Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy - Chapter 229 - Forcing Her Love Rival Back, Wanwan’s Overpowering Dominance

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Chapter 229: Forcing Her Love Rival Back, Wanwan’s Overpowering Dominance

“Your man? Then, come and snatch him!” Her tone was arrogant and aggressive.

Sun Rui had never expected Song Fengwan to say such a thing. She looked down on Song Fengwan and didn’t pay much attention to her.

But she was usually quiet and obedient. Besides her pretty face, she was low-key and didn’t stand out.

She was quiet and would never deliberately attract attention. Moreover, she was still a student, so Sun Rui had never viewed her as an enemy. She had mocked and ridiculed Song Fengwan in the past, but the latter hadn’t said anything, so she naturally thought that she was easy to bully.

At this moment, her tone was slow but scorching and intimidating.

In particular, her phoenix-like eyes were glittering enchantingly, as though sparks were dancing in them, making her look alive and brilliant.

For just a moment, she was cowed. Then Song Fengwan closely followed with another sentence. “I’m just afraid that… he won’t want you even if you send yourself to his doorstep.”

Sun Rui instantly exploded. She slapped the table and jumped up. “Song Fengwan, how dare you!”

Song Fengwan was still sitting in her seat, looking calm and unruffled, without a trace of anxiety in her expression.

“Who do you think you are?! How dare you talk to me like that?!

“Let me tell you something. Given the status of our Sun family, we can crush you just by moving my pinky.” Sun Rui’s voice was very high as she tried to suppress her with her imposing manner. How dare a brat who’s still wet behind the ears quarrel with me? How audacious!

Song Fengwan was not frightened by her. Instead, she sneered. “Bring it on.”

There was a smile hanging on the corners of her lips from beginning to end, contrasting with Sun Rui, who was just like a clown making a din to no avail, baring her fangs and brandishing her claws, displaying a hideous appearance as though she wanted to eat someone.

Sun Rui was stunned. She’s too arrogant!

“Okay, I can tell now. You two sisters are determined to cling to the Fu family, right? You’re really ambitious. Aren’t you afraid of falling to your death by climbing so high?”

“Cling to the Fu family? You must be talking about yourself.”

This little girl is usually silent. I didn’t expect her words to be so harsh. Sun Rui had never expected that she would be rendered speechless by her. A ball of frustration was stuck in her chest, and her fingers trembled from fury.

“Say one more word, and I’ll tear your mouth apart!” Sun Rui’s voice abruptly rose as she opened her mouth widely as though she could eat someone.

The waiters at the side looked at each other but didn’t go over. People who could come to high-end restaurants like this were all rich. A few days ago, there had even been a scene of a wife beating up a mistress. Unless these two got physical, they wouldn’t get involved.

“So, only you are allowed to slander me maliciously, but I’m not allowed to speak the truth?”

“You should know what status our Sun family has in the capital! How dare you speak to me like that? Who gave you the courage?!” Sun Rui really hadn’t expected a person who was usually gentle and cultured to dare speak to her like that.

“Of course it’s Third Brother.” Song Fengwan smiled, showing off but more so provoking her.

“Third Brother?” Sun Rui was dumbfounded. “What did you call him?”

When Sun Qionghua married into the Fu family, she had gotten to know Fu Chen then. But due to the difference in their seniority, logically speaking, she should have called him Third Uncle like Fu Yuxiu. But she was unwilling to do so. It was as though the address forcibly pulled the distance between them apart. But she couldn’t call him Third Brother either, so she could only call him Third Master.

Who the hell is she to dare call him Third Brother?

“Song Fengwan, how old are you? You’ve already learned how to seduce men? Aren’t you shameless?!

“Everyone in the capital calls him Third Master. How dare you call him that?”

“He allowed it.” Song Fengwan wasn’t afraid of angering her further.

“You bitch!”

Song Fengwan must have bewitched him! They lived together for a few months, and now they’re living together again. Given her tactics, something must have already happened.

Upon thinking that the two of them might already have a physical relationship, Sun Rui picked up the cup of coffee in front of her and wanted to splash it on Song Fengwan.

“Go ahead. Anyway, he’ll be here soon. Let him see how you bully me. I can even take the opportunity to act pitiful in front of him,” Song Fengwan said with a smile.

“He might feel even more sorry for me and then throw you out of here.

“By then, I’m afraid you’ll be put on the spot.”

