Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 1970 - Hanhan, Go Sleep On The Sofa

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Chapter 1970: Hanhan, Go Sleep On The Sofa

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An Lan glanced at him with an “uh-huh”.

Xu Baohan felt a little wronged. “I did run into her today, but I didn’t do anything to let you down, if I did, I’ll admit it, but if I didn’t, then you’re being unfair to me, after all, I’ve never hide anything from you about my ex-girlfriend.”

“Why didn’t you hide it?”An Lan fiddled with her phone. “Firstly, you didn’t tell me you met her, secondly, you didn’t report to me before you lent her the money.”

Xu Baohan blinked, this was completely unreasonable.

An Lan patted his chest. “Didn’t you tell me to swipe your card and use your Alipay, then this meant we are sharing, without my consent, you’re basically lending my money to someone else.”

“What you said… makes a lot of sense.” Xu Baohan forced himself to admit it. “I will call you in advance next time, if you don’t approve, then I won’t do the lending.”

“Is there a next time?” An Lan smiled faintly.

“I’m talking about my colleagues borrowing money from me.” Xu Baohan struggled weakly. “An Lan, let’s not dwell on this, alright? There’s no need, she didn’t have her phone with her today, after all, we’ve known each other for quite a while.”

“What a coincidence, she didn’t have her phone with her, she must be looking for an opportunity to borrow money from you so she can add you on WeChat.” An Lan couldn’t help being sarcastic, the truths were out, this woman definitely had ulterior motives.

Xu Baohan rubbed the space between his brows. “An Lan, I understand that you’re jealous, but you have to be reasonable when you’re jealous, after all, you’re a lawyer.”

“Are you saying that I framed her?” An Lan saw that he was actually speaking up for that woman, and the anger that was about to extinguish suddenly flared up.

“I think you’re thinking too much.” Xu Baohan hesitated for a moment before speaking the truth. “Women like to rely on their phones, you don’t even take any money with you, didn’t you go out a few times without your phone and not have a single cent on you?”

An Lan slowly sat up from the bed.

Xu Baohan stared at her beautiful face that didn’t smile, his heart pounding. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just sleep on the sofa tonight.” An Lan smiled as she handed him a pillow. “Even though this is your home, if you’re not willing, I’ll take the cab back myself.”

Xu Baohan was speechless.

He felt as though a bucket of cold water just poured over his head.” An Lan, we have to analyze this case rationally, we can’t be subjective, this isn’t cool-headed, I won’t lend others money next time.”

“This is no longer a matter of borrowing money.” An Lan placed the pillow in his hand and patted the back of his hand. “Hanhan, go sleep on the sofa.”

Xu Baohan’s Goosebumps started to rise, he felt as though his grandmother was calling him since he was young. “Don’t call me that.”

“Then… Baobao?”

Xu Baohan was speechless.

“An Lan, didn’t we say we were going to… do that?” Xu Baohan was struggling on the brink of death, he couldn’t bear to lose the meat that he was about to eat just like that.

An Lan scoffed in her heart, thinking about that at this moment, sweet dreams.

She reached out and touched his other empty left hand. “Rely on your hands, rely on yourself.”

Xu Baohan was dumbfounded.

An Lan pulled out a few more tissues for him. “I’ve already prepared the clean tissues for you, press on.”

The corners of Xu Baohan’s mouth twitched, as a man, he was shocked beyond words.

He didn’t expect his An Lan to be so dirty-minded.


The door was mercilessly shut in front of him.

Xu Baohan knocked on the door gloomily. “Judge An, I want to appeal.”

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