Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 1650: Exclusive knife

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Chapter 1650: Exclusive knife

The weather was good in the morning.

“Boss Yuan, when are you going to cook the three kinds of breakfast again? you don’t know that my friend always shows off in front of me that he ate three sets of breakfast every day.”

“Where is your friend? introduce him to me.”

“There’s no need to introduce me to you. I’ve already done what you wanted to do. “

During the morning run, there were still some customers who didn’t want to give up and asked Yuan Zhou. As a matter of fact, from that time on, there would be customers asking Yuan Zhou almost every morning.

In the beginning, the customers who ate the three breakfasts would show off proudly, but as the number of people showing off decreased, the customers who ate the three breakfasts that day “sealed” the matter, just like the unprecedented battle to protect Earth in 1999.

As Yuan Zhou had eaten the very delicious wontons yesterday, he decided to have the hot and sour noodles for breakfast today.

Yuan Zhou’s hot and sour noodles were definitely meant to satisfy the two most important points. It was both sour and spicy. Coincidentally, one of the customers in the line for breakfast today came from Anzhou city and couldn’t eat spicy food at all.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou made the sour and spicy noodles with clear soup for the first time.

“Sister Jia, seeing how the customers are making it sound so serious, should we…” Su Ruoyan asked in a small voice.

The hot and sour noodles were quite popular in Chengdu. Therefore, Yuan Zhou’s hot and sour noodles could greatly increase people’s appetites just by looking at them.

However, Yuan Zhou’s breakfast was limited. Therefore, many customers who didn’t get to eat it would make a lot of noise. As it was the first time su Ruoyan saw such a scene, she didn’t know how to deal with it.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. ” Zhou Jia said as if she was used to it.

Su Ruoyan couldn’t tell that she was fine. She asked worriedly,””If we don’t do anything, will it affect the boss’s reputation and business?”

“This is the customers” special love for boss Yuan. Of course, they have to make a fuss, but they also have to eat. ” “I remember that the customers had a bigger reaction when the boss made chicken noodle soup once,” said Zhou Jia.

“Alright…I guess.” Su Ruoyan tried her best to accept what Zhou Jia said. The only feeling she had now was that the customers of master chef Restaurant really had a strange way of expressing their love.

After the breakfast, many chefs came to visit Yuan Zhou because of the zhama banquet that was going to be held three days later.

Although Wu Yungui had said during the promotion that one could attend the event without an invitation, many chefs still came to master chef Restaurant to greet him first in order to be polite.

Lee Yanyi, Zhang Yan and the others were more familiar with Yuan Zhou. Therefore, those who called Yuan Zhou and those who didn’t have Yuan Zhou’s phone number would naturally come in person.

“I’ll go upstairs and rest for a while. ” Yuan Zhou said to Zhou Jia and su Ruoyan.

“Boss, slow down.” Zhou Jia said.

The two of them watched Yuan Zhou go upstairs. Then, Zhou Jia said,””Normally, the boss doesn’t rest much. It’s just that there are too many people visiting today.”

Su Ruoyan nodded her head. There were indeed a lot of them. She had also witnessed Yuan Zhou’s status in the cooking world more intuitively.

Most of the chefs who came to visit this morning were in their 30s or 40s. There were also some in their 40s or 50s, but they were all very respectful to Yuan Zhou.

Of course, su Ruoyan didn’t mean that Yuan Zhou behaved arrogantly. On the contrary, there was nothing wrong with Yuan Zhou’s etiquette. What su Ruoyan wanted to say was that these chefs all showed respect from the bottom of their hearts compared to Yuan Zhou, who was younger than her. This was an extremely rare thing.

“Oh right, there’s one more thing.” Zhou Jia suddenly thought.

“What’s the matter?”su Ruoyan listened intently.

“It’s very rare now because of Chairman Zhou and the queuing Committee. However, there are still tabloid reporters who want to secretly take photos or interview you. You have to be careful.” Zhou Jia said quite seriously.

