Guild Wars - Chapter 782: Defense Of The Ancients 3

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Chapter 782: Defense Of The Ancients 3

A while earlier…

Qiong Qi and Clarent casually ran over to the top lane, where they faced off against two enemies who were somewhat familiar to them.

?Name: King

Class: Level 1 Ultima Sunt

Exp: 0/100

Health: 720/720

Mana: 390/390


Damage: 50 - 52 (Psychic)

Armor: 4 (None)


Strength: 30

Agility: 30

Intelligence: 30 (Primary)


Skills: Consume, Ultimate Stealth, Pinnacle Intelligence, Ultimate Avatar.

Inventory: Hidden.?

?Name: Ratchet

Class: Level 1 Royal Devil

Exp: 0/100

Health: 720/720

Mana: 390/390


Damage: 50 - 52 (Dagger)

Armor: 4 (Light)


Strength: 30

Agility: 30 (Primary)

Intelligence: 30


Skills: Mind Blast, Blink, Shadow Walk, Corruption.

Inventory: Hidden.?

The fearsome Ratchet from the beginner village and the mighty Ultima Sunt, King. Draco had met both notable foes early on in this timeline, yet both both been killed before either one had a chance to unlock their full power.

Otherwise, the fight against each one of them would have at least been as long as a popular shounen anime, with so many episodes wasted and so many changes happening.

Qiong Qi and Clarent were shocked. The two of them hopped on the spot and pointed at them.

"Holy shit, I barely recognised him since he doesn't look like a beggar anymore, but that handsome fellow has to be Ratchet, one of Mephisto's sons?!" Clarent exclaimed in an excited manner with a puff of smoke coming out his nostrils.

"Fuck, isn't that guy King, an actual living Ultima Sunt?!" Qiong added.

"OMG, OMG, OMG!!" The two of them hugged each other like fans who could not believe that they were seeing their idols.

Ratchet and King both puffed out their chests at being recognized and feared by their opponents. With this in mind, Ratchet spoke in a juvenile voice that sounded like it would make him the front man for any boy band. However, his words were tyrannical.

"Don't worry, on account of respecting your superiors, I will only cut out 1/3rd of your intestines while you're alive and only let you suffer a little pain before you die." He stated evilly as he licked his dagger.

Qiong Qi and Clarent shared a look and then gazed at Ratchet.

"This fellow here, do you believe I won't call your sis to come over and pull you away by the ear?" Clarent stated with a cold harrumph.

Ratchet's expression froze as his expression became ugly. "What? How do you know I have sisters? And which one of them are you even talking about?"

Clarent rubbed his claws and blew on his nails idly. "Who else but the smartest one you have, Zaine? I will have you know she is my sister-in-law."

Ratchet looked like he had been struck by thunder. "What?! Sister-in-law? Who would ever marry that lazy shut-in?!"

Clarent nodded arrogantly. "Pah, you should really keep up with the times and send her a friend request. Not only is she married, but you even have a nephew! What's more, your father has already deemed him the next successor of Devilkind since his bloodline is the greatest in history!"

Ratchet was struck and sent flying into a nearby tree, spitting a mouthful of blood. King, who was by the side trying to quietly farm experience from the creeps was shocked silly, terrified that his compatriot had been attacked so brutally with just words.

Ratchet barely managed to get up and glare at Clarent. "Lies! You lie to me!"

Clarent glared right back. "Why would I bother lying to someone who had died a dog's death years ago?"

Ratchet and King seemed to have heard something that infuriated them as their eyes turned red.

"That's right, I was killed in cold blood. You, tell me, where is that bastard who attacked me in my moment of weakness?!" Ratchet roared like a wounded beast.

Clarent's eyes glinted, and Qiong Qi by the side had a look of horror and fear. He tried to stop Clarent from speaking, but he was one step too late.

"Hah, I'll do you one better, I can call him over. Just make sure to properly call him brother-in-law when you see him. That's right, he is the daddy to your nephew who will be your father's successor. Tell me, how does it feel knowing that your entire family has accepted him in exchange for you?"

