I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 2192 - I’ll Bring You to Visit More Beautiful Sceneries

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Chapter 2192: I’ll Bring You to Visit More Beautiful Sceneries

Looking at Tina’s pure and adorable smile, An Lin’s heart throbbed so much that he almost wanted to cry. He couldn’t bear to tell her the truth.

The delicacies that Tina spoke of—roasted spiders and roasted Furious Sand Marmots, to name a few—would definitely be considered as dark cuisines in the Tai Chu Continent.

“Giant An Lin, there are still many spectacular sites in the Divine Mirror World, and there are also numerous fun things waiting for us to discover. Let’s go and wander around.” Tina was brimming with excitement as she grabbed onto An Lin’s hands.

An Lin had already traversed so many places, yet he still hadn’t seen or found anything that could be regarded as fun.

Of course, Tina even regarded riding the large and ugly black pigs as fun, so there were indeed many things in this world that could be considered as fun for her. At the very least, there were many strange and peculiar creatures in this world, and they could all be treated as pets to play with.

“Giant An Lin, we can climb atop the White Jade Divine Rocks to witness the spectacular scenery of vital energy being compressed into rainbows, we can go to the Purple Sand Basin to watch hundreds of millions of ants engage in legendary battles against the Purple Crystal Sandworms, and we can also go to the Snake Rock Peak Territory to witness the peculiar sight of sandstorm cyclones being struck by divine lightning to form magnificent and colorful storms…”

As if going through a list of treasures, Tina introduced all of the beautiful scenes that she was aware of in this world. In fact, she even described the best locations to witness these scenes, as well as what viewing angle was best when trying to view a certain spectacle. Heaven knows how many times she had watched these events.

The more An Lin heard, the more guilty and ashamed that he felt.

“Little Na, there’s no need to introduce them anymore. Let’s leave this world, okay?” An Lin suddenly said.

“Leave? Leave to where?” Tina was baffled as she looked at An Lin.

“Leave to the world that I came from, the Tai Chu Continent,” An Lin replied earnestly.

Tina’s eyelashes trembled, and she said softly, “The world that Giant An Lin came from? I… But I’ve already lived here for so long…

“This is the world that nurtured me, and there are so many fun things to do and fun places to visit. We can also have a lot of fun here, so we don’t necessarily have to go to the Tai Chu Continent.” It was as if Little Na was trying to resist something as she gazed at the man before her.

An Lin understood Tina’s feelings at this moment.

She had lived here for countless years, so even though the environment was harsh, and even though there were all kinds of shortcomings, it still commanded an extremely important position in her heart.

“Little Na, I’m not suggesting that you leave this place forever. I just want to bring you to visit the Tai Chu Continent. Kind of like a holiday, you know?”

An Lin’s voice was extremely gentle, and he continued, “There are many fun things to do in Tai Chu Continent. There are the iridescent clouds of the Heavenly Court, there are the strange and peculiar beings of the Creation Realm, there are the extremely pleasant and comforting hot springs of the Spirit Lake Realm, there are the towering divine trees and immortal trees of the Southern Heavenly Wing Nation, and there’s also the endless green grasslands of the Realm of The Fallen Phoenix that’s so green that it’ll soothe your mind…”

Tina had initially been against this idea, yet upon hearing the list of new and unheard-of spectacles, her eyes couldn’t help but light up. There was a glimmer of curiosity and yearning in her eyes.

An Lin’s worry was slightly eased upon seeing Little Na’s reaction.

Regardless of what Tina had experienced, her yearning to experience new things was still unchanged. She was still the Little Na who enjoyed witnessing new and different sceneries…

“Is it true? Is what you said true? Does the Tai Chu Continent really have so many fun and interesting things? You’re not lying to me, right?” Tina was slightly anxious as she asked this.

An Lin bent down to look into Tina’s bright and limpid eyes. He even poked her soft and delicate cheeks before smiling and saying, “Of course it’s true. You’re my best friend, so how can I lie to you?”

He extended a hand toward Tina. “Little Na…”

The remnant glow of the setting desert sun illuminated their bodies.

