I Am Overlord - Chapter 1737: Versus the Divine Primal Chaos Lotus

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Chapter 1737: Versus the Divine Primal Chaos Lotus

The divine primal chaos lotus was truly powerful. Its every casual move was accompanied by the profundity of primal chaos pushed to its limits. Xiang Shaoyun knew that he was definitely weaker than the lotus. Perhaps that was the advantage the lotus had gained by living in the primal chaos world for so long.

He would probably not be the lotus's match if he was the one to face the lotus in a fight, even if he used his soul clone. His soul clone had reached ninth-stage God Realm, and his comprehension of the profundity of primal chaos was rather deep. Unfortunately, he was still rather lacking compared with the lotus.

Dugu Qiubai displayed his incredible combat strength, releasing powerful primal chaos energy and numerous primal chaos punches to suppress the lotus's attacks. However, his control over primal chaos power was incomparable to the lotus's. The gap in their power levels caused him to be beaten back again and again.

However, the lotus did not give chase. Each time Dugu Qiubai went a certain distance away from it, the lotus would stop chasing. It was obvious that something was stopping the manifested figure from going too far away from the lotus.

That was why Dugu Qiubai had looked for Xiang Shaoyun, hoping that Xiang Shaoyun would be able to help him defeat the lotus. Xiang Shaoyun utilized his Invisible Nether, but the moment he stepped into the lake, he sensed a gust of power rush toward him, forcing him to defend himself. Even so, he was still sent flying away.

"Don't think that you can stand against me just because you managed to find yourself a helper," said the lotus with a sneer.

Xiang Shaoyun was somewhat at a loss. He had not expected his invisibility to fail.

"Since I can't hide, I'll just fight it out," muttered Xiang Shaoyun as he charged toward the lotus.

It was at that moment that the lotus formed another clone that looked exactly like Xiang Shaoyun. The figure then engaged Xiang Shaoyun.

"This is my turf. You won't be able to defeat me no matter how many of you there are," declared the divine primal chaos lotus smugly.

Dugu Qiubai transmitted to Xiang Shaoyun, "If you can't hang on, just leave the lake. It can't leave the lake."

"We'll see. I feel like this clone is kind of weak," said Xiang Shaoyun, charging the lotus clone.

Three Lives Fist!

The Three Lives Fist was powered by the profundity of primal chaos and was accompanied by a thick battle intent. Its strength reached the level of a peak ninth-stage God. It left long cracks in the air along its path as it shot toward the lotus clone.

"Destroy!" said the lotus clone. With a flick of its finger, the power of destruction bloomed and attempted to destroy the incoming punch.

The two attacks collided, instantly creating a massive rumble. Drops of the multicolored lakewater splashed all around the lake, creating a scene akin to a mesmerizing rain of stars.

Fortunately, the primal chaos world was a unique place. The collision between Gods did much less damage to this world than any other place. Otherwise, the entire place would have been destroyed by a battle of such level.

Moving around with the Sky Measuring Step, Xiang Shaoyun used the profundity of primal chaos repeatedly as he sent out an unending stream of Three Lives Fists forward. There were so many attacks that even the lotus clone found them too much to deal with.

However, the divine primal chaos lotus was not an opponent to be so easily defeated. The lotus clone formed a hand seal that was akin to a blooming lotus, sending strands of primal chaos energy out. With terrifying destructive power, the attack left numerous cuts on Xiang Shaoyun's body.

Xiang Shaoyun pushed his battle intent to his limits and formed numerous energy blades as he called upon the primal chaos lightning, slashing at the incoming attack. Each slash rumbled forth like a roaring dragon, finally overwhelming the lotus clone. After all, the lotus's main body was still fighting Dugu Qiubai. The clone it sent toward Xiang Shaoyun was weaker than its main body.

"Even a little brat like you knows the profundity of primal chaos? And you even have access to other powers?" The lotus appeared indignant. He sent even more of his power toward his clone.

The lotus petals opened and closed repeatedly, pumping more and more energy forward, attempting to devour Xiang Shaoyun completely. Xiang Shaoyun knew how strong the lotus was, but he could weaken the lotus with his primal chaos lightning. Of course, if he instead attacked with pure primal chaos energy, his attacks probably wouldn't do much.

"Looks like the divine primal chaos lotus is immune to the five elements, making it hard to kill. Dugu Qiubai probably won't ever be able to defeat it if his cultivation is not far higher than the lotus's." Xiang Shaoyun came to a realization, and a plan formed in his mind.

He stopped using the primal chaos power. Instead, he started using the other four elements—wind, lightning, light, and darkness.

Celestial King Seal!

Devil Severing Edge!

Tai Chi Yin Yang Palm!

After changing his energy, Xiang Shaoyun unleashed a storm of attacks toward the incoming primal chaos energy. His attacks were extremely destructive, scattering the primal chaos energy. Unlike his previous attacks, the lotus wasn't immune to these attacks.

"Damn these powers! They're not part of the five elements! This is so infuriating!" the lotus raged.

Unfortunately, its rage was pointless. Its energy had been scattered, and it could no longer stop Xiang Shaoyun's advance. After all, it was only a plant. Even if it was sentient, it hadn't been able to create a powerful battle technique. Thus, its attacks were rather rigid. Apart from the profundity of primal chaos, it had no flexibility in its moves. That was why it had been unable to deal with Xiang Shaoyun's varied attacks.

Just as the clone was on the brink of destruction, the lotus's main body stopped dealing with Dugu Qiubai. It forcefully disengaged from him and charged at Xiang Shaoyun. The lotus's main body was similarly using the primal chaos power. It even used the same moves as its clone, but its main body was much more powerful.

Xiang Shaoyun felt the profundity of primal chaos power surround his entire body. The power of destruction stripped his body of life, threatening to turn him into mincemeat. A suffocating sensation assaulted him.

Is this the strength of someone in the Nine Revolutions Realm? wondered Xiang Shaoyun inwardly.

"Xiang Shaoyun, watch out!" Dugu Qiubai rushed over and madly attacked the lotus.

However, the lotus ignored his attacks and focused on Xiang Shaoyun. After all, Xiang Shaoyun was much more threatening to it than Dugu Qiubai.

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to be killed, his soul clone appeared. With the Divine Yin Yang Sword in hand, the clone swung at the lotus. Instantly, the world around them turned still.

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