I Am Really Not The Son of Providence - Chapter 496: How About All Of You Attack At Once!

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Chapter 496: How About All Of You Attack At Once!

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Upon hearing Jiang Taiyi’s words, Shen Tian smiled even brighter.

His white clothes swayed with the wind as if he were an ethereal immortal as he gradually landed on the Apotheosis Platform.

“Come at me. I want to see how strong this so-called Lightning Imperial Sutra is!”

Jiang Taiyi grinned and replied, “Then, I’ll let you experience it.”

He stepped in the air and leaped onto the platform.

Endless dazzling lightning was emitted, shining upon the ground.

Countless Mixed Divine Lightning filled the sky, which shone brightly, releasing immense pressure.

The sky was split into two as lightning struck as if turning this place into a lightning purgatory.

Jiang Taiyi strolled in the sea of lightning as the lightning struck with crushing force.

Shen Tian’s eyes lit up as he secretly exclaimed.

Although Jiang Taiyi is only an 11 Tribulation Mighty Sage, the aura he emits is not weaker than a 15 Tribulation Sub-Immortal.

He never expected that this generation’s Divine Firmament Saint would be so powerful. as expected of rising talents!

Also, the Lightning Imperial Sutra that Jiang Taiyi cultivated was even stronger than the Divine Firmament Lightning Imperial Sutra.

Of course, it could not be compared to the Divine Firmament Art that Shen Tian knew.

The Primordial 108 Heavenly Generals had left the Divine Firmament Art, so it was originally mysterious and unfathomable.

Now that Shen Tian had merged it with other Heavenly Daos, it had become even more fearsome.

Therefore, the Divine Lightning cultivation techniques that Shen Tian knew could even be compared to the supreme Lightning arts and were unparalleled.


Jiang Taiyi was already ready as his aura surged vigorously, making even heaven and earth pale in comparison.

He said calmly, “It’s still not too late to give up. Watch out. The lightning could harm you seriously so if you were to be injured. Don’t blame me!”

In Jiang Taiyi’s point of view, only those peerless prodigies like Sheng Yangxu and Xiang Zhonglou could match up to him.

He would be able to easily injure a nameless nobody like Shen Tian.

Shen Tian smiled faintly and replied, “Come at me!”

Jiang Taiyi’s tone gradually turned cold as he felt that he should teach Shen Tian a lesson.

“Fight!” shouted Jiang Taiyi.

Mysterious runes appeared in his hands as he used Mixed Divine Lightning.

Mixed Divine Lightning was dazzling as it shot across the sky with extreme speed like a shooting star, leaving behind a trail of a radiant divine rainbow.

The sky darkened, and the sun and moon paled in comparison.


Many prodigies were standing outside the platform, paying full attention to the battle.

It was firstly because Jiang Taiyi was extremely powerful. His talent was one of the top in this generation of peerless prodigies.

Therefore, one would be able to benefit greatly from watching his battle.

Secondly, it was because they wanted to see Shen Tian make a fool of himself to vent their anger since those female cultivators had roasted them until they were ashamed.

Seeing Jiang Taiyi make a move instantly, someone exclaimed, “Who would have expected that Jiang Taiyi has become even more powerful after cultivating in seclusion for a few years?”

“That guy actually dared to challenge the Divine Firmament Saint. He must have a death wish.”

“It’s too terrifying. With so much Mixed Divine Lightning, even a Sub-Immortal won’t be able to block them. He’s done for.”

“This pretty boy will definitely be burnt crisp from the lightning.”

Everyone ridiculed Shen Tian in a bantering manner as they wanted to see him being humiliated.

However, they discovered that Shen Tian’s expression did not change at all. He was still calm and composed.

He stood there firmly without moving and just let the lightning strike him.

In that instant, countless lightning bolts filled the whole place as a fearsome aura surged throughout the platform, shaking even the mountains and rivers.

An aura of devastation could be sensed as the lightning struck.

Shen Tian still stood there while his white robe swayed with the wind. Not a speck of dust could be seen on him, and he seemed otherworldly.

Jiang Taiyi narrowed his eyes as he exclaimed, “Huh? What’s going on?

“There’s actually no effect?

“Could it be that the power of the Mixed Divine Lightning is not strong enough?”

He could vaguely sense that something was wrong as no one could deal with his Mixed Divine Lightning so easily.

Could it be that my Lightning Dao cultivation level has declined from not battling for a few days?

Thinking till here, Jiang Taiyi narrowed his eyes and prepared to use his full strength.


An extremely violent aura erupted.

One could only see that the lightning surrounding Jiang Taiyi shone even brighter like the blazing sun which blinded others’ eyes.

A humongous Lightning avatar appeared behind him with an immense aura.

That avatar was formed by lightning that covered the whole sky, which made him seem like the Lightning God.