“Are we going to stop them? Take them. ” Su Ruoyan asked.

“I’m not stopping them. Ordinary people can’t deal with reporters. If you really find them, just tell the queuing Committee and someone will come to deal with them.”

“Brother Jiawei said that everyone has something they’re good at,” Zhou Jia said.”We should try to give what we’re not good at to someone who’s good at it.”

Su Ruoyan nodded her head to show that she understood. At the same time, she was very grateful to Zhou Jia. If Zhou Jia didn’t teach her step by step, she didn’t know how long it would take for her to get familiar with it.

“That’s true, but I don’t think there’s anything that Jiawei isn’t good at. ” Zhou Jia said with a smile.

The old employee led the new employee across the river little by little, so that she didn’t have to feel the stones.

On the other side, Yuan Zhou went up to the second floor and washed his face with a towel.

The visitors were tired. In fact, the visitors were tired as well. Yuan Zhou had a very good physical strength, but he actually felt tired after only one morning.

If he could, Yuan Zhou would rather practice his cooking skills for two days.

After washing his face, Yuan Zhou’s fatigue reduced a little. He sat on the sofa and suddenly remembered that his mission progress had not increased since he came back from Shu restaurant.

“System, is Cao zhishu one of the seven master chefs who admired me in the beginning?” Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of that.

After a long time, the system displayed,[No.]

Yuan Zhou began to bicker with the system,””System, my little comrade, I feel that your attitude is becoming more and more negligent.”

The system didn’t reply. Yuan Zhou knew that the system would definitely listen to him.

“I believe that you’ve deeply realized your mistake, which is why I say that the progress of the mission should be moved forward.” Yuan Zhou pondered. Normally, head chef Cao’s attitude towards him was already full of admiration.

Just when Yuan Zhou was still puzzled, the system appeared,””According to my judgment, Cao zhishu is not a master chef.”

“…” Yuan Zhou fell silent. After all the fuss, did this mean that he was not even in the queue?

It made sense when he thought about it carefully. The system’s review had always been stricter than the outside world. Not to mention that Yuan Zhou was only a senior chef now, he was, after all, the host. The order of the main mission was different.

Take master Cheng as an example. Cheng zhaomei used to be a Sichuan cuisine chef of similar level to Cao zhishu. However, she had also learned from Yuan Zhou for a long time and obtained the Sichuan cuisine notes before she was recognized as a Sichuan cuisine master.

There was no doubt that Cao zhishu was a master chef in the real world. However, the system’s judgment was based on three points: first, cooking skills, second, influence, and finally, contribution to cooking.

“Cao zhishu will definitely become a master chef in the future.” Yuan Zhou pondered for a while and then put aside the main mission for the time being.

“System, you can’t trick me. You said you would give me a Cleaver.” This matter was the most important one. Yuan Zhou said.

A few days ago, Yuan Zhou went to the ranch and finished dissecting the cow. The system took the initiative to say that it would give him an exclusive Cleaver as an additional reward.

The system displayed,”on the day of zhama banquet, the system will provide it to the host.”

“On the day of the banquet? Then I can’t get familiar with the knife first. ” “Although I’m confident that there won’t be any mistakes, I still can’t let such a possibility happen,” said Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou thought about the possibility of other knives seriously. That’s right, Yuan Zhou was prepared to give up that knife and use the knife he was familiar with instead because he couldn’t be familiar with the exclusive Cleaver.

It could be seen from the miracle kitchenware series that the kitchenware provided by the system was of excellent quality. Although the ox Cleaver was not part of the miracle kitchenware series, but an exclusive series, the quality could not be bad.

However, if he couldn’t get familiar with the knife in advance, Yuan Zhou would rather choose to get familiar with the knife.

The system displayed,”congratulations to the host for passing the test and strengthening your chef’s heart. The complimentary ox Cleaver can be received now.”

