Guild Wars - Chapter 783: Defense Of The Ancients 4

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Chapter 783: Defense Of The Ancients 4

Draco saw the notification that Zhulong got his stupid head pawned and flew into a rage. How embarrassing for a Primordial to be beaten like a dog!

However, he cooled down when he saw who was the one who had done him in. The Dark Knight was basically Draco, so it made sense that he would be a tough foe. Sigurd was also one of Draco's future enemies who would not be easy to take down, not to mention a Dragon like Zhulong was only prey before that fellow.

Well, Draco had just been pondering which lane to ambush and which heroes to gank, yet it seemed like the targets had just volunteered.

With that, he left his creeps who were moving towards the third and final tower near the throne area and moved through the forests, heading to the bottom lane.

He passed by the Scourge's Hidden Shop but did not buy anything since he lacked the funds, though also the interest. He quickly made his way to the center point and crossed the shallow river, entering Sentinel territory as he hid in between the trees and watched both Sigurd and the Dark Knight pressure poor Medusa who was clinging to the tower for her dear life.

Draco checked the details of these two fellows first of all.

?Name: Dark Knight

Class: Level 3 Dragon Knight

Exp: 205/300

Health: 1,176/1,176

Mana: 676/676


Damage: 84 - 87 (Sword)

Armor: 7 (Heavy)


Strength: 54 (primary)

Agility: 52

Intelligence: 52


Skills: Control (I), Dragon's Breath, Draco's Bloodline (I), Dragon Form.

Inventory: Hidden.?

?Name: Sigurd

Class: Level 3 Son of a Bitch

Exp: 205/300

Health: 929/929

Mana: 533/533


Damage: 73 - 75 (Lance)

Armor: 6 (Medium)


Strength: 41

Agility: 43 (Primary)

Intelligence: 41


Skills: Divine Lance (I), Shield of Light, Hero's Blessing (I), Cleanse the World.

Inventory: Hidden.?

The Dark Knight looked the same as always, weirdly compact black armor with two glowing green eyes in the helm, while wielding a sword that looked like Dragorugio's evil twin in one hand.

Beside him was Sigurd, who was a blonde haired pretty boy whose soft features could make any woman go crazy. His light green eyes shone with mischief and valor, while his lanky and muscular body fit well into his medium armor. In his hands was none other than the Dragonlance that Draco himself currently possessed.

The moment the tower cleared their wave of creeps, Sigurd and the Dark Knight wisely began retreating before the tower focused its efforts on them. But both of them slowed to a stop when they saw Draco standing there with his sword over his shoulder, blocking the way forward with an arrogant smirk.


The two foes gritted their teeth subtly as they felt the enormous pressure from this enemy. There was no way around it, encountering him here meant death. Even when they saw their new batch of creeps rushing over behind Draco, neither Sigurd nor the Dark Knight felt any better.

In the end, the Dark Knight stepped forward and pointed his sword at him.

"…Draco. You are a disgrace to the Lucifer Lineage. Simping over a whore who knows nothing other than cock!"

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Whoa there, buddy, calm down. Let's not use such intense words, hm? Eva is our Soulmate, and she didn't do anything anyway. The External Origin Gods got angry and changed the script. You're lost in a timeline that doesn't even exist anymore."

"Rubbish! I know what I know!" The Dark Knight roared as he swung his sword in a flourish, making the air blow fiercely.

"Really? How do you know what you know? Did it just appear in your mind one day? And why is that you can only remember a specific part and not all of it?"

Draco leaned forward with a mocking smile. "What if… there's a mitigating factor in what you don't remember that changes everything? What do you do then if you act on select memories and ignore the rest?"

The Dark Knight could be said to have been rendered speechless. His entire body trembled as the logic of what his original said struck him, and even Sigurd by the side was nodding his head in agreement. It couldn't be helped, the argument itself was especially deadly to all amnesiacs, and was why amnesia plots were such bullshit.

Especially plots where one uses a magic spell to make everyone forget their secret identity when they could have just made everyone forget about the video/accusation of the one who released their identity.

Draco then turned to Sigurd. "And you, Sigurd the Dragonslayer, did you have fun slaughtering all of my kind?"

Sigurd shook his head. "Fun? No. It was just business for me. Killing overgrown lizards to power myself up so that I could ascend to Godhood was par for the course. Why the fuck would I enjoy it?"

Draco raised an eyebrow. "I'm surprised. The memories of my beloved Dragoness wife show you smiling with euphoria as you kill them and rape their souls."

Sigurd looked at Draco strangely. "So? What was I supposed to feel if not euphoria when every kill was increasing my power and level of life until I sublimated and broke through? Have you ever experienced anything of the sort? Let me tell you, that shit is better than sex!"

"Tsk, all those innocent families and kids you killed. How can you wear such a scandalous expression?" Draco accused with a frown.

Sigurd looked at Draco with disdain and a hint of disgust. "What nonsense, are you the Hero or am I? I can sense the aura of an evil villain on you, one whose actions would make you public enemy #1. Are you a hypocrite to judge me for such moral bullshit?"

Draco froze and then patted his head with an expression of shock. "My god, you're right. As a villain, I actually lost my IQ before a true 'Hero' type character. How frightening."

