I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 2193 - Because I Like To

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Chapter 2193: Because I Like To

Inside the Four Nine Immortal Sect, the prodigies from various tribes suddenly started to quietly converse among themselves.

“Have you heard? Apparently, Pavilion Lord Tina isn’t on Full Moon Mountain anymore.”

“Really? What happened?”

“Crap! She won’t be like Sect Leader Xu Xiaolan and furiously try to shatter the barrier of the sky and separate the Heavenly Dao again, right?”

“Even our Sect Leader who has already reached the God of Creation Stage was suppressed by Pangu, so how can Pavilion Lord Tina succeed? She’s still far too weak. There’s no way she’ll do that…”

“Moreover, hasn’t Pavilion Lord Bai already performed divination on this? There’s zero chance of success. Sect Leader An Lin’s existence has already been completely erased.”

“That damned Pangu. One day I’ll become powerful enough to pummel him to death!”

“Brother, stop drinking alcohol. Eat some other dishes as well…”

Within the Blood Pavilion of the Four Nine Immortal Sect.

The beautiful and ethereal fairy who had become as tall as an ordinary human calmly looked at the members of the Blood Pavilion standing before her.

“I can sense Giant An Lin’s aura within your blood…”

“This… this is because we’ve drunk Master’s blood before, so there’s still remnants of his aura. What does Pavilion Lord Tina want?”

“I want to drink your blood.”


“Pavilion Lord Tina, although our blood contains traces of Master’s aura, our slave contracts with Master have already completely vanished. Drinking our blood will be completely useless…”

“This is the only remaining aura of Giant An Lin in this world. I need it, I need to feel his presence. Only so will I be able to find him again…


Tina lowered her head as she pleaded with the members of the Blood Pavilion.

The members of the Blood Pavilion exchanged glances with each other. Such a long time had already passed, and even Sect Leader Xu Xiaolan had failed and been suppressed. Yet Pavilion Lord Tina still hadn’t given up yet?

She was clearly a Goddess of Creation, yet she was still lowering her status to plead with them…

“Alright! I’ll help you!”

“Since Pavilion Lord Tina has asked for some blood, how can we refuse to comply?”

“Come, draw as much blood as you want!”

“The more the better,” Tina said.

“No problem!” the members of the Blood Pavilion replied in unison.

The next day, a dozen or so members of the Blood Pavilion were sent to the Purple Star Pavilion emergency room due to excessive blood loss…

Tina, the Pavilion Lord of the Realm Pavilion, announced that she was entering indefinite seclusion.

She entered the Divine Mirror World and started to develop it with her full power. She continued to ascend and perfect the Heavenly Dao of the Divine Mirror World.

The fairy goddess stood at the peak of the world and peered down at the countless bustling beings. The red pendant around her neck suddenly started to radiate with a peculiar red glow.

Her bright and lively eyes became extremely firm and resolute.

“Giant An Lin, regardless of whether it’s one hundred years, ten thousand years, or one million years…

“I’ll still find you and bring you back…”

She stroked the red pendant before slowly fusing it into her heart. At this moment, An Lin’s aura fused together with her own, and it was as if they had never been separated to begin with.

She still had a bloodline connection with An Lin.

If An Lin called for her, she would definitely hear his call.

The fairy slowly vanished into the air.

The civilizations and cultivation of the Divine Mirror World continued to rapidly advance.

Some years later, a magnificent act of “opening the heavens” startled the entire Tai Chu Continent.

The Four Nine Immortal Sect welcomed a new God of Creation Stage divine being. However, this new God of Creation Stage divine being was extremely low-key. After opening the heavens, they vanished just as quickly as they had come, not involving themselves with any mortal matters.

Tina still had an unfulfilled wish. This was a wish that she was determined to make come true regardless of how many years passed. This was a wish that she was willing to sacrifice everything for.

Time continued to flash by.

The legend of An Lin had already become an ancient tale.

Countless years had already passed.

At some point in time, an unexpected change suddenly appeared in the sky of the Tai Chu Continent.

A dark brown fissure ripped through the sky and tore the entire heavens into two halves.

The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth of the Tai Chu Continent started to tremble at this moment. At the same time, it exuded a formidable might as if it were facing an enemy or facing some provocation.

Immediately afterward, a crisp and pleasant voice traveled into every corner of the world. In fact, it even traveled into the Heavenly Dao through some peculiar means.