The word ‘throw’ was like a sharp sword that stabbed Sun Rui’s heart accurately every time, making her so painful that her entire body was cold.

She touched a sore spot.

Sun Rui had already picked up her coffee cup but didn’t dare to start.

She wished she could strangle this little slut in front of her. But when she thought of how she would cry and complain to Fu Chen later, she still restrained herself in the end. I can’t be impulsive and let her succeed.

“Ha! I really underestimated you in the past. You’re no different from that Jiang Fengya. Both of you pretend to be weak and pitiful, but you do degrading things behind people’s backs.

“You’re even more ambitious! You’re even making a futile attempt to get close to Fu Chen. Who gave you the face?

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll expose your ugly deeds?! When the time comes, I’ll see if the Fu family can tolerate you! You’ll definitely be the one thrown out then.”

Song Fengwan’s phone lit up once. It was a message from Fu Chen simply telling her that they had reached the underground parking lot.

She took her phone and replied to him while saying indifferently, “You can go ahead. As it happens, I’m wondering how to publicize our relationship. If you want to help me, I can’t thank you enough.”

Sun Rui suddenly thought of Jiang Fengya’s previous tactics.

She had made use of the media to publicize her relationship with Fu Yuxiu, causing the Fu family to be in a very passive position. Meanwhile, she could openly tie herself to Fu Yuxiu and use this opportunity to climb up the social ladder.

Sun Qionghua had mentioned this to her father before, and she had listened carefully by the side.

Seeing Song Fengwan’s fearless look, she thought that she wanted to set a trap for her too. At that time, if she offended the Fu family and Fu Chen, her gains wouldn’t make up for the losses.

Then, it would likely be even more impossible between her and Fu Chen in the future.

This girl actually wants to set me up.

“I really underestimated you before. You deliberately angered me and wanted to borrow my hand to climb up the ranks, right? I really didn’t expect you to be so scheming.”

Song Fengwan sneered.

“You’re really as contemptible as your mother! When her husband went to prison, she immediately hooked up with another man! You’re the same too! After your engagement was annulled, you immediately ran to the capital to seduce Fu Chen! You’re also a whore like her!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Song Fengwan suddenly rose, picked up the dessert beside her hand, and threw it at her…

“Ah—!” Sun Rui cried out in alarm. The cake’s buttercream was all over her body, making her look sticky and distressed. “Song Fengwan!”

She hadn’t made a move, but Song Fengwan actually did.

“Sorry, I missed,” Song Fengwan said while actually picking up another cake and flinging it at her.

This time, she aimed at her face. Sun Rui subconsciously dodged, so she didn’t get hit directly. But the cake still grazed her face and even smeared her hair in white cream, strand by strand. She looked both dirty and miserable.

“You’re crazy!” Sun Rui was fuming with rage. She reached out to wipe the cream, but it wasn’t water, so the more she wiped it, the dirtier she became. Instead, it became a complete mess.

“I think you’re the crazy one. You’re older than me. Normally, I’d tolerate whatever you say or do, but you shouldn’t treat others’ tolerance as your capital for being willful and reckless.

“You were born into a rich family, so you’ve always turned your nose up at me. But as soon as you open your mouth, you spout words like shameless and contemptible. Where’s your upbringing?!

“Born as humans, who’s more noble than who? Who deserves to be humiliated by you?

“If you dare disparage my family again, whether you believe it or not, I’ll whack you straight away!”

Song Fengwan was already standing up. She was a bit taller than Sun Rui, so when she pressed her body forward, there was instantly an overpowering dominance.

The sudden domineering aura frightened Sun Rui so much that her heart trembled.

Given her current appearance, Song Fengwan could really come over and slap her.

But the solutions she could think of couldn’t do anything to Song Fengwan. Stubborn, Sun Rui’s eyes went red through and through from anxiety.

Some waiters around them had already started pointing fingers.

“… It looks like they’re fighting over a man, but that person’s words are really unpleasant. Besides, she was the one who started it. I reckon she didn’t expect to be suppressed by the young lady.”

“Why did she bring her mother into the picture? If it were me, I would already have struck her.”

“When the two started quarreling, she was so livid that she had already lost in terms of aura. The little girl is young, but she’s calm and unhurried. She sure has a strong aura.”

Sun Rui never expected to be suppressed by an underage girl in her life.

