I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 2299 - Dance Among Flowers

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Chapter 2299: Dance Among Flowers

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The Fifth Emperor felt like it had already been driven into a corner of true despair.

At this moment, its feeling of superiority toward An Lin and Tina had completely vanished.

Replacing it was a feeling of graveness, as well as a hint of despair. This hint of despair was born from watching An Lin continually shoveling immortal pills and divine pills into his mouth.

An Lin’s wealth shattered the Fifth Emperor’s hope of fighting a long and drawn-out battle.

The Five Spirits Heaven Vanquishing Killing Formation was far too terrifying. The Tiger of Gold, the Tortoise of Water, and the Vermilion Bird of Flames were all responsible for attacking. Meanwhile, the Dragon of Wood and the Qilin of Earth were both responsible for distracting and restricting the enemy.

This spell formation was powerful in terms of both attack and control, and An Lin was more so a freak who had a limitless amount of pills to recover his energy. That being the case, how could the Fifth Emperor defeat him?

This was not to mention Tina, who possessed the ability to deal a killing blow at any moment.

The Fifth Emperor once again experienced the terror of being bullied with numbers.

Right now, the three Supreme Heavenly Gods were