I Am Really Not The Son of Providence - Chapter 497: 1 VS. 100, A True Paragon!

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Chapter 497: 1 VS. 100, A True Paragon!

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Everyone was shocked. They were in disbelief.

They never expected Shen Tian to dare to make such a grand gesture, challenging so many exceptional prodigies at the same time.

It was mind-blowing!

Everyone on the Apotheosis Platform was amongst the top elite practitioners of the strongest powers across the five regions. They all had extraordinary talents.

They were all around the Ten Tribulation Great Sage level, with invincible battle prowess.

If so many highly-skilled prodigies joined forces, it would be enough to kill a Perfected Immortal.

Nevertheless, Shen Tian had boldly challenged them all at once.

Outrageous, absolutely outrageous!


Below the platform, many prodigies sniggered at his words.

“Interesting. This guy is so arrogant!”

“He wants to fight nearly 100 high-level prodigies at the same time?”

“Is he really not afraid of embarrassing himself?”

“If he is really that powerful, I will eat this entire mountain!”

The crowd kept sniggering and mocking. They were convinced that Shen Tian was just posturing.

This was just beyond ridiculous. It was impossible even for a strong senior practitioner.

Just using bold words alone was useless. One had to prove oneself with real, indomitable power.

And Shen Tian looked about the same age as them.

No matter how high his innate talents were, he could not possibly subdue all of them!


They were not the only ones. Even the prodigies on the Apotheosis Platform were smirking.

Someone said, “Buddy, don’t think that just because you beat Jiang Taiyi that you can behave so arrogantly!

“You dare to challenge all of us. I commend your courage!

“But I don’t know if you can withstand this beating!”

This person’s voice was full of disparage. He believed that Shen Tian was just asking for it.

Even the top-ranked prodigies like Sheng Yangxu and Xiang Zhonglou would not dare to make such an arrogant challenge.

Let’s not talk about fighting the entire cohort; just fighting a few of them would be a death wish.

They were all exemplary prodigies. Even though there were those who were stronger or weaker amongst them, there was no one here who could defeat them all single-handedly.

Shen Tian remained unmoved by their ridicule. “No problem. I stand by my word. You all, come at me together!”

There were so many of them. How much time would be wasted if he had to fight them one by one?

Shen Tian did not want to waste too much time on these guys. The faster he could beat them all, the earlier he could settle things.

Shen Tian’s words were like a spark. The atmosphere was instantly ignited.

“Too arrogant. I can’t bear it anymore!”

“Don’t stop me. I must finish him off!”

The prodigies all hollered angrily.

They charged to the front to fight Shen Tian.


The young Kun Peng was the first, and he snorted. “Is there really a need for so many people? I alone can settle this!”

He waved his Yin-Yang Wings and morphed into a dazzling beam of light, shooting straight toward Shen Tian.

In that instant, the fabrics of space shattered, and boundless Yin-Yang aura seeped into the void.

Supported by the Yin-Yang Wings and Kun Peng arts, the young Kun Peng’s speed was unsurpassable. He charged to the forefront.

Huang Jiutian hollered. “Young Kun Peng, you are not playing by the rules!”

He also charged forward, wanting to be first.

But then, the surrounding prodigies started fighting amongst themselves. Divine energy erupted in all directions, their aura surging endlessly.

Before Huang Jiutian could charge out of the crowd, he was dragged into the scuffle and ended up fighting with the other prodigies.

These people had yet to start their fight with Shen Tian but were already scuffling amongst themselves.

As Young Kun Peng had the first mover’s advantage, he successfully broke through the crowd and appeared in front of Shen Tian in the blink of an eye.

He waved his right fist, which held a formidable power, smashing its way toward Shen Tian.

This fist was extremely fearsome. It possessed a divine power that was so profound and wondrous that it was simply indescribable.

With an infinite divine aura, his fist glow engulfed the region. It was like an attack by a giant Kun from the Antiquity Age—enough to shatter the mountains and the rivers.

It was also like a Peng from the Antiquity Age, descending from the heavens—indomitable and unstoppable.

Young Kun Peng was giving his all. He did not hold back in the slightest.

This power was enough to cause serious damage to a sub-immortal.

Shen Tian remained unmoving, his expression calm. He slowly lifted his right hand and gestured toward Young Kun Peng.

Shen Tian executed his Heavenly Divine Fist, his fist glow dazzling beyond imagination. It was like a magnificent otherworldly falling star. Bright and spectacular.


The two of them clashed. A terrifying power erupted high into the skies.

The fabrics of space were immediately incinerated, collapsing into a pile of debris.

Young Kun Peng’s face changed as he was sent flying away like a cannonball, falling right in the midst of the other prodigies.


Everyone was shocked by this scene.

The prodigies who had been scuffling all stopped in a daze.