He made a move, and the endless lightning crushed the fabrics of space.

At that moment, Shen Tian let out a deep breath and said, “It’s my turn.”

His aura started to climb rapidly until the peak, giving off an air of invincibility.

In the next instant, Chaotic Divine Lightning burst out from around him, forming a sea of lightning that swept in all directions.

Each lightning unleashed a fearsome aura.

He punched out with his right fist that was covered in Chaotic Divine Lightning with a tremendous force.


Jiang Taiyi widened his eyes in disbelief.

He could only control Mixed Divine Lightning because he had been blessed by Divine Lightning from heaven and earth since he was born and even cultivated the Lightning Imperial Sutra to Greater Mastery.

However, the Chaotic Divine Lightning was still something out of reach for him.

It was the origin of lightning and signified paramount strength.

However, a nameless man possessed it, so he was astounded.

The Chaotic Divine Lightning’s power made even the Mixed Divine Lightning tremble in front of it, not daring to compete with it.

Meanwhile, Shen Tian started attacking, and the Chaotic Divine Lightning instantly covered the whole platform.

The Lightning avatar was completely devoured in that instant, and his Mixed Divine Lightning was being annihilated.

Jiang Taiyi retreated so fast it was like a kite flying away due to a broken string. Only after moving backward for quite a few miles did he stabilize himself.

He roared, “Impossible, I am the Divine Firmament Saint, Jiang Taiyi! How could I lose to someone else in the mastery of Lightning arts?

“F*ck, I’m going all out!”

He narrowed his eyes and gnashed his teeth as he moved forward.

Instantly, the lightning within Jiang Taiyi surged and surrounded him.

He stood in mid-air as if becoming one with the lightning. It was like he had turned into a god that controlled the Heavenly Tribulation.

Jiang Taiyi pressed his hand down, space collapsed, and a turbulent flow of void surged.

Lightning tribulation gathered in the sky and struck the ground, shaking heaven and earth.

That black lightning tribulation was 10,000 feet in length and was filled with the aura of destruction.

Countless pitch-black tribulation lightning bolts struck with mighty and astounding power, making the entire Apotheosis Platform tremble.

In the distance, the peerless prodigies who had originally been fighting were attracted by this strength and revealed astonished looks.

Sheng Yangxu touched his chin as he asked, “Did Jiang Taiyi go crazy? Why did he directly use the forbidden arts?”

As the top prodigies of the five regions, they all had a deep understanding of each other and knew each others’ battling methods.

Xiang Zhonglou’s gaze was profound as he replied, “Besides us, there’s someone that is able to push Jiang Taiyi to such an extent?”

“Interesting looks like another reclusive prodigy has appeared.”

Given Jiang Taiyi’s strength, he was also one of the top few, even amongst other peerless prodigies.

Seeing that he had been forced into a corner, everyone temporarily stopped and prepared to watch the show.


On the other side, Wang Xuzi and Ao Lie had also stopped battling. Their strengths were equally matched, so it was not that easy for them to determine the victor.

Currently, Wang Xuzi looked toward the battlefield where Jiang Taiyi was.

Endless stars seemed to flow in his eyes as if he could see through all deception.

Wang Xuzi had activated his Connate Heavenly Dao Eyes to probe Shen Tian.

However, he frowned more the longer he looked.

That was because Wang Xuzi realized that he could not see through Shen Tian, which made him astounded. He was unable to see through Shen Tian even with his Connate Heavenly Dao Eyes!

Ao Lie crossed his arms as he sneered. “Jiang Taiyi is going to be miserable! He just had to provoke Brother Shen Yuan!”

Ao Lie had seen Shen Tian battle before, and he was so powerful he could be said to be invincible.

He could kill a Sub-Immortal with a flick of his finger. He was not an existence on the same level as them at all.

Since Jiang Taiyi actually dared to spar with such a formidable person, wasn’t he just looking for a beating?


However, besides Ao Lie, the others believed that Jiang Taiyi would definitely win as he had used the forbidden arts of the Lighting Imperial Sutra.

Few people could block it even amongst the top prodigies of the five regions.

However, Shen Tian was still indifferent.

As he looked at the black lightning tribulation that continuously swarmed him, the aura Shen Tian exuded suddenly increased explosively.

His eyes flashed with lightning as if he could devour people.

His figure had also turned illusory as countless laws surged and shone brightly. He had merged with the tribulation lightning as one.

He was unleashing the supreme forbidden art that could control heaven and earth, and an even more powerful and immense aura was unleashed!

That art was Decalamity.

However, after being improved by the Divine Firmament Art, Shen Tian’s understanding of the Lighting Imperial Sutra had already reached the pinnacle.

He became the source of the tribulation lightning and controlled all Lightning Dao laws.

Shen Tian’s sleeves fluttered, and a drastic change happened.