“Sun Rui, let me tell you something. Don’t think that everyone is as filthy as you. Just because you like to climb into someone’s bed doesn’t mean others are the same.

“You’re filthy, so you say that others are dirty?”

“…” Sun Rui wiped the cream off her face, but she couldn’t wipe it off her clothes. It was only the first day she had worn these 100,000-plus-yuan clothes.

“By the way, let me warn you out of kindness. The diamond on the chain around your wrist is fake. Given your identity, aren’t you afraid of being mocked if you wear a fake product when you go out? Or do you like wearing fakes to put up a facade?”

Since they had already fallen out, Song Fengwan didn’t mind tearing this hole wider.

Anyway, Sun Rui couldn’t do anything to her.

“Fake?” Sun Rui sneered. “Song Fengwan, what’s your status? Have you even seen a bracelet with so many diamonds? You’re boasting shamelessly. This bracelet costs more than a million. Don’t pretend to know when you don’t.”

“You can find someone to appraise it when you go back.” Song Fengwan was calm the whole time. “This doesn’t look like something from China. If you got someone to buy it for you, be careful not to be deceived.”

“Don’t change the subject, Song Fengwan. Did you leak that news on the internet?” Sun Rui seemed to suddenly remember this topic.

“The internet? What news?” Song Fengwan pretended not to know.

“It’s about…” Sun Rui opened her mouth, but when she saw so many people pointing at her, she was too ashamed to say anything.

She wouldn’t be so brainless as to mention this in public.

“What? You don’t dare to say it? Do you need my help?”

“Song Fengwan, don’t go overboard!”

“Exactly who is the one who went overboard? Why aren’t you leaving yet? Do you want me to expose your matter in public?”

If that happened, Sun Rui would utterly lose her face.

She gritted her teeth in hatred, but there was truly nothing she could do.

“He’ll be here soon. If you want to complain to him, I advise you to save it. He probably doesn’t want to see you at all.” Song Fengwan shrugged.

Sun Rui was hopping mad, but she couldn’t do anything to her.

“Song Fengwan, wait and see,” Sun Rui said as she grabbed her bag and got up to leave.

But before she could take two steps, she heard the person behind her say something.

“Hold on.”

“What else do you want?” Sun Rui had never been so embarrassed in public before. Her face was flushed scarlet.

“Take this trash of yours away.” Song Fengwan pointed at the box on the table. “This thing isn’t cheap, right? If you don’t want it, I’ll throw it away.”

Sun Rui hesitated for a moment. This watch had cost her a lot of money. She gritted her teeth but turned around in the end, grabbed the box, and left in a sorry state.


As soon as she walked out of the restaurant, she saw Fu Chen and his group walking over. She hurriedly reached out to cover her face and ran wildly in the opposite direction.

“Eh? Isn’t that Miss Sun…” Shi Fang said. “How did she get into this state? Why is she running?”

“Didn’t she rush to pounce on Third Master whenever she saw him in the past? She actually turned around and ran away! What a shock.” Shi Fang smiled. “She probably didn’t gain any advantage from Miss Song.”

“Miss Sun found the wrong person this time. Third Master, you don’t have to worry at all.”

Although Fu Chen didn’t say anything, he had looked worried and clearly couldn’t sit still.

At this moment, his lips curled up into a smile. Clearly, he was in a good mood.

Looks like my little fox scratched her.

This brainless thing, I’ve yet to find fault with her, but she actually took the initiative to deliver herself for a beating.

The person walking beside him was more doubtful.

Miss Song?

The person staying at his place? It seems that she’s still a high school student, so he should naturally be responsible for her personal safety. But from his behavior, he seemed to be overly concerned.

He was still thinking when he saw Fu Chen stop in his tracks out of the corner of his eye.

He followed his gaze and saw a girl with a ponytail waving at them. She was holding a small steel spoon and was obviously eating.

When she smiled, her eyes curved into crescents, giving off a youthful vibe unique to her age, bright and beautiful.

Fu Chen had initially been worried that she had been bullied. After all, a brainless and spoiled person like Sun Rui could be utterly unruly when she went crazy, and she could do anything. He had been afraid that Song Fengwan would suffer a loss.

She’s already left, but this girl is still in the mood to eat.

She’s really simple-minded.

Song Fengwan also noticed the person beside Fu Chen, and her gaze flickered twice.

She hadn’t seen that person before, but…

His vision was very dangerous.

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