They realized that Shen Tian might not have been just making an empty claim!

Young Kun Peng’s physical body was powerful to the extreme. He possessed a wild, uncontrollable power and had even once killed a Sub-Immortal with a single punch. His power was indomitable.

Even people like Sheng Yangxu and Xiang Zhonglou would not dare to pit themselves directly against Young Kun Peng’s physical body.

A single punch from Shen Tian beat back a practitioner with such a powerful physical body.

He was completely defeated!

It was incredible!

Where did this person come from?

Not only did he possess such formidable lightning arts, but his physical body was also so powerful!


Young Kun Peng jumped up to his feet, his eyes extremely cold and chilly. He crossed his hands behind his back, but he could not stop his trembling. There was even blood dripping onto the floor.

It was clear that he was unable to fend against Shen Tian’s power.

“Let me try!”

Huang Jiutian’s eyes burned with battle intention. He stepped forward, his entire body erupting with an endless fearsome roaring fire.

Orange-red flames shot forth, morphing into a phoenix that surged into the sky.

This Divine Phoenix Fire held an indomitable force, incinerating the surrounding fabrics of space into nothing.

Shen Tian just gently flicked his sleeves and activated an even more powerful surge of flames.

Dark-red flames spiraled into the skies, bringing with it an invincible divine power.

The Divine Phoenix Fire was instantly engulfed the moment it made contact with those flames.

Huang Jiutian’s face flushed as his body shook violently. He was forced backward. It was clear that he had suffered the counter effects of his Divine Phoenix Fire being engulfed.

Huang Jiutian did not care about his internal injuries. Instead, he was staring at the dark-red flames in shock. “This is the... Divine Phoenix Eternal Flame!”

He was a member of the Immortal Phoenix race and knew what this Divine Phoenix Eternal Flame signified.

This was the most elite flame of the Immortal Phoenix race. It was extremely powerful.

Only those with the purest Divine Phoenix bloodline who managed to trigger the ancient traits would be able to produce a flame of this grade.

But this indomitable divine flame was being produced by a human.


All the prodigies were thunderstruck by the sight of Huang Jiutian being defeated.

Their expressions were very grave. They no longer dared to underestimate Shen Tian.

He was able to defeat Young Kun Peng and Huang Jiutian in such a short period. Apart from Shen Tian, no one else could have done that.

The battle prowess he had put on display had far surpassed anyone at present.

But this did not stop the rest. Instead, it ignited their desire for battle.

Xiang Zhonglou’s eyes blazed. “Brother Shen’s battle prowess is indeed great. One-on-one, I am definitely not your match.”

By now, even Xiang Zhonglou had to acknowledge Shen Tian’s battle prowess. He exchanged a look with Sheng Yangxu before cupping his fists at Shen Tian. “In that case, I will join forces with Yangxu to fight against you!”

The veins on Sheng Yangxu’s forehead throbbed upon hearing Xiang Zhonglou’s words, but he didn’t say anything. This concerned the pride of the top prodigies across the five regions. If Shen Tian managed to defeat them all, it would be a great loss of face for them.

Moreover, Shen Tian himself had said that they could join forces to fight him. Thus, it was not against any rules or moral ethics for them to do so!

Shen Tian smiled. “Of course you can. Please go ahead. I will gladly take on both of you!”

Xiang Zhonglou’s eyes blazed as he activated his dicoria to the maximum.

Astonishing rune patterns appeared in the sky, full of a mighty aura.

A huge Dicoria avatar appeared in mid-air, covering the entire sky, surging endlessly.

Sheng Yangxu also made his move. He pressed his hands to the sky, shattering the fabrics of space. A massive ancient mirror appeared, subduing all around it.

The ancient mirror sparkled, its aura so mighty it felt like it was going to destroy everything around it.

Sheng Yangxu activated his Ancient Void Mirror to the maximum, charging toward Shen Tian.

The two top prodigies joined forces, their aura magnificent and majestic, as if they were going to tear apart sky and earth.

Shen Tian’s eyes sparkled. He said softly, “Just in time!”

He stood up and went forward to meet those two.

His Chaotic Star Sword appeared in his hand, and he swept it across the space in front of him. The boundless blade light slashed the fabrics of space in a fearsome attack against the Ancient Void Mirror.


The Ancient Void Mirror vibrated strongly, unable to fend against the mighty force. It was sent flying away.

Sheng Yangxu’s expression changed as he forcibly withdrew his Ancient Void Mirror.

At the same time, he activated his void technique and tunneled into the endless void. He was planning to destroy this entire area.

In that instant, it was like heaven and earth had been compressed together. Everything inside would be crushed.

Shen Tian adjusted his attack and smashed down on one side of the void, obliterating the natural formations there.

In an instant, the void shattered.

A figure suddenly appeared and fell from mid-air.