Originally, the black tribulation lightning that swarmed toward him was actually forcibly stopped in mid-air.

Jiang Taiyi was instantly dumbfounded and opened his mouth in astonishment. “How is this possible!?”

He realized that he had lost control of those tribulation lightning bolts. It was like someone had forcibly stolen his control over the tribulation lightning from his hands.

Meanwhile, Shen Tian flicked his sleeve gently and said, “Attack!”

Those black tribulation lightning bolts turned back and struck Jiang Taiyi.

“No way!


“OMG, don’t strike me!”

Jiang Taiyi was instantly covered by endless lightning as he let out tragic wails.

Lightning filled the Apotheosis Platform and emitted formidable strength.

Jiang Taiyi could be vaguely seen within the countless lightning bolts hugging his head and scurrying around like a mouse, looking rather pathetic.

Everyone was dumbstruck by such a scene.

They widened their eyes in shock.

They rubbed their eyes and murmured, “What am I seeing?”

“The Divine Firmament Saint is being struck by lightning?”

“F*ck! My world view has been shattered!”

Everyone knew that Jiang Taiyi was the son of lightning—all lightning would submit to him.

In the past, it was always him using lightning to strike others. Who could use lightning to strike him?

Therefore, this course of events was really mind-blowing.


The tribulation lightning struck for a total of 15 minutes before stopping, and the Heavenly Tribulation clouds dispersed.

Jiang Taiyi was already lying on the ground, and he looked like black wood charcoal with his pitiful appearance.

His white clothes were badly tattered. He had afro hair, a black face, and even spat out white smoke from his mouth. He did not look like a peerless prodigy at all.

Jiang Taiyi’s mouth twitched as he revealed a face of despair. “Boohoo, how can this be!? Heavenly Dao, I want to report that someone is cheating!”

Jiang Taiyi had never expected that Shen Tian’s proficiency in Lightning arts was so high, far surpassing him.

Just who was the Divine Firmament disciple?


Sheng Yangxu and Xiang Zhonglou were astonished. It was the first time they had seen Jiang Taiyi this miserable.

Sheng Yangxu grinned and said, “When did such a powerful Lightning Dao cultivator appear in the five regions? Why haven’t we heard of him before?”

Xiang Zhonglou glanced at him and asked, “Why? You want to have a go?”

Sheng Yangxu smiled and said, “Of course.”

“Then, let’s go!”

Xiang Zhonglou directly headed toward that battlefield.

On the other side, Wang Xuzi also walked toward where Jiang Taiyi was.

Ao Lie frowned and said, “We haven’t finished our fight. Where are you going?”

Wang Xuzi replied coldly, “You’re too weak. You are unable to force me to use my full strength.”

After finishing, he directly turned and left.

Ao Lie was enraged and originally wanted to stop Wang Xuzi, so a victor could be determined between them, but when he saw the direction in which Wang Xuzi headed, he stopped.

Ao Lie scoffed. “Amazing, he actually dares to look for trouble with Brother Shen Yuan. I’ll see how miserable you’ll be later!”

Ao Lie crossed his hands and revealed a smile.

Not only them but also the prodigies on the Apotheosis Platform had all stopped fighting and headed toward where Shen Tian was.

Shen Tian being able to defeat Jiang Taiyi was enough proof of his strength.

If they could win against him, then they would be able to prove themselves.

In an instant, all the prodigies gathered in one area.


Shen Tian walked beside Jiang Taiyi. “Stop pretending. Are we still going to continue this battle?”

Shen Tian had not used too much strength at all as Jiang Taiyi was in the end from the same sect. Thus, he had to save some face for him.

Jiang Taiyi instantly jumped up from the ground once he heard Shen Tian’s words.

He tidied his hair and smiled bitterly as he replied, “No, don’t!

“I never expected you to be so powerful, I am convinced!”

Shen Tian had completely subdued Jiang Taiyi as he had defeated him using what he was best at.

There was no way he was not convinced!

He did not want to be struck by lightning again!

Being struck by lightning was really not something he wanted to experience again!


Shen Tian smiled and shook his head. “Then, forget it!”

Jiang Taiyi then asked, “May I know who your Master is for you to have grasped such a powerful Lightning art?”

He was astounded and in disbelief, as the lightning art Shen Tian used was extremely similar to his Lighting Imperial Sutra.

If it was not for the fact that Jiang Taiyi was sure there was no such person in his sacred ground, he might have thought that it was a certain old ancestor that had come out to bully him as Shen Tian was just too powerful.

Shen Tian smiled and asked, “Why? You want to learn? If you want, I can teach you!”

Jiang Taiyi was stunned. He had never expected Shen Tian to say such words.

Jiang Taiyi’s body trembled from excitement. He had personally experienced just how profound Shen Tian’s understanding of the Lightning arts was, so if he could learn from him...

