Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - 1535 He Knows Her Knowledge

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Since she was unable to look for him, Xu Zhiqin could only call him.

The call went through, and his usual cold voice came from the other end. Xu Zhiqin felt relieved. “Director He, are you okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” He Xuyan asked.

“Well…” Xu Zhiqin subconsciously clenched her fists. “There are quite a lot of people on the internet talking about you, and those words are supposed to be directed at me.”

“Since I dare to give that score, I’m prepared to be criticized.”

Xu Zhiqin’s ears warmed at his words, but they were clearly so far apart.

She said, “I bought coffee, but I couldn’t bring it to you. I was worried that people would say that we had a private deal.”

He Xuyan touched the tip of his nose. No wonder he didn’t get the coffee she bought when he was backstage.

“Director He, that night when I cooked for you, I told you not to go against your principles and give me a high score… Could it be because of this…” Xu Zhiqin was confident in her acting skills.

However, He Xuyan had indeed given her a very high score this time.

She was really afraid that she would affect him.

For some reason, He Xuyan’s tone was very good. “Do you think you can bribe me with a meal and a cup of coffee? Am I that cheap?”

“That’s true.” Xu Zhiqin smiled happily. “It’s really great that I’m worth 9.9 points in your heart! It’s been so long, and no one has ever given me such a high evaluation.”

He Xuyan said calmly, “I’m naturally very objective even when it comes to my own people.”

“Yes, I’m aware of your professional attitude, but did you just call me your people?” Xu Zhiqin suddenly couldn’t figure it out.

He Xuyan knew that he had made a blunder and felt dejected. Not only did he tell her such a thing, but he also included her in his list of people.

“I mean, I wouldn’t deliberately give you high marks.”

Xu Zhiqin smiled. “I see. So we can have coffee together in the future?”


The voice on the other end of the line was soft and low.

Xu Zhiqin said happily, “Then I’ll bring you coffee in two days when we’re preparing for the finals.”

Hearing the word ‘finals’, He Xuyan’s tone suddenly became gloomy. “Do you value this competition very much?”

“That’s right. I’m making my comeback through this competition, and I’m also using the show as a platform to let everyone know me. If I don’t perform well, won’t it be a waste of opportunity and time? Although the possibility of winning the championship is small, I’m also a person with dreams. What if my dreams come true?”

Xu Zhiqin did not realize that her mood had lifted while talking to him.

However, the person on the other line was suddenly unhappy. “Your goal is to win the championship?”

After winning the competition, would she work with Pan Hongsen?

“That’s right! We can’t not have a goal, right?” Xu Zhiqin said.

The other party suddenly fell silent. Xu Zhiqin knew that she had taken up a lot of his time and felt guilty. She hurriedly said, “Director He, I won’t disturb you anymore. Rest early. Bye.”

She hung up the phone happily. She did not realize that the person opposite her was in a bad mood.

Tonight, Xu Zhiqin had turned the tables and broken out of the encirclement. Su Bei naturally could not stay idle. She had to do what she needed to.

Xu Zhiqin’s acting skills should be seen by more people.

If her acting skills were recognized, the number of her fans would gradually increase.

That way, even if it was a battle between fans, Xu Zhiqin would be able to contend with Yali’s and Pan Hongsen’s fans.

He Xuyan’s fans naturally sided with Xu Zhiqin and joined the battle.

Xu Zhiqin’s reputation soared. She was no longer a mere manager who was scolded by others.

Su Bei was scrolling through the news when Lu Heting called. She immediately answered it.

A trace of displeasure immediately appeared in Lu Heting’s doting eyes. “Aren’t you asleep at this time?”

Su Bei had forgotten that she was wearing a man’s formal suit. It was obvious that she had been busy until late and had yet to wash up.

“You know that I should be sleeping at this time, so why did you call me?” Su Bei found the flaw in his words and attacked first.

Lu Heting: “…”

Su Bei could see that his eyes were deep and slightly tired. She knew that he must be busy at this time. If he was busy overseas at this time, he must have been up all night.

Her heart ached so much that her tone immediately softened. “I had something to do in the company today, so I stayed up a little. I sleep early on other days. Did you just finish a meeting? You haven’t rested yet, have you?”

“Yes, I miss you.” The man’s voice was a little hoarse.

It was not the right time to disturb her. After the meeting, he subconsciously made a video call to her. Out of habit, he wanted to see her, so he forgot about the time difference.

The woman on the other end picked up the call so quickly that he didn’t have time to hang up. Unexpectedly, she wasn’t asleep yet.

“I miss you too, Hubby.” Su Bei’s voice was soft as she looked at him with bright eyes.

Lu Heting’s heart skipped a beat. The exhaustion from the busy night was gone. “Rest early, then, okay?”

“Okay, I got it. You too. Don’t work day and night. I can wait another day for a healthy husband to come back to my arms. I’d rather wait than see a physically and mentally exhausted husband sooner.”

She knew that he was busy with his matters and wanted to go home early.

Knowing that she knew all this, his heart softened even more.

The Brown couple had arrived from overseas, so the Lu and Fu families held a banquet at the same time.

Su Bei had already promised the two elders of the Lu family that she would receive the guests this time.

However, the Browns were very mysterious. The information she could obtain was limited, so the preparations she could make were also limited. She could only take things one step at a time.

Before she left, she received a call from Qian Guohua. “Brother Su Lu, another one of your paintings was bought for two million yuan. I’ll transfer the share to your account.”

“Thank you, Brother Gouhua.”

“By the way, you asked me to look into the person who bought your paintings. I’ve really found out their identity.”

“Who is it?”

“Fu Yujia!” Qian Xuhua said, “This person has a competitive relationship with your company and has been at odds with you before. I’m afraid she has ulterior motives, right?”

Su Bei thought for a moment. “Then help me keep an eye out.”

Su Bei did not think that Fu Yujia had kind intentions.

However, what could she do with a painting?

Su Bei thought of something and reached for a bag of clothes before getting into the car.

This really came in handy.

This time, the Lu and Fu families were holding a banquet at the same time. Fu Yujia was in charge.

She had convinced Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu that she would receive the Brown couple with Su Bei, so everything was settled.

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