The myth of villains losing their IQ when in the face of good guys, leading them to do illogical shit that would inevitably lead to their downfall had just been proven true. Draco was frightened when he thought of how he hadn't even noticed it until Sigurd pointed that out.

Because even though Sigurd was a Hero type character, he was just as villainous as Draco himself. This was why Sigurd was such a dangerous foe in his mind. He had the plot armor and cosmic luck of a Hero while having the ruthlessness and high base IQ of a Villain.

Huh… that might be why readers nowadays preferred villainous characters. Get the bonus of being special without being an absolute beta retard!

Cough, cough, back to the matter at hand!

Draco turned and used five slashes to kill the creeps who had been striking his back all this while. He then rushed over to Sigurd and the Dark Knight who mounted defensive stances.

Even though they knew their death was imminent, they couldn't just stand there and let him do as he pleased, could they?

Draco simply landed upon the Dark Knight first and traded six blows with him. The Dark Knight attempted to use Control to balance the strikes and met Draco head to head, but Draco's insane damage completely put that out of the picture.

The Dark Knight fell to the ground with confusion, wondering why he could die so easily despite everything.

?Battle Arena Announcement

Draco has pwned The Dark Knight's head for 250 gold!?

Sigurd sighed and cast his main skill, Divine Lance. Immediately, his lance glowed with a brilliant white light and Sigurd himself leapt like an eagle towards Draco, striking out with the tip of his lance. The strike hit and his target lost a grand total of... 200 HP, which made Sigurd freeze.

"Just how much fucking armor do you have?!" He shouted with horror as Draco slashed him twice, sending him to respawn.

"Enough to deal with you." Draco commented snarkily.

?Battle Arena Announcement

Draco has pwned Sigurd's head for 250 gold!?

Medusa came around with the new batch of creeps, glancing at Draco respectfully. She bowed, revealing a nice cleavage that glistened with slight sweat, making Draco nod his head.

"Not bad."

It was a mystery whether he was referring to her performance or her assets, but whatever the case, he lost interest. After all, Medusa was Hanzo's problem to handle.

"Wait for that stupid Dragon and warn him to play it safe henceforth. If the two from this lane respawn, ping them and I'll rush over to suppress them. If any other Hero appears, do the same." Draco commanded coldly.

Medusa shivered and nodded. Draco then led her with these batch of creeps to slaughter the tower with ease, paving the way for the bottom lane to move towards the next one.

Draco then checked the minimap and saw that Qiong Qi and Clarent had reached the second tower of their lane, but had pinged that they were engaged by Shangtian. Draco rubbed his chin and felt that they could manage, so he went over to deal with Roshan alone.

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi and Clarent were howling like wounded dogs as Shangtian was beating them up with fury on his face. His eyes were bloodshot and his blood vessel protruded against his skin all over his body, making him look like a demon.

"I. DARE. YOU. TO. SAY. THAT. AGAIN!" Shangtian enunciated each roar with a heavy strike.

Qiong Qi saw that his skills' cooldown had come off, so he used Lion's Roar CC Shangtian into a short stun. He and Clarent retreated while panting, noticing that they only had 3/10th's of their HP left. Shocked that he had so much power, they became furious.

"Despicable! How dare you be so strong? At least, how dare you be stronger than us?! Hacks! I call hacks!!!" Qiong Qi screeched like your typical 0.3 K/D Call of Duty player after being bullied.

"Hmnph, why are you so angry? All we said was that we were planning to write a Boy's Love novel with you and Draco in the lead role called 'My Sweet Love with Shangy Boy'. That's no reason to fall into a rage, is it?" Clarent complained as he fixed one of his broken horns.

Shangtian bellowed like a crazed beast as he forcefully broke the stun due to rage and rushed the two stooges. The two fellows screamed like little girls and fled backwards, running so fast their legs left afterimages.

"Don't come over! Help, rape, murder!" Qiong Qi screamed.

"Help! Police! Help, Police!" Clarent cried out with tears in his eyes.

"When I catch the two of you, I'm first gonna break both your snouts, then stick three years of shit up your asses, then make you shit it out with your fresh excrement, then pour that shit into your ears so that it matches the state of your brains!" Shangtian threatened with a dark voice.

Qiong Qi and Clarent felt like they had been thrust into the depths of hell as they increased their running speed. Soon, they came to their tower and showed excited expressions as they passed it and rushed back to base.

However, they screamed so desperately once more when they saw that Shangtian ignored the tower that was attacking him and continued to chase them. This time, Shangtian was out for blood and he refused to retreat until he fulfilled his promise!

He was gaining on the two stooges, almost reaching their backs around the second tower when Qiong Qi turned and used his Lion's Roar again that had come off cooldown. Shangtian froze and was bombarded by the second tower futilely, having to watch with bloodshot eyes as the two stooges fled to their homebase.

"Make sure to never come out again because if I see you, I'll fucking end you!!" Shangtian roared with anger when the stun elapsed.

"Don't worry, we already intended to make your character a tsundere in the novel!" Qiong Qi couldn't help but talk back.

"ARRRGHHH!!!" Shangtian bellowed as he punched the ground with half his Bloodline Energy, causing the second tower on this lane to instantly be destroyed by the AOE damage. This attack also left behind a giant ravine that extended all the way to the third tower.

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