Sheng Yangxu looked very shocked. He did not expect Shen Tian to locate his exact position.

By now, Xiang Zhonglou had also made his way over, his dicoria power spine-chilling and destructive.

A fearsome reincarnation wheel spun out from his eyes, surging and filled with enough force to annihilate the world.

Shen Tian shifted his gaze. A boundless divine light swirled around his hands, dazzling and spectacular.

At the same time, the extraordinary items inside his body were triggered and their energy accumulated between his hands. The light glowed even more brilliantly.

“Sky-Smashing Palm!”

Shen Tian’s voice was calm and held an undeniable authority. He activated his Sky-Smashing Palm and smashed it toward the reincarnation wheel.


A muffled crack resounded.

The formidable reincarnation wheel was smashed into pieces.

Xiang Zhonglou also suffered from the counter effects. He was forced back into the void.

The scene dumbfounded everyone.

Another defeat!

And this time, two top prodigies together were still unable to beat Shen Tian.

This person was too terrifying!


Shen Tian looked around and spoke up calmly. “I think it is best if you guys come at me together. Otherwise, you won’t stand a chance at all.”

The prodigies exchanged looks.

They had just witnessed the earlier two battles and could confirm that Shen Tian’s claim was no exaggeration.

They would have no hope at all if they didn’t join forces.

“Brother Shen, let’s go then!”

Nearly 100 prodigies cupped their fists in unison as they reached an implicit agreement to join forces.

Shen Tian nodded. “Come!”

The prodigies erupted with a boundless aura.

Every single one of them activated a peerless technique from their own race, as they gave their all in the fight.

In that instant, the skies were covered with countless avatars, mighty and splendid.

Dazzling and magnificent, the avatars were all very eye-catching.

Boundless divine aura surged and churned, covering the skies.

Amongst the avatars were pristine moons, blazing suns, and limitless ocean symbols.

There were also all sorts of True Dragons, Divine Phoenixes, Mighty Qilins, Black Tortoises, and other such terrifying avatars.

Nearly 100 prodigies were attacking at the same time. Their power was mind-blowing and earth-shattering.

It was an extremely overwhelming scene.

Ao Lie muttered to himself, “He dared to challenge nearly 100 top prodigies at the same time. This is unheard of.

“Even if Brother Shen is defeated, it is still one for the history books.

“After all, no one has ever been so brave to raise such a request.”

Ao Lie knew Shen Tian was very powerful, but he didn’t think he could defeat so many prodigies.

After all, there was strength in numbers.

Individually, none of the prodigies was on par with Shen Tian. But failing to defeat him even after joining forces?


But Shen Xiao was full of confidence. “I believe that Master will win!”


Nearly 100 prodigies attacked, their aura surging mightily.

This power was enough to make even a Perfected Immortal tremble and retreat in fear.

Shen Tian’s expression stiffened slightly as he felt a sliver of pressure.

Just a sliver.

Shen Tian executed some hand seals, and a bright hole appeared behind him, exuding a vibrant aura.

Nine figures strode out from behind him, dashing and heroic.

Every single figure was identical to Shen Tian. Flawless white clothing, exemplary demeanor.

These figures were the nine clones created by Shen Tian using the Self-Materialization Technique.

The prodigies were in a daze from the sight.

No wonder Shen Tian dared to challenge so many people. He had this trump card in his pocket.

But once the arrow was drawn on the bow, there was no turning back!

Nearly 100 prodigies moved forward, charging toward Shen Tian’s nine clones.

The two sides started fighting, igniting boundless divine energy.

But the more they fought, the more astonished the prodigies became. They realized that these clones were all exceedingly powerful.

Shen Tian’s nine clones were fighting 10 top prodigies, each with ease.

These clones were able to execute all sorts of techniques, profound and formidable, matching their attacks to what each of the individual prodigies was most proficient in.

Those prodigies were being defeated in their own game.


Meanwhile, Shen Tian’s original body was facing off against a group of the best prodigies.

Sheng Yangxu and Xiang Zhonglou were attacking him from the front, while Young Kun Peng and Huang Jiutian were attacking from the sides.

Behind, Wang Xuzi was triggering a boundless technique, activating his Connate Constitution to the maximum and radiating with a limitless Dao intent.

There were also the prodigies who controlled the Yin, Yang, moon, and sun. They all surged toward Shen Tian.

The powers of the sun energy and moon energy were extremely fearsome.

Even a Sub-Immortal would not be able to hold against this power. They would have been reduced to dust in the blink of an eye.

However, Shen Tian remained indifferent.

Light radiated from his body as chaotic aura, and Yin-Yang Double Aura appeared, enveloping his body.

Shen Tian was like an indomitable God of War.

Opening his hands, he tore into the fabrics of space and revealed Sheng Yangxu, who was hiding in the void.