The colors of dusk dyed An Lin’s body an especially warm and gentle color.

“Let’s go together.

“I promised that I would take you to visit all of the most beautiful sceneries in the world.

“This promise is effective forever.”

Visit all of the most beautiful sceneries in the world…

Tina was extremely moved as she gazed at the man before her. At the same time, the memories that were locked deep inside her mind suddenly erupted forth like a tsunami!

That phrase was like a key.

After soaring through countless numbers of void, that phrase finally overlapped at this moment…

“Giant An Lin, I’ve come!

“Phew… the air is so fresh!

“Let me tell you guys, I’ve already reached the Dao Integration Pinnacle Stage! I can help even if we fight against Supreme Heavenly Gods now!

“Huh? Da Bai, Little Tian, Little Gu, Sister Xiao Hong, what’s with your expressions? Where’s Giant An Lin?”

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy.

Little Tian didn’t speak in idioms anymore. Instead, he looked like a recluse as he curled up and remained silent on the ground.

Tears were already streaming down Da Bai’s face.

Little Gu lowered her head.

Xiao Hong gazed up at the sky.


“Master is already dead… The battle is over…”

“What are you saying?”

Tina’s smile was instantly replaced with a look of shock as she gazed at the companions before her.

“An Lin was surrounded and attacked by four Supreme Heavenly Gods, and he sacrificed the final portion of his life to defeat them. However, his existence was also erased…

“His Heavenly Dao of Darkness has returned to the Heavenly Dao and become a non-sentient and lifeless matter. Afterward, Nuwa mended the heavens and ended the battle. It’s over, it’s all over. Master has left us forever…”

These words were like knives as they stabbed into Tina’s heart. They were so agonizing that even her vision started to become blurry.

Tina continued to shake her head, yet it was as if her bright and lively eyes had lost all of their lusters. “No… that’s impossible… How can Giant An Lin die? I don’t believe this… This is definitely impossible…”

“Little Na, haven’t you realized? The beast pet contract between you and Master had already disappeared,” Little Gu said through sobs.

Tina’s face instantly became as white as a sheet.

“He clearly promised me… He promised that he would take me to visit all of the most beautiful sceneries in the world… He hasn’t completed this promise, so how can he abandon me and leave me…?

“Liar! Big fat liar!”

The fairy wore a floral dress as she sat alone atop the Full Moon Mountain. She gazed at the sun setting and the moon rising, and she gazed at the spring flowers and the winter snow. She silently gazed at the sky, and she silently gazed at the darkness that had fused into the Heavenly Dao.

She hadn’t imagined that things would end like this.

She hadn’t imagined that her hasty leave—her short and temporary leave—would turn into an eternal goodbye.

After the calamity.

Peace and hope returned to the world.

Life started to flourish, and new legends were born.

However, An Lin’s legend was a legend that no one could surpass.

Meanwhile, the Four Nine Immortal Sect also remained as the most radiant and most powerful sect of the Tai Chu Continent. In fact, it was the number one holy land in the minds of the countless prodigies of the Tai Chu Continent.

However, the Pavilion Lord of the Realm Pavilion had seemingly become an eternal legend.

Only the members of the Four Nine Immortal Sect knew that a fairy would sit atop the Four Nine Immortal Sect every day and gaze at the sky. She had already remained there for a very long time.

“M-hm… Giant An Lin, you’ve only become the Heavenly Dao, am I right? There’s definitely a way to rescue you, definitely…

“I’m also the Heavenly Dao, and I’m also a God of Creation Stage divine being. However, I can exist as a lifeform, so I’m sure that you can definitely do so too, right…?

“I can’t interfere with the Heavenly Dao of the Tai Chu Continent now, but that’s only because my level isn’t high enough. However, what if the Divine Mirror World becomes even more powerful than the Tai Chu Continent?

“I can do it… I can definitely do it…

“Regardless of the cost, and regardless of how long it takes, I’ll definitely make you reappear before me! I’ll never give up!

“Giant An Lin, wait for me!”

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