Jiang Taiyi had the confidence to increase his strength by another few levels.

By then, even prodigies like Sheng Yangxu and Xiang Zhonglou would be nothing to him.

Thinking till here, Jiang Taiyi was extremely excited as he confirmed again. “Really? Can I really learn it?”

Shen Tian nodded.

They were from the same sacred ground, so he had to take good care of him.

Seeing that Shen Tian agreed, Jiang Taiyi was so overjoyed he was on cloud nine. “Oh yeah~ I’m about to become invincible!”


Meanwhile, two figures appeared from the battlefield beside them. They stood in mid-air while unleashing a fearsome aura. Those two people were Sheng Yangxu and Xiang Zhonglou.

Peerless prodigies desired battle, so once they saw that there was a powerful cultivator, they were naturally attracted and wanted to battle with Shen Tian.

Sheng Yangxu stepped forward, cupped his hands, and said, “May I know what’s your name?”

They wanted to see just where the prodigy who had defeated Jiang Taiyi was from.

Shen Yuan smiled and said, “Shen Yuan!”

Shen Tian stared straight above the heads of those people and smiled brightly. That was because he discovered that those people were not only peerless prodigies, but they were also Children of Providence.

All of them basically had deep purple providence halos.

Shen Tian was excited.

This time I’m going to skyrocket with so many sheep!


Sheng Yangxu and Xiang Zhonglou exchanged a look, and they could see that they were both puzzled. They had never heard of Shen Yuan before, so they did not know anything about him.

Of course... this would not stop them from fighting with him.

Xiang Zhonglou stepped forward and unleashed a fearsome aura before shouting, “Fight with me!”

His eyes were burning with passion and filled with battle intent. It was obvious he was confident.

He had already acknowledged Shen Tian’s battle prowess where he could use his full strength!

However, before Shen Tian could open his mouth, Sheng Yangxu stepped forward and blocked Xiang Zhonglou.

“I think I should spar with Brother Shen Yuan first.”

Sheng Yangxu was also filled with battle intent and did not want to give such a powerful opponent to someone else.

Unexpectedly, another figure walked over.

“Let me go first!”

Wang Xuzi strolled in with an immense aura that spread throughout the area.

He looked straight at Shen Tian with an indifferent expression, as if he thought nothing of Sheng Yangxu and Xiang Zhonglou.

Wang Xuzi walked in front of Shen Tian and said coldly, “You are very mysterious and worthy of me using my full strength.”

Shen Tian frowned.

This Wang Xuzi is overly pretentious! Could he be the reincarnation of the douche king?


However, yet again, another few figures arrived before Shen Tian could speak.

An intense gust of wind blew, and the void was torn open. Strong spatial forces and Yin-Yang powers surged out from within.

Afterward, a young man walked out.

There was a Kun Peng pattern on his forehead, and his Yin-Yang Wings behind him flapped non-stop, emitting endless divine light.

That person stood in mid-air and seemed to be able to easily devour the endless void.

He was Young Kun Peng.

Kun Peng was the descendant of the fierce primordial beast and had the bloodline of the Primordial Kun and Heavenly Roc.

In addition, it had Yin-Yang Wings and fearsome strength that could easily kill 14 Tribulation Sub-Immortals.

Young Kun Peng appeared and took a glance at Wang Xuzi before taking a look at Shen Tian. He said, “He should fight with me first!”

Shortly after, a phoenix cry sounded. “Why should you go first? I think I should go first!”

Blazing flames filled the sky and surged toward them with an aura that could incinerate all living beings.

Another man wearing phoenix battle armor appeared opposite Young Kun Peng. He emitted a formidable aura, and flaming Divine Phoenix Fire surrounded him, which made him look terrifying.

Once that person appeared, the surrounding temperature rose rapidly as if the blazing sun was right in front of them.

That person was Huang Jiutian from the Immortal Phoenix race!

Not only them, but many other prodigies were also rushing here.

However, once they arrived, they started arguing. They were all fighting for the order of battling with Shen Tian first.


The prodigies outside were astonished. They had never expected so many peerless prodigies to want to challenge Shen Yuan!

Just what kind of charm did he have to attract so many prodigies?

Meanwhile, Shen Tian’s mouth twitched crazily. He was speechless as he looked at the crowd in front of him.

Why do all of them say they want to spar with me?

What do you think I am?

A sandbag that you can beat whenever you want?

Then I’ll fulfill your requests!

Shen Tian raised his brows as he stepped forward and said, “Everyone, please calm down. I have a suggestion!

“How about all of you attack me at once?

“We could save some time like this!”

Once Shen Tian finished, the whole place turned silent.


Those peerless prodigies were astounded. Their eyes were filled with astonishment as they looked at Shen Tian.

They had never expected that Shen Tian would dare to say such words!

He was just too arrogant!

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