skills.” “Obtaining the saber King’s horizontal board requires the approval of all the directors of the Association, but I believe that if it’s true, none of the directors will have any objections,” Wang Huai said.

“What time is zhama banquet?” Wang Huai asked.

“The day after tomorrow. Zhama banquet will start the day after tomorrow,” Wang Jike said.

“Then I’ll go to Chengdu tomorrow. Everyone should know about this. Pianzhen, Xiao Chen, you two go and ask the director of the Jiangsu cuisine Association if anyone wants to go together and buy the tickets.” Wang Huai made the arrangements.

“I understand, master.” Chen pianzhen and Gu Chen immediately responded.

Zhama banquet and butcher dismembering an ox had indeed touched the hearts of many famous chefs.


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