Immediately, Ratchet's body shuddered so terribly one would think he was in the midst of an earthquake. Black gas fanned out of his body as his eyes became desolate, gazing to the sky.

"This world… is a wasteland…"

Those were his last words as he vomited all the blood in his body and collapsed. However, he was not dead yet, just incapacitated while the black gas that was ejected from his body tried to form a stable entity.

This left King at the mercy of two despicable fellows. Qiong Qi snickered as he walked over casually, striking a nearby creep to death without even glancing at it. After all, his and Clarent's stats were through the roof.

?Name: Qiong Qi

Class: Level 1 Divine Lion

Exp: 85/100

Health: 9,650/9,650

Mana: 6,500/6,500


Damage: 530 - 535 (+20)(Claw)

Armor: 71 (Fur)


Strength: 500 (Primary)

Agility: 500

Intelligence: 500


Skills: Golden Claw, Lion's Roar, Divine Crunch, Divine Lion's Barrage.

Inventory: Claw Booster, Lioness Juice Potion x3.?

?Name: Clarent

Class: Level 1 Divine Dragon

Exp: 85/100

Health: 4,750/4,750

Mana: 3,250/3,250


Damage: 280 - 285 (+20)(Fire)

Armor: 35 (Scales)


Strength: 250

Agility: 250

Intelligence: 250 (Primary)


Skills: Fireball, Rain of Fire, Magma Wave, Sea of Flames.

Inventory: Dragon's Fire Seed, Dragoness Juice Potion x3.?

Terrifying, isn't it? The moment Draco had read that the floor would let them inherit their stats from their real bodies, he knew that he had to call out those two. After all, one was a broken ass Dragon, whereas the other was a Rank 7 Divine Lion suppressed to Rank 3.

So Clarent inherited his Rank 3 stats and Qiong Qi inherited his Rank 7 stats! Of course, as a Dragon, it wasn't surprising that he had higher stats than his body, and in this enviroment, the two of them were even stronger than Draco in the early stages!

Unlike Draco, they hadn't bothered selecting a single passive, rather going for all active skills to make the most of their high stats to deal damage. Of course, this was the nice way to put it.

The truth was that they simply wanted to bully their opponents!

"Now it's just you and us. Let's see if you deserve being called the Ultimate Being." Qiong Qi snickered evilly towards the frightened King.

"Stay away you low-life vermin! Trash like you exist for the superior Ultima Sunt race to consume and grow! Even the Gods are our dogs!" King roared... however it wasn't very convincing while he backtracked towards his tower.

"Kwin kwin kwin, then why are you runnin'? You piece of shit Ultima Sunt that got killed in one hit before you could even reach your final form!" Qiong Qi laughed at he struck another creep to death, leveling him and Clarent up in the process.

?Name: Qiong Qi

Class: Level 2 Divine Lion

Exp: 110/200

Health: 12,500/12,500

Mana: 7,475/7,475


Damage: 680 - 685 (+20)(Claw)

Armor: 81 (Fur)


Strength: 650 (Primary)

Agility: 575

Intelligence: 575


Skills: Golden Claw, Lion's Roar (I), Divine Crunch, Divine Lion's Barrage.

Inventory: Claw Booster, Lioness Juice Potion x3.?

?Name: Lion's Roar - Level 1

Type: Active

Cost: 55 MP

Description: Release a tyrannical roar of the Divine Lion race that stuns all foes within a 100-meter cone shape before you.

Duration: 3 seconds

Cooldown: 15 seconds.?

Qiong Qi decided to unlock his stun ability first rather than any damage dealing one since his stats were so high. Gazing at King who was trying to flee back to his tower, Qiong Qi's eyes flickered with malice as he roared with such power that it was like a powerful Force Push.


?Name: Clarent

Class: Level 2 Divine Dragon

Exp: 110/200

Health: 5,472/5,472

Mana: 4,875/4,875


Damage: 280 - 285 (+20)(Fire)

Armor: 40 (Scales)


Strength: 288

Agility: 288

Intelligence: 325 (Primary)


Skills: Fireball (I), Rain of Fire, Magma Wave, Sea of Flames.

Inventory: Dragon's Fire Seed, Dragoness Juice Potion x3.?