“Um…” Yuan Zhou pondered for a while and said,””Why don’t I believe you?”

Looking at the system’s Code of Conduct, it usually wouldn’t set up any tests in the dark. This wasn’t the system’s style.

Therefore, in Yuan Zhou’s opinion, the system must have made a mistake in the arrangement and only thought of the supplementary words now.

The system displayed,[no, that’s the truth.]

“Alright, alright, alright. I know that the system is a shameless person. I’ll take it as a test to find out where the ox-Cleaver is.” Yuan Zhou waved his hand, indicating that he believed her and then continued asking.

“This is a test for the host.” The system first confirmed its own statement, then displayed,””I’ve placed it in the old place. “

“Okay, I’ll go take a look.” Yuan Zhou went downstairs and didn’t react until he reached the first floor. What was the old place?

When he asked the system again, the system pretended to be dead. It must be having a little temper again. As a generous and tolerant host, Yuan Zhou indicated that he could understand the little temper of the system.

Yuan Zhou walked to the kitchen and rummaged around. Finally, he found a box in the cabinet. The box was very delicate and he sniffed it slightly.

As he was Carpenter Lian’s apprentice, Yuan Zhou quickly confirmed that the box was made of the best yellow Rosewood.

“It’s true. I think precious materials like fragrant Rosewood and red sandalwood are so rare nowadays. The ancient royal family did cut down a large portion of them, but there should still be a lot that were cut down by you, system brat.” Yuan Zhou couldn’t help muttering.

Regarding this matter, the system had to argue for a while. It immediately displayed,””The wood used by the system is cultivated by the system itself.”

Fine. Yuan Zhou still believed in the system regarding this. After all, the system’s cultivation ability was quite powerful.

After opening the wooden box, the knife that appeared in front of Yuan Zhou was in a shape he had never seen before. It was somewhere between a vegetable knife and a butcher knife, and its length was a little shorter than Yuan Zhou had imagined.

The blade was 35cm long, 24cm long, and 11cm long. There were no veined patterns on the blade, nor were there any blood grooves. The blade was extremely thin and glowed with a silver light. One could feel its sharpness even without holding it in hand.

“This is the exclusive ox Cleaver?” Yuan Zhou tried to imagine the feeling of using this knife to cut an ox into pieces.

After quite a while, Yuan Zhou opened his eyes. He finally understood why it was a special series of knives. If he didn’t know the ding’s Minotaur, this knife wouldn’t be of any help to him at all when he used it to slaughter a cow. It was because of the special shape of the knife and the extremely thin blade that it would become a burden instead.

“It’s indeed a good saber, a good saber for dismembering an ox like a butcher. ” Yuan Zhou put the knife back and decided to go to the pasture tonight to try the new knife.

While Yuan Zhou was arranging the schedule for the day, he was suddenly interrupted by the voice of the disobedient child.

“Uncle Yuan Zhou, uncle Yuan Zhou.”

When he raised his head, he saw the naughty kid running over from the street. Yuan Zhou walked to the door of the restaurant.

The devilish brat ran to Yuan Zhou and said while panting,””Uncle Yuan Zhou, didn’t you say that you would treat me to a good meal? anything is fine.”

“That’s right. What do you want to eat?” Yuan Zhou asked.

“I want to eat spicy strips, the kind of spicy strips that are sold outside. Can uncle Yuan Zhou make them?” The devilish brat asked.

Spicy strips… Without a doubt, the thing that the devilish brat wanted to eat was beyond Yuan Zhou’s expectations. However, who was Yuan Zhou? he was the future master chef recognized by the system and was now a senior chef.

“Okay, no problem. What are your requirements?” Yuan Zhou asked.

The devilish brat thought for a moment and replied,”I don’t have any details. I believe in uncle Yuan’s cooking skills. However, it would be best if you can make it more like the spicy strips outside.”

“Alright, I understand.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head thoughtfully and then asked,””When do you want to eat?”

