Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God - Chapter 208 - Rebuilding the World with a Single Strike (2)

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Chapter 208 Rebuilding the World with a Single Strike (2)

The gray fog might appear soon.

Although he knew that Li Yu was powerful, the gray fog was truly strange. He was not sure if Li Yu could save them this time.

“What could have happened in the Immortal Martial World?” Li Yu was in a bad mood.

Compared to the gray fog, what Perfected Tian Hui had just said annoyed Li Yu. If something really happened to the various Holy Lands and the teleportation array could not be activated, were they really going to be trapped here?

He did not want to stay here forever. He had collected so many resources and was still waiting to return to respect his father.

Furthermore, he was worried about his father’s safety. If something happened to the seven Holy Lands, it meant that something major must have happened in the Immortal Martial World.

“Right, if there’s really no other way, we’ll use the Azure Dragon Race’s teleportation array to return!” Li Yu suddenly thought of a countermeasure.

He had already confirmed that the Lingtian Mystic Realm and the Virtual Sky Mystic Realm were connected, so he could leave this place through the demon race’s teleportation array.

However, he did not know if the incident outside had affected the demons, so Li Yu was nervous.

At this moment, more and more spatial cracks appeared in the sky, and they kept spreading downwards.

Waves of rumbling sounds continued, and the world shook as if the sky was about to collapse at any moment.

Suddenly, balls of gray fog spread out from the crack. Ghost cries and wolf howls resounded through the sky. Countless ferocious faces and ghosts appeared and disappeared in the gray fog, as if the door to hell had been opened.

He could vaguely hear a voice echoing in the howl. “I want to go home, I want to go home!”

The expressions of the various Holy Lands and sects turned ugly again when they saw the gray fog.

The strange and sinister aura made them shudder. Furthermore, many of them had heard about the gray fog from the Holy Lords not long ago.

Therefore, when they saw that the gray fog had really descended, everyone became nervous again.

They did not know if Li Yu could save them from this strange gray fog.

Therefore, his heart was in his throat again as he looked at the gray fog that kept spreading down in fear.

At this moment, it was not only the human cultivators. The surviving demons of the Azure Dragon Race, the Demon Fox Race, and the Golden Feather Race, who had just escaped death, also saw the gray fog. Although they did not know what was going on with the gray fog, they could similarly sense how terrifying it was.

“Trouble never comes alone. We’ve just escaped from the claws of a Chaos creature, and now we’ve encountered this strange gray fog!” Long Tiancang said with a bitter expression.

“There’s something wrong with this fog!” “It feels so scary!” “Grandpa, I really want to go home!”

“What should we do, Your Majesty?”

As they watched the strange gray fog gradually approach, the expressions of the Azure Dragons became increasingly ugly. The shrill cries of the countless ghosts made their hearts tremble, and the shadow of death enveloped their hearts again.

“How annoying!” Li Yu frowned. He was slightly displeased, not because he was afraid of the gray fog.

Even if he could not deal with the gray fog, he had a way to avoid it.

He was unhappy about the appearance of the gray fog. Those fellows from the demon race were probably going to die. He had just thought of leaving this place through the demon race’s teleportation array.

In the end, the gray fog came out and ruined his plan.

Why was the journey home so difficult?

Everyone’s hearts sank when they saw Li Yu’s expression.

Previously, be it when Li Yu faced the Devil Immortal, the Sword Devil, or the Chaos creature, his expression had always been extremely calm, and there was no fluctuation in his gaze.

Now that they saw the gray fog and frowned, everyone instantly lost their confidence.

They felt that Li Yu seemed unable to deal with the gray fog either. Everyone’s hearts were in their throats as they watched the fog invade down. They found it difficult to breathe.

Their gazes gathered on Li Yu, and the slightest change in Li Yu’s expression tugged at their hearts.

He was the straw to clutch at in everyone’s hearts. If Li Yu was at his wits’ end, they would probably die today.


Li Yu pulled out the sword behind him and stared at the gray fog that filled the sky with a slightly cold gaze.

Everyone’s hearts seemed to have stopped as they looked at Li Yu nervously.

“Get the hell back!”

With a furious shout, he slashed out seriously.


The gray fog that filled the sky instantly dissipated, and the spatial rift that had been jumping around like lightning stopped for a moment.

