Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God - Chapter 175 - Bloodline and Physique Rankings (3)

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Chapter 175 Bloodline and Physique Rankings (3)

Physique Rankings # 47: Divine Thunder Dao Body

Physique Rankings # 46: Taiyin Dao Body

Physique Rankings # 45: Life Spirit Dao Body

Physique Rankings # 44: Taiyang Dao Body “Haha, Big Brother, our physiques are on the rankings! Your Taiyang Dao Body is actually ranked 44. Impressive!” Lu Yufan cheered. “I wonder how the Heavenly Dao Rankings measure the strength of one’s physique. Logically speaking, my physique should be ranked behind Second Brother!” Lu Yuchen pondered.

The Divine Thunder Dao Body was indeed stronger in terms of combat power.

Furthermore, the Divine Thunder Dao Body was publicly acknowledged as stronger than the Taiyang Dao Body in the Immortal Realm.

“Yes, in terms of combat strength, the Divine Thunder Dao Body is powerful. But, the Heavenly Dao Rankings might not only evaluate one’s physique based on combat strength. It must also involve comprehensive calculations in other aspects! For example, your Taiyang Dao Body can suppress evil spirits and ghosts. The Divine Thunder Dao Body can’t compare with it in terms of purification and nurturing the soul!” Lu Fanchen explained. “Alright, you two brothers should hurry up and prepare. Prepare to follow your uncle-master to the lower realm later! Before you leave, don’t forget to bid farewell to your mother!” Lu Fanchen added.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll say goodbye to my mother!” Lu Yufan said with a smile.

“Okay, go ahead!”

The two brothers left Dao Yanzi’s residence together. Lu Yuchen suddenly said, “Second Brother, I’ll bid farewell to my master first before going to mother’s place!”

Lu Yuchen and Lu Yufan were not biological brothers. To be precise, Lu Yuchen was a child Lu Fanchen picked up. That year, Lu Yufan was just born, and the two were five years apart.

Lu Fanchen treated him like his own son, and he was no different from younger brother Lu Yufan and younger sister Lu Li.

Their mother treated him very well, but there was still a biological difference.

He believed they could never be as intimate as biological children.

Therefore, to avoid awkwardness, he did not want to bid farewell to his mother together with Lu Yufan so that his mother could speak to Lu Yufan alone.

“Okay!” Lu Yufan did not think much about it and flew straight to his mother’s residence.

Under the ancient tree in the courtyard, a young girl sat by a jade table, munching on immortal fruits while swinging her feet.

She was Lu Yufan’s younger sister, Lu Li.

Seeing Lu Yufan fly over, Lu Li asked casually, “I heard you’re going to the lower realm with Uncle-Master Dao Yan?”

Lu Yufan was slightly displeased to hear Lu Li speak to him so rudely without calling him brother.

His younger sister always gave him a headache. She had been spoiled by her parents from the day she was born and was always rude to him.

Most importantly, he could not beat or scold her.

It was infuriating!

His sister Lu Li seemed to have some unknown bloodline.

Her power level was ridiculous. Although she was only in the Immortal Spirit Realm, it was not difficult for her to defeat him even though he was at a higher level!

“Gasp… You brat, why are you still so rude? How many times do I have to tell you that adding a title before talking to me is basic courtesy!” Lu Yufan snapped.

Lu Li glanced at Lu Yufan expressionlessly and responded, “Title? I heard that you’re going to the lower realm with Uncle-Master Dao Yan?”

Lu Yufan was speechless.

“I can’t be bothered with you!” Lu Yufan did not answer and walked into the room.

Lu Li snorted and took a big bite of the fruit. Then, she followed Lu Yufan into the room and closed the door.

The moment the door closed, a talisman was pasted to it.

At the same time, an invisible light screen instantly enveloped the entire house.

After a moment, the door opened again. The talisman transformed into a stream of light that flew into the room. Afterward, Lu Yufan walked out while biting a fruit in his mouth and the unconscious Lu Yufan on his shoulder.

Then, he walked into Lu Li’s room and placed the unconscious Lu Yufan in it.

“Second Brother, stay at home and accompany Dad! Big Brother and I are going to the lower realm to play!” The Lu Yufan with the fruit laughed.

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