Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy - Chapter 228 - Wanwan: Your Man? Then, Come and Snatch Him

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Chapter 228: Wanwan: Your Man? Then, Come and Snatch Him

Yunjin Prime Manor…

Fu Chen said out of nowhere, “We’re free tonight. Let’s study that book.”

Song Fengwan was so frightened that she ran all the way back to her room and locked the door. Why is this old hooligan getting more and more indecent?

Fu Chen was just trying to scare her. It was her examination period. He wouldn’t be a beast and distract her.

Over the next few days, Song Fengwan basically went to the atelier at half past five in the morning, and other than her meals, she stayed until eleven at night. There were not many opportunities to meet Fu Chen.

Fu Chen handled his matters at hand in peace. Lunar New Year was approaching, and there were many trivial affairs at the company. He had to resolve numerous problems personally, but he always took time out to accompany her for meals.


The next examination was for the Nanjiang Academy of Fine Arts. She had applied for the design major, so she had to use her imagination to answer a lot of questions. After finishing the exam, she left the examination hall early.

After the few important school enrollment exams ended, she heaved a sigh of relief. She turned on her phone and called her mother first to update her. When she walked out of the school gates, she didn’t see Fu Chen’s car.

There was a bus that went directly to the Thousand Treasures Mall beside Yunjin Prime Manor. If he was still busy, Song Fengwan planned to take the bus back herself, but the call never connected.

Song Fengwan bit her lip. Fu Chen rarely didn’t answer his phone. She didn’t know what he was busy with.

Instead, an unknown number called.

She answered the call subconsciously. “Hello—”

“Wanwan, right? It’s Sun Rui. I’m right across from you. Let me treat you to a meal.”

Song Fengwan looked up and saw Sun Rui lowering a car window and waving at her.

Since this person was already blocking her right at the gates, it wouldn’t be good for her to reject her. She sent Fu Chen a message and followed her.

In broad daylight, she won’t do anything to me.


Inside a restaurant…

Sun Rui passed the tablet for ordering to Song Fengwan. “Order whatever you want.”

The restaurant’s environment was elegant, and there was even a piano playing. The prices of the dishes on the menu were so high that it left people speechless, and it was all in English.

Sun Rui took off her coat. Her inner clothes were from a certain high-end brand’s new winter collection, and she had a diamond-studded bracelet on her wrist. When she brushed her hair back, her gemstone ear studs were unintentionally revealed. Every move she made was to show off the superiority of her family’s financial circumstances.

“Why don’t I order instead?” Sun Rui smiled.

Song Fengwan smiled as she passed the tablet over. Since she wants to show off, I’ll satisfy her. I can’t be bothered to compete with her.

“I have to go back for dinner tonight, so I can only sit with you for a while.”

“Then let’s drink something.” Sun Rui didn’t force her. She didn’t want to have dinner with Song Fengwan in the first place anyway.

Her gaze swept across her involuntarily. During the examination, Song Fengwan had worn arm sleeves. But after a day of the exam, her body was stained with a lot of paint and graphite pigment, and she was a little dirty.

Since it was an exam, she had naturally dressed casually.

In Sun Rui’s eyes, she was just an unpresentable wild girl—dirty and tacky.

I really have no idea what the heck is wrong with the two elders of the Fu family. Besides her passable face, she isn’t worthy of Yuxiu at all.

The waiter quickly served two cups of coffee and some desserts. Song Fengwan would be having dinner with Fu Chen later, so she only took a sip of the coffee but left the dessert untouched.

“Why are you looking for me?”

“Didn’t my aunt tell us to get in touch more often before she left? You’ve been in the capital for a long time, but I didn’t dare to contact you because I was afraid of interfering with your exams,” Sun Rui said with a smile.

Song Fengwan picked up a few cubes of sugar and put them in her coffee. She knew that she was patronizing her, but she didn’t expose her.

“How was your exam today?”

“Not bad.”

The two weren’t familiar with each other to begin with, so the atmosphere was very awkward.

A few minutes later, Sun Rui got down to business.

“You have a good relationship with Third Master, right? I have something here that I would like you to pass to him.” Sun Rui took out a box from her bag. There was even a certain brand’s logo on the top. It should be a men’s watch.

“Our relationship is just that. You’ve known each other for a long time, so you should know him better than me. You should give it to him yourself instead.” Song Fengwan pushed the box back.

Bring a gift from my love rival?

I’m not stupid.

If I really bring it back, given Third Brother’s temper, he won’t forgive me as well.

“I just happened to come to find you. That’s why I’m asking you to hand it to him in passing.” Sun Rui naturally wouldn’t tell her that she didn’t dare look for Fu Chen at all.

Although she was aware, Song Fengwan feigned ignorance. “Third Master will be coming to pick me up later. Why don’t you wait a bit more?”

Sun Rui’s smile stiffened slightly. This stinky girl! I’m asking her to do something minor, but she’s making all kinds of excuses to reject me. She’s really annoying.

