Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God - Chapter 200 - It’s Just His Mount (1)

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Chapter 200 It’s Just His Mount (1)

Seeing Gu Yuqi and Ye Qiu being sent flying, Wu Chang and Tang Chi quickly rushed up to help.

The Blood Spirit Monarch knew that this was a chance to showcase himself and followed closely behind.

Ji Qinglan and Feng Xian could tell that the Chaos creature was extremely powerful, and they probably could not do anything to it even if they joined forces.

However, seeing that everyone else had rushed off, the two could not seem slack. In any case, Li Yu is watching over them.

Everyone joined forces and instantly suppressed the Chaos creature. However, the chaos creature was indeed powerful. It churned the already broken void in the sky as if it was about to shatter more.

Its body was fearless of those spatial cracks. The skin was so hard that even a Dao Artifact could not leave a wound on its body.

Furthermore, although Gu Yuqi, Ye Qiu, and the others were only in the Immortal Spirit Realm, they had fused with the Paragon Bone and possessed various powerful physiques. They were definitely the cream of the crop.

Even if their combat strength could not compare to an Exalted Immortal, it was not far off, especially since Gu Yuqi possessed many powerful ancient god bloodline divine powers.

As for Ji Qinglan and Feng Xian, there was no need to talk about them. The various powerful divine arts and Dao techniques they cultivated in their previous lives, plus their rich combat experience. It meant they were much more powerful than Gu Yuqi.

It could be said that these few disciples can destroy the Immortal Martial World several times over.

At this moment, they were doing their best to showcase their abilities and fight back and forth with the Chaos creature.

Terrifying divine powers and magic power constantly exploded on the enormous body of the Chaos Life Spirit, stirring up the weather. The scene was truly earth-shattering.

If the mortals of the Immortal Martial World saw this scene, they would definitely be so shocked that their legs would go weak, and their hearts would tremble. They would kneel and worship the living immortals.

Even the older generation experts of the various Holy Lands were shocked when they saw it. They sighed that a fight between immortals was indeed shocking.

In Li Yu’s eyes, it was nothing.

However, when he saw his junior brothers grow into such extraordinary experts, Li Yu felt a sense of accomplishment and joy.

He was also filled with hope for the Qingyun Sect’s future.

His junior brothers would likely become big shots who could change the world in the future. They would become top experts who could dominate an area and shake the world.

By then, he could comfortably be a salted fish. Li Yu could occasionally flip over and change his posture to continue being a salted fish.

“Our senior brothers are so strong. When can we become experts like them!”

“I want to fight alongside my senior brothers!”

Su Mu, Lu Yuming, Chen Xiaoqi, Tang Ling’er, Meng Xueqi, and a few other young disciples standing behind Li Yu looked at their senior brothers in the air and remarked with envy.

In fact, what had happened in the past few months was like a dream to them.

A few of them were children from ordinary families, especially Su Mu. He did not have any cultivation at all and even faced a life and death situation at one point.

Regardless, after entering the Qingyun Sect, their lives changed drastically. Their cultivation soared, and it became even more so after entering the Lingtian Mystic Realm.

In the past month, they had experienced various dream-like fortuitous encounters. Now their cultivation had stepped into a realm they had never dared to imagine in the past. They had become experts that only existed in legends a few months ago.

They were even watching a group of immortals fight monsters, and they also had a chance to touch the immortal realm.

Everything was like a dream.

Roar! Roar!

The Chaos creature suddenly began to rage. Its aura suddenly rose as if it had gone berserk and began to counterattack.

It immediately forced Gu Yuqi, Ye Qiu, Ji Qinglan, and Tang Chi to retreat.

At the same time, another Chaos creature flew over from afar and attacked the group.

Faced with two powerful Chaos creatures, everyone immediately fell into a bitter battle. For a moment, they were exhausted and were even struck away.

Still, Li Yu remained on the spot and did not attack. He wanted everyone to hone themselves and experience life and death battles to expand their potential.

It would also hone their character.

Right at this moment, a figure suddenly pounced from behind Li Yu. Li Yu reacted instantly and dodged horizontally, and the figure lunged at empty air.

With a thud, the figure lay on the ground and let off a cry.

Li Yu focused his gaze and saw a girl in a red dress.

It was You Rong.

You Rong turned around and looked at Li Yu bitterly and pouted.

“So you’re not dead yet!”

“Why would I be dead? Why are you here?” Li Yu asked.

“When the Demon God Palace collapsed, most assumed you were dead. Hmph, I knew you would be fine!” You Rong explained unhappily, but the joy in her eyes betrayed her.

“You haven’t answered my question. Why are you here? Wait, did you fall from the sky with those ugly monsters?” Li Yu teased.

“Of course not. I think it must be fate that guided me to you!” You Rong giggled.

Wow, that’s some f*cking fate!

Li Yu gave You Rong a look to let her read it herself.

The junior brothers and sisters at the side were filled with gossip. They looked at each other and smiled without saying a word.

“You have no idea how close I came to never seeing you again!” You Rong brushed off the leaves on her body and ran to Li Yu’s side as if she had received a new life.

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