“Giant An Lin, are you there? I’ve come to bring you back. Little Na has come to bring you back.

“I beg you, please come back. Little Na has already found a Heavenly Dao of Darkness to replace you. It won’t harm this world, nor will it harm the beings of this world. Little Na can end everything once you separate out.

“I beg you, please come back…”

The woman continued to plead as an extremely terrifying Heavenly Dao fused into the Heavenly Dao of the Tai Chu Continent. It was as if she were searching for something and calling for something.

However, the only reaction from the Heavenly Dao was unbridled fury.

Tina had already discovered that the Tai Chu Continent was unsurpassable. At most, the Heavenly Dao that she commanded could only be asymptotically close to the Heavenly Dao of the Tai Chu Continent. However, it couldn’t surpass it. This was the principle of the universe, and this was the ultimate principle of Dao.

Upon first discovering this, Tina had been plunged into despair. However, she still didn’t give up. She held firm in the belief that there was definitely a way to bring An Lin back. There was definitely some other way…

Tina used her Heavenly Dao to furiously examine the Heavenly Dao of the Tai Chu Continent, attempting to find any wisp of life within it. She was confident that she could succeed, and she was confident that she could change everything!

“Giant An Lin, come back!

“Little Na has already waited for you for a very long time…”

The God of Creation Stage fairy who had stunned the entire world was currently pleading like a helpless little girl.

She endured the backlash from the Heavenly Dao, and she endured its unimaginable pain. She continued to furiously perform divinations and analyses, and she finally discovered a speck of light amid the vast expanse of despair and confusion.

She was gazing at the darkness, yet she discovered that single speck of light within the darkness.

Following the trail of that speck of light, she witnessed the power of time.

“Heavenly Time Power and Heavenly Darkness Power… Time… Heavenly Dao…”

She murmured to herself, and it was as if something had suddenly exploded in her mind.

The possibility was minuscule; it was infinitely close to zero.

This was something that no one had successfully performed since the birthing of the world by Pangu…

However, this didn’t mean that failure was a foregone conclusion.

Tina only hesitated for a split-second before resolutely charging toward that speck of dim light.

Heaven and earth spun as she watched a river appear before her.

This was a river that contained all of the extreme evils and depravity of the world.

The flow of time here was different.

Meanwhile, Tina saw another river contained within this river. This internal river was an extension of Dao, and it was a forbidden land for all matters of the world. This was because it belonged to another dimension.

This was a river of time!

This was a genuine river of time!

If any matter from the dimension that Tina existed in attempted to enter the unique dimension of time, it would only be met with a single fate—destruction.

However… was this truly absolute?

Tina, who was standing at the pinnacle of Dao, pursed her lips tightly as she looked at the tumultuous river. She reminisced about her every moment with that man.

She was extremely lonely at this moment. This was because no other being of the world could stand here with her. However, it was even more likely that she would descend into eternal loneliness if she were to step into that river of time…

So long had already passed, yet her memories of An Lin were still so clear and fresh in her mind. They were unforgettable.

“You promised that you would take me to visit all of the most beautiful sceneries in the world… The world is extremely beautiful now, yet you’re not here with me anymore… What joy would there be to visit those beautiful sceneries alone…?”

Tina’s expression was resolute as she slowly walked toward that hidden river of time.

“In my lifetime, I’ve only fought to the death for you.

“So, Giant An Lin, either we die together or I reunite with you in this river of time…

“I’ll return to the past, even if that reduces my world to desolation, even if that reduces my cultivation to naught, and even if that means I lose everything else… After experiencing countless years of waiting and searching, I’m sure that we’ll definitely reunite again…

“At that time, I’ll change everything.

“I’ll also furiously smack your big fat lying face!”

The remnant glow of the setting sun illuminated their faces.

Tears suddenly streamed down Tina’s face. Struck by the soft glow of the setting sun, these tears were like drops of gold and jade as they fell onto the ground.

An Lin was startled upon seeing this. “Little Na, what’s wrong? What happened?”

“Nothing, I’m fine. Nothing happened…” Tina shook her head in reply as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Are you really okay?”

An Lin didn’t believe her, and he reached over to help wipe the tears from her face.


An Lin felt a stinging pain as Tina mercilessly slapped him across the face.

The imprint of Tina’s palm appeared especially red under the soft glow of the setting sun.

“Why did you slap me?!”

“Because I like to.”

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