In the next second, the entire sky collapsed as if a mirror had been shattered, and countless fragments flew backward.

The world instantly turned into an endless night. The world shook violently, and the light disappeared.

The entire world seemed to have returned to the beginning of chaos. Soon, the chaotic void divided the world again, and light returned.

In the end, the entire space recovered. The sky became incomparably blue, and the sky was clear. Even the previous spatial rift had disappeared.


At the same time, a dense green ball of light manifested from the void and transformed into a ball of light that looked like a jade ball that landed in Li Yu’s hand.

“Ding… you have collected all the world origin power in the Lingtian Immortal Domain!”

Hearing the system’s notification, Li Yu was overjoyed. Was he going to become the ruler of the Lingtian Immortal Domain?

“It worked!”

Seeing Li Yu disperse the gray fog, joy appeared on everyone’s shocked faces.

Their hearts, which had fallen to the bottom of the valley, saw the light again. The ups and downs made it impossible for them to calm down for a long time.

What shocked them more was that Li Yu’s strike seemed to have reshaped heaven and earth.

It would break apart the crumbling world and reconstruct it, opening up a new and stable world.

“Is this what it means to rebuild after breaking? Li Yu destroyed the sky with a single strike, but it allowed space to regain its stability!” “That strike from Li Yu just now was simply like the creation of the world. Could he be the reincarnation of Pangu?” “This is unbelievable. He instantly swept away the gray fog that filled the sky with a single strike and even destroyed the entire sky!”

“The gray fog that could destroy an immortal domain was actually dispersed by a single strike from Li Yu. His power is beyond imagination!”

Everyone’s understanding of Li Yu was refreshed again.

The gray fog that could destroy the entire Immortal Domain back then was something that even so many extraordinary experts could not do anything to.

Yet, it was still no match for Li Yu’s sword.

Furthermore, this strike not only dispersed the gray fog, but it also reshaped heaven and earth.

It was clear how strong Li Yu was.

He was probably the strongest person in the world.

If the Lingtian Immortal Domain had an expert like Li Yu back then, it would not have fallen to the point of destruction.

“What happened?” Long Tiancang looked at the calm sky in surprise, wondering what had happened.

The scene that seemed like the end of the world had suddenly returned to calm.

“We’re saved!” The Azure Dragons heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, the countless surviving demons were the same, secretly rejoicing that they had finally survived this calamity.

In the Immortal Martial World, Guo Shengxiu, who had just left the Great Zenith Domain and was preparing to fly to the Huaxia continent, did not expect to meet Young Master Qing Ye on the way.

“From the Primordial Dao Immortal Sect?” Young Master Qing Ye asked expressionlessly.

Guo Shengxiu looked at Young Master Qing Ye. He could sense how extraordinary the person in front of him was. Furthermore, someone who could recognize him as part of the Primordial Dao Immortal Sect was probably from the Immortal Domain.

However, he did not know this person. However, it was not difficult to guess this person’s identity after some thought. He was probably the Young Master Qing Ye that his martial uncle had mentioned.

“You’re the one who destroyed the Primordial Dao Holy Land?” Guo Shengxiu frowned slightly.

“That’s right! The Primordial Dao Immortal Sect still values the matters here. They actually sent a Perfected Immortal to the lower realm!” Qing Ye said. Then, he waved his right hand, and a vine like a rope instantly wrapped around Guo Shengxiu.

Guo Shengxiu’s expression changed as he instantly dodged.

However, Young Master Qing Ye was faster. His terrifying pressure locked onto Guo Shengxiu as an invisible force blasted over.


Guo Shengxiu could not dodge. He was struck by the invisible force and was sent flying.

At the same time, the vines instantly bound his body tightly, and his magic power was restrained by the vines.

Guo Shengxiu was shocked. He could sense that the cultivation and strength of the person in front of him were far above his own.

“What do you want?” Guo Shengxiu asked, putting on a brave front. “Is Dao Yanzi still in the Primordial Dao Holy Land?” Young Master Qing Ye asked. Then, without waiting for Guo Shengxiu’s reply, he carried him and flew off.

Before long, the two of them returned to the Primordial Dao Holy Land. “Dao Yanzi, come out!”

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