I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 494 - If You Behave

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Chapter 494: If You Behave

Song Wanqiu frowned in disgust.

Does this scumbag think that by saying this, I would feel that he has blessed me for three lifetimes, that I would be unable to forget him, that I would eagerly return to his side to be his secret lover and let him do whatever he wants?

I won’t return to him even if I die!

“Rong Cheng, don’t you think you’re disgusting? Before we were divorced, you were only thinking about other women. After we divorced, you came to look for me again. You’re really disgusting!”

A bodyguard behind Rong Cheng immediately reprimanded Song Wanqiu. “What are you talking about? Be careful!”

Rong Cheng swept a sharp gaze at him and said with a straight face, “How can you talk to my woman like that? Apologize to her!”

The bodyguard choked and could only apologize to Song Wanqiu. “I’m sorry, Miss Song. I shouldn’t have said that about you.”

Song Wanqiu really felt that Rong Cheng made her lose her appetite.

Calling me “his woman”… Is he shameless?

“Rong Cheng, I’m not your woman now, and I won’t be in the future either. Please go out and don’t interfere with the shop’s business!”

Not only did Rong Cheng not leave, he even took a few steps toward her. Then, he sized up the dessert shop and said, “I say, how much can you earn in a month by working in such a small shop? Can you even support your son?”

Song Wanqiu angrily looked at him and said, “I’ve already said that we’ll have nothing to do with you. You don’t have to care!”

“Nothing to do with me?” Rong Cheng scoffed. “Song Wanqiu, do you believe that if I ask the court for custody of my son, he’ll still be with you? By then, you’ll have nothing left.”

Song Wanqiu’s face turned pale.

When she had been chased out of the Rong family, she did not bring the matter up to the court because she was afraid that the court would give custody of her son to Rong Cheng. After all, she did not have a source of income back then. Even if her son was willing to follow her, the court might not let her raise him.

“Rong Cheng, don’t go too far! You married that woman and had a child with her. Why do you still want to snatch my child away?” Song Wanqiu was so angry that her voice was trembling.

“Since you don’t want to lose your son, why don’t you accept my proposal? Continue to be my woman, and I’ll pay for your child support. Isn’t this the best of both worlds?” Rong Cheng said as he reached out and held her chin.

Seeing her delicate and beautiful face so close to him, Rong Cheng’s eyes darkened, and he couldn’t help but get closer to her.

Song Wanqiu realized that he had ulterior motives and wanted to touch her, so she resisted, wanting to shake his hand off. However, he grabbed her wrist!

Relying on his height advantage, Rong Cheng directly pushed her against the wall behind him, locking her in front of him so that she could not run away.

Being close to her, he could smell the faint fragrance of her hair. He instantly got the urge to grab both of Song Wanqiu’s hands and press them above her head. Rong Cheng lowered his head and wanted to kiss her.

Song Wanqiu immediately turned her face to the side to prevent him from touching her. Then, she struggled with all her might. “Let go of me!”

“Let go?” Rong Cheng moved closer to her, his eyes full of predatory intent. “You’ve already consumed a lot of my patience, and my time is very precious, so I can only take the initiative. Wanqiu, if you behave, I’ll definitely let you and your son live the best life, I promise you.”

“Impossible! Get lost! Stop touching me!” Song Wanqiu struggled even harder.

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