At this moment, Fu Chen called. “Excuse. I’m going out to answer a call.”

Song Fengwan’s phone was currently on the table, and Sun Rui clearly saw the name on the caller ID:

[Third Brother]

Alarm bells rang in her heart on the spot.

Seeing Song Fengwan head to a place without anyone, she decided to follow her.

How could Song Fengwan know that Sun Rui was acting like a thief? She walked around the corner and answered the call. “Hello, Third Brother. I came out early.”

“Where are you?”

“At a restaurant downtown with Sun Rui. I’ll send you the location later. If you’re busy, I can go back by myself.”

“I’ll pick you up. I was held up by something just now.”

“It’s alright. Take your time. It’s warm here anyway. I’ll wait for you.”

From the content of their conversation, Sun Rui could almost confirm that the person on the other end was Fu Chen.

Song Fengwan had a smile on the corners of her lips the whole time, giving off a bashful yet beautiful vibe like she was blooming. When she called him Third Brother, her voice was sweet and had the shyness unique to girls.

Their relationship absolutely wasn’t ordinary.

She understood Fu Chen. He seemed gentle and approachable, but he was actually more heartless and ruthless than anyone else. At this moment, she couldn’t hear Fu Chen’s manner of speaking. But from hearing Song Fengwan’s voice, she subconsciously thought that she had seduced him.

This little bitch is actually a seductress, but she’s still f*cking pretending to be innocent.

And she even said that their relationship was just that?

She’s full of nonsense. She’s obviously afraid that I’ll snatch Fu Chen away.

This damn girl.

She had approached Song Fengwan and tried to cozy up to her because she wanted to get close to Fu Chen through her. Now, it seemed that Song Fengwan also had ulterior motives. No wonder she wouldn’t help her.

Sun Rui was so furious that her body was trembling, but she still suppressed her anger and returned to her seat.

When she thought of how Song Fengwan had stayed at Fu Chen’s place for a long time and how close she was to him, she thought that Song Fengwan had surely seduced Fu Chen in every possible way.

Little slut, I’d like to see how long you can pretend.

On the other side, Fu Chen finished the call and soon received the address from Song Fengwan. He passed it to Qian Jiang, who was driving. “Go to this place.”

Qian Jiang took a look. “Okay.”

There was someone sitting beside Fu Chen. When he heard Fu Chen on the phone just now, he was dumbfounded from fright.

Ever since he was young, he had never seen Fu Chen speak so gently.

For some reason, he felt as though he had bumped into a ghost in broad daylight, and there was the illusion that his back felt cold.


After Song Fengwan finished the call, she sent Fu Chen the location and went to the restroom before returning.

Sun Rui pushed the box in front of her again. “I have something to do and have to leave early. I’ll still have to trouble you.” I’d like to see how many more times you can reject me.

“Third Master will be here soon. It’ll only be a few minutes.”

Sun Rui pinched a steel spoon and stirred her coffee slowly. “Song Fengwan, do you like Third Master?”

Song Fengwan was a little stunned. “What are you talking about?”

“Stop playing dumb. I already heard you on the phone just now. Weren’t you talking to Fu Chen?” Sun Rui’s spoon suddenly dropped into the glass, making a loud sound, causing the restaurant waiters to raise their eyebrows.

“You eavesdropped on my call?”

“I knew it. No wonder you can still act like nothing has happened even though your engagement with Yuxiu was broken. It turns out you have another goal.

“Auntie said that Jiang Fengya is shameless. I don’t think you’re any better.

“As expected of sisters, both of you like to covet things that don’t belong to you and seduce someone else’s man!”

Song Fengwan’s eyelids twitched. She knew that Sun Rui was unruly and willful, but she hadn’t expected her words to be so harsh.

A few days ago, the [Bed-Climbing Incident] had been pushed to the top of the trending headlines, and its popularity remained high. Worse still, it couldn’t be removed from the news. Sun Rui, who was already full of rage, decided to vent it all on Song Fengwan.

“Someone else’s man?” Song Fengwan looked at her calmly. “Whose?”

“Song Fengwan, are you unclear of your own position? Given your status, even marrying Yuxiu is out of reach for you. How dare you try to seduce Fu Chen? You must be dreaming!

“How f*cking shameless!”

“You two sisters have the same revolting morals.”

“I seduced Fu Chen?” Song Fengwan laughed involuntarily.

“Let me tell you something! Fu Chen is the man I’ve taken a fancy to. He’s mine! Put away your crooked thoughts. There’s no one in the capital I can’t touch yet!”

“Your man? Then, come and snatch him!” Song Fengwan raised her brows provocatively.

“I’m just afraid…

“He won’t want you even if you send yourself to his doorstep.”

Song Fengwan wasn’t a pushover to begin with. Since Sun Rui was already this rude, there was no need for her to tolerate it. Comparing me to Jiang Fengya?

She really knows how to infuriate me.

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