?Name: Fireball - Level 1

Type: Active

Cost: 25 MP

Description: Fire a condensed ball of flames towards an opponent within 25 meters and set them aflame. Deals 244 instant damage and 10 points of fire damage over time.

Duration: 5 seconds

Cooldown: 5 seconds.?

Clarent flapped his wings and leapt over, letting lose his fireball upon the small body of King. Immediately, King lost about half his HP right away, and Qiong Qi rushed over and smacked the fellow on the back of his head, instantly bottoming out what was left.

The system made an announcement immediately.


?Battle Arena Announcement

Qiong Qi has drawn FIRST BLOOD against King! Assist: Clarent. +400 gold!?

"Hahahaha! I'm rich!" Qiong Qi laugh uproariously.

"Peh, let's deal with the other one, too!" Clarent suggested as he fired a ball of flames over at Ratchet who had been still recovering.

Immediately, his juvenile body was set aflame which caused the black gas hovering around him to thin out and rush back into his body. He then coughed painfully as he tried to put out the flames, but Qiong Qi simply smacked him on the face with his claw.

Ratchet then lay down once more, this time for good.


?Battle Arena Announcement

Qiong Qi has pwned Ratchet's head for 250 gold! Assist: Clarent.?

Qiong Qi and Clarent then walked forward arrogantly and began attacking the first tower of the top lane, soon destroying it with ease.

?Battle Arena Announcement

Clarent has destroyed a tower. +300 gold!?

Their gold count was boosted once more and the duo decided to head to the side shop near the mid-point of the two first towers on the top lane.

Qiong Qi had 1,650 gold, which he graciously used to buy a Razor Tooth and Claw which granted +10% to bite type and claw type damage as well as a Tiger's Essence which granted +25% agility. These two combined with the Claw Booster he had bought in the beginning to form the Golden Paw.

The Golden Paw granted Qiong Qi +25% damage and a 5 second bleeding effect on all strikes.

Clarent bought the Fire Essence which granted him a bonus 25% fire damage and the Blood of a Dragon which gave +15% HP and MP regen, which combined with his Dragon's Fire Seed to form the Blaze Soul.

The Blaze Soul granted a boost of 15% to all fire damage and 30% to all regen.

After shopping happily, the two noticed that new alerts had appeared.

?Battle Arena Announcement

Sigurd has pwned Zhulong's head for 250 gold! Assist: The Dark Knight.?

Clarent's expression became ugly as his underling had disgraced their entire team, while Qiong Qi and Draco frowned where they were.

On the bottom lane though…

Medusa cursed as she was besieged by the Dark Knight and Sigurd who was laughing maniacally. The two had just slaughtered Zhulong like a dog by tricking him to overextend, and even ignore the attacks of their tower.

Unlike Draco, Qiong Qi and Clarent, Medusa and Zhulong did not have any crazy stats they could inherit as they were beings borne from Draco's Inner Universe.

Once again, Draco's Inner Universe technically had a lot of Western Fantasy elements since it had originated from there, but it also had many unique elements, making it its own thing.

Zhulong was a Primordial of that universe, while Medusa was an entity stolen from the Tower and upgraded using cultivation-esque elements.

Of course, they didn't have hard stats like the Shameless Trio.

Nevertheless, the two had been sent out to face off against two of Draco's strongest foes, the almighty Dark Knight who was basically a Draco clone with all his abilities and most of his knowledge and Sigurd, the bastard who Draco had yet to beat who had ruined Hikari's life and made her live in fear for so many centuries.

If it wasn't for the nearby tower giving her support, they would have likely ripped Medusa apart as well. As it was, she and Zhulong had already been struggling under the harassment of those two titans from the beginning.

When she saw Qiong Qi and Clarent clutch their lane, she felt better and ashamed that they couldn't clear theirs as well. As for Sigurd, he brushed a hand through his lush golden hair and tsked.

"What a bunch of trash. I have a feeling they are certainly going to lead us to defeat."

The Dark Knight beside him only had his cold green eyes glowing under his helm, but his actions were expressive of his intent to dominate.

"Draco… must die!"

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