Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God - Chapter 199 - The Mystery of the Disappearance of the People in the Lingtian Mystic Realm (3)

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Chapter 199 The Mystery of the Disappearance of the People in the Lingtian Mystic Realm (3)

And this time, Li Yu punched out this world’s Origin Power.

Before long, the area in front of him calmed down. The invisible spatial barrier disappeared, and the surroundings returned to normal. However, the spatial rift in the sky remained.

It became thicker and more gnarly. A destructive aura spread out from the crack, accompanied by bolts of lightning that bombarded the ground from the sky.

“Everyone says that the space in the Lingtian Mystic Realm is strange. I didn’t expect it to be even more unbelievable than the legends!”

“What did we just witness? An illusion?”

“Feng Xian, that wasn’t some kind of illusion array, right?” Ji Qinglan asked Feng Xian.

“No, there should be some overlapping of space. We should be looking at an unknown location in the mystic realm just now!”

“Who were those people just now?”

“I don’t know him, but they don’t look friendly at all!”

“That ritual seems to be a reincarnation ritual!” Feng Xian remarked.

“They were definitely up to no good! I wonder if Eldest Senior Brother’s punch just now could wipe them out along with that space!” Everyone discussed.

“Oh yes, Eldest Senior Brother, what was that green ball of light just now?” “A trace of this world’s Origin Power!” replied Li Yu.

“The origin of the world!” Feng Xian and Ji Qinglan’s eyes widened.

They knew what the world’s origin represented. It was the Origin Power of a world. If one could fully grasp all the origins of this world, one could take full control of a realm and even possess the Creator’s ability.

Although the Lingtian Mystic Realm had already become a world on the verge of collapse, a starving camel was always more oversized than a horse.

The origin power of this world was still superior to the origin of the Immortal Martial World.

If Li Yu could step into the Saint Lord realm in the future, he could even use the origin power of the Lingtian Mystic Realm to easily create a new world.

“What is the origin of the world?” Tang Chi and the others asked curiously.

Feng Xian and Ji Qinglan explained to everyone while Li Yu looked up at the sky that seemed on the brink of collapse.

Suddenly, an enormous black hole appeared in the cracked sky, and lightning bolts kept exploding


A roar sounded from the black hole. It was louder than lightning, and gradually, a gigantic figure came out of the black hole.

It was a monster that seemed to live in the Nine Nether Abyss. It looked incomparably savage.

Gigantic tentacles squirmed with ghostly faces grew on them. They also had many blade-like fins.

“This is… a Chaos creature!” Feng Xian and Ji Qinglan were stunned to see the monster rushing out of the black hole.

They had seen such a creature before. It was a powerful creature that lived within the chaotic space.

Almost simultaneously, another ferocious and terrifying monster crawled out of the spatial rift in the distance.

It was not only Li Yu and the others. Terrifying monsters had appeared across the sky above the Lingtian Mystic Realm and the Virtual Sky Mystic Realm.

Countless demons and human cultivators watched the enormous monster in the sky in horror.

“Oh no, the Lingtian Mystic Realm is really flipped upside down!” The Holy Lord of the Primordial Dao Holy Land, Perfected Tian Hui, remarked with a melancholic expression.

They had entered the Lingtian Mystic Realm many times, but too many strange things had happened this time.

Not to mention the appearance of the Devil Immortals, there was also the connection between the Lingtian Mystic Realm and the Virtual Sky Mystic Realm. Now, a spatial rift materialized, and terrifying chaos creatures had appeared.

This mystic realm is really getting turned upside down.

Whether they could return home alive this time became uncertain.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you should rest this time. It’s our turn!” Gu Yuqi looked at the ferocious monster rushing over and rubbed his fists, eager to give it a try.

It was finally time for them to shine. Gu Yuqi planned to use those monsters as practice.

“He’s right, Eldest Senior Brother. Let us deal with this monster!” Ye Qiu was also burning with a fighting spirit. He immediately released his aura and let out a battle cry as he rushed toward the Chaos creature.

Seeing Ye Qiu’s charge, Gu Yuqi’s expression changed. He immediately chased after him and instantly overtook Ye Qiu. Ye Qiu hated to lose as he stomped in the air and quickly caught up to Gu Yuqi.

However, in the next second, the two of them were smashed down from the sky by the


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