Heaven’s Devourer - Chapter 1771: Ruckus in the Sky Palaces

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Chapter 1771: Ruckus in the Sky Palaces

A madness in Wu Yu’s eyes.

And in the eye of the storm, calm.

He knew his only option was to capture all of these immortal emperors, and go exchange them with the Jade Emperor for his sister Wu You.

A mad plan for a mad situation!

"You want to catch me? Come on then! The one who runs is a coward!"

Wu Yu yelled at them, checking the anger in his eyes.

"Get him!"

True Lord Erlang, Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing, and the others all laughed nastily at his declaration.

They did not move immediately, but instead sent the celestial soldiers to swarm Wu Yu!

A black mass, more than 100,000 in number. Each of them was an immortal emperor, but their strength was as much in numbers as it was in individual ability.

Those like the Four Heavenly Kings or Primeval Mighty Miracle God would definitely be overwhelmed.

Even True Lord Erlang or Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing could only retreat before them!

They felt that there was no need for them to participate. The celestial soldiers would take him in.

The celestial soldiers were all first tier immortal emperors.

Each of the celestial generals were at least second tier immortal emperors, with some of them third tier immortal emperors.

The one hundred thousand celestial generals and soldiers could form immortal formations that far exceeded their own strength.

They marched towards Wu Yu.

A wave of immortal essence power rolled out!

The combined strength could have drowned even those like True Lord Erlang, and this was not even the limit of their power.

They grimly surrounded Wu Yu.

As for Wu Yu, he stood in the center, his Ruyi Jingu Bang ready in hand.


He bellowed. Flinging out his numerous hairs, each of them became an Unshackled Doppelganger which was his clone.

Unshackled Doppelganger had been perfected as an extraordinary Mystique.

As he broke into the sixth tier of the Eternal Immortality Realm, his apotheosis immortal energy swelled to the point where he could already create 10 million clones.

Each of the 10 million clones prepared their strongest move!

These clones were at least as strong as a celestial soldier each.

Besides, the 100,000 celestial generals and soldiers were outnumbered 100 to 1.

Even if they were second or third tier immortal emperors, they posed no threat to Wu Yu at such a numerical disadvantage.

"With me, Pulverized World!"

Wu Yu raised his fist, his eyes shining with golden light. He led all the unshackled doppelgangers, who raised their fists charged with the power of Pulverized World.

They punched the air, shattering the void!

In the vacuum that ensued, the 100,000 celestial generals and soldiers were all sucked in.

Although these doppelgangers disappeared after one move, returning to Wu Yu’s body, but it was enough to finish the army off!

They had to convert all of their offensive power for defensive purposes, and managed to block the shattering by the skin of their teeth.

Still, the 100,000 celestial generals and soldiers had been beaten badly, and fell wounded.

This had all happened in a brief heartbeat.

Wu Yu lifted his fist, and looked up at the shocked faces of the other immortal emperors.

When Wu Yu had first used Unshackled Doppelganger, it had filled their vision completely. There had been nothing else they could see.

One punch, and the entire army of 100,000 celestial generals and soldiers had fallen.

It was a perfect pincer maneuver, broken by his raw strength.

"How is that possible?"

"The brat’s gotten stronger again!"

"Stand together, quick! Or we won’t be able to deal with him!"

True Lord Erlang, Nezha, Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing, and the others all grew worried.

They marshaled the other immortal emperors, and planned a decisive hit.

They could see from what Wu Yu had just pulled off that they would not be his match if they faced him alone.

Even in twos or threes, they would be beaten.

Therefore, their only option was to attack him together!

But how could they know that Wu Yu’s true goal was to capture them all?

As the armor of the 100,000 celestial generals and soldiers shattered, Pulverized World devastating them, True Lord Erlang made his move.

"Eye of Heaven, hold him!"

He opened his third eye, using all of its power.

It glowed with an alien blue light, and the imprisonment power shone on Wu Yu!

He wanted to hold him so that the others could attack him more freely.

He would then be the main man in the capture!

However, he had underestimated Wu Yu.

Back then, his Eye of Heaven’s full power had failed to defeat Wu Yu even with Nezha’s assistance. Let alone now, when Wu Yu had reached the sixth tier!

The River of Time had increased the number of immortals in his Devouring Apotheosis Realm significantly.

His apotheosis immortal energy continued to grow stronger.

As the Eye of Heaven’s power fell on him, Wu Yu simply twitched the Ruyi Jingu Bang lightly.

"Bedlam of Heaven and Earth!"

A spray of golden light smashed the Eye of Heaven’s power to bits!

In return, True Lord Erlang’s eye was badly injured, fresh blood spurting out of it. He clutched his forehead, crying in pain.


The other immortal emperors dared not wait any longer.

While Wu Yu’s Ruyi Jingu Bang was occupied, they attacked!

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