“Is tomorrow okay?” The devilish brat asked.

“No problem at all. Come back tomorrow morning to eat.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

“Hehe. Thank you, uncle Yuan Zhou.” As he spoke, the devilish brat was about to leave.

“Wait. There’s something I’ve always wanted to ask. Why did you call me uncle instead of brother Wu Hai?” This time, Yuan Zhou remembered this important matter. Therefore, he asked with a serious expression.

“It’s like this. My teacher taught me that ‘uncle’ has the meaning of ‘young’ in ancient times. At the same time,’uncle’ is also an honorific. Therefore, I call you uncle Yuan Zhou because you look young and steady.” The devilish brat continued,”as for brother Wu Hai, he doesn’t look young nor mature. Therefore, I can only call him brother.”

“Hmm, not bad.” Yuan Zhou patted the little brat’s small head. He liked to chat with this kind of child who had good taste.

“Uncle Yuan Zhou, I’ll leave first.” The devilish brat said.

“Go on, go on.” Yuan Zhou waved his hand.

After the kid left, Yuan Zhou started to make the spicy strips.

“I wonder what the spicy strip market is like now.” Yuan Zhou muttered to himself and then went out directly.

Yuan Zhou had always believed that he had no right to speak without investigating. Therefore, he directly went to the small supermarket nearby and bought several packets of spicy sticks.

He bought a total of seven packets of tangning meat, stinky dried rice, Weilong big gluten, Weilong small gluten, kiss braised pork, pickled pepper Beef gluten, and vegetarian chicken tendon.

Yuan Zhou opened the packets one by one and tasted them. The meat of Tripitaka, stinky dried rice, and beef with pickled pepper were all in pieces while the rest were in strips. In general, they were all considered spicy strips.

After the meal, Yuan Zhou concluded,”no wonder it’s so popular among the little kids. There are a lot of MSG and food essences. The taste is sweet and the fragrance is very strong.”

Yuan Zhou had also eaten it when he was young. He had originally thought that he would be more careful with the spicy strips now, but the fact told him that he didn ‘t.

“In terms of health, Wei Long is undoubtedly slightly better.” Yuan Zhou made up his mind and prepared to make three kinds of spicy strips for the disobedient child.

One was softer, one was chewy, and one was crunchy. As for the taste, Yuan Zhou thought for a while and then prepared to make the spicy chicken, the spicy beef, and the fragrant and spicy flavor.

They were all spicy. Spiciness was the soul of the spicy strips. In this aspect, Yuan Zhou wouldn’t change.

First of all, he prepared the raw materials. Yuan Zhou definitely wouldn’t add any edible artificial sweetness to his spicy strips, although the additives might not be bad.

However, with Yuan Zhou’s current culinary skills, he had plenty of ways to achieve the desired taste and didn’t need that thing.

Most of the raw materials of the spicy strips were Yabba and wheat flour. Yuan Zhou started to take action.

Nowadays, the method of making latiao that could be found on the internet was to fry the Yuba and mix it with chili sauce.

But in fact, there was a certain difference between the deep-fried spicy strips and the ones sold outside. According to the information Yuan Zhou had found and the advice he had received from some professionals, the spicy strips bought outside were squeezed and expanded by spiral squeezing under high temperature and pressure, which was fundamentally different from deep-frying.

The naughty kid’s requirement was to try his best to make it look like what was sold outside. Therefore, since Yuan Zhou had agreed to it, he would definitely do it. He prepared to go out and buy a screw rod compression and expansion machine.

“Wait a minute. If we use a screw-like press and expansion machine, the spicy strips we make will have almost no nutritional value.” Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of that.

“Because I don’t need to store it for a long time, I don’t necessarily need high temperature and high pressure.” Yuan Zhou came up with many ways in his mind.

It was good to know more cuisines. If one path couldn’t work, he could immediately change to another path.

This was another use of “all roads lead to Rome.”


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