One fist was enough to sink the earth.

Sheng Yangxu fell from the skies, smashing onto the Apotheosis Platform and creating a huge crater.

Shen Tian once again attacked, his eyes blazing with a spectacular light.

Tunneling through the endless void, he smashed into Xiang Zhonglou’s World-Extinguishing Pupil Light.


A loud crash, dust flew up all over.

Xiang Zhonglou also flew out and landed on Sheng Yangxu, who had just managed to pull himself upright.

At that moment, the two prodigies on the flanks closed in.

Young Kun Peng had morphed into an invincible Kun Peng, activating his Kun Peng arts to the maximum, smashing through heaven and earth.

His power was terrifying beyond imagination, incinerating the natural formations and disrupting the laws of nature. It was like he wanted to annihilate everything.

On the other side, Huang Jiutian had morphed into a Nine Heavens Divine Phoenix, bringing with him an endless stream of falling star fire, landing upon the earth.

In that instant, the skies were covered by a limitless blaze. It was a fearsome sight.

Shen Tian remained calm. He used his Kun Peng arts and fought Young Kun Peng directly.

The two sides fought intensely, ripping through the fabrics of space and incinerating the surrounding natural formations.

Young Kun Peng was sent flying away like a kite whose string had been cut in the blink of an eye.

A massive fist imprint appeared on his body. He had suffered a serious injury to his physical body.

Meanwhile, Huang Jiutian’s attack had yet to make contact before the Divine Phoenix Eternal Flame completely blocked it off.

Even though he had the Nine Heavens Divine Phoenix bloodline, he was unable to fend against this blazing divine flame.

Soon, Huang Jiutian was charred black, his phoenix battle armor shattered.

His feathers were all broken and in disarray, and there was even the subtle smell of roasting meat. He looked very pathetic.

Everyone was dumbstruck by this scene.

Ao Lie widened his eyes, tongue-tied.

“Damn, Brother Shen is too formidable. He managed to defeat so many prodigies in just a few breaths’ time!”

Jiang Taiyi was thrilled and relieved. He patted his own chest. “Luckily, I didn’t join the fight! Otherwise, I would also be lying on the ground! Those guys were just too stubborn!”


By now, Wang Xuzi had made his way from behind Shen Tian.

While Shen Tian was fending off the others, he had already successfully activated several invincible techniques, his aura surging mightily.

But Shen Tian’s body glowed even brighter as he exuded an endless Dao intent.

The boundless Dao intent covered the skies, attracting an endless stream of arrays to descend.

Wang Xuzi’s face changed. He realized that the Dao intent in his control was being influenced, becoming very erratic.

“What? Don’t tell me he also has the Connate Constitution? And his constitution is even more powerful than mine!?”

Wang Xuzi was dazed, frozen to the spot.

Having lost his Dao intent, his battle prowess was greatly reduced.

“Sneak attack?”

Shen Tian erupted with a fearsome force toward Wang Xuzi.

In that instant, Wang Xuzi was engulfed by a boundless divine light.

A fearsome aura swirled around, mixed with the sounds of physical bodies clashing and pitiful shrieks.

After the light faded, Wang Xuzi was already lying on the floor twitching.

His originally handsome face was now swollen and bruised.

He was covered from head to toe with fist and foot imprints, as well as hammer and sword marks.

Who knew how many blows he endured? Even Wang Xuzi himself did not remember.

He looked very woeful and wretched.

Why am I the one who suffered the worst injuries?

This is unfair!


Thereafter, Shen Tian’s nine clones merged into one, and his body erupted with invincible divine power.

Shen Tian’s eyes blazed as his body radiated with boundless Dao intent.

He had executed the Boundless Divine Skill and unleashed endless Dao intent in all directions.

Every single Dao intent represented the cultivation of a technique to its extreme.

In that instant, an indomitable power emerged from heaven and earth, as if it was the Heavenly Dao itself wanting to control everything.

With the appearance of every single Dao intent, this indomitable power would increase in might.

The faces of the prodigies on the Apotheosis Platform underwent a major shift. They felt like a huge hand was squeezing their own hearts, so hard that their hearts might burst anytime.




Shen Tian boosted his indomitable Dao intent to such high levels that those prodigies could no longer endure it and retreated one by one, spurting blood.

Before long, even Sheng Yangxu, Xiang Zhonglou, and the rest had no choice but to retreat from the Apotheosis Platform.

Shen Tian alone stood there proudly on the Apotheosis Platform.

Dominating over all.


He won. He really won!

One against 100. Dashing and heroic beyond imagination!

Even the eyes of the prodigies who had just been defeated were filled with awe and respect.

They gazed up at Shen Tian with sparkling eyes.

Didn’t expect Brother Shen to be so powerful. He is truly a genius beyond this world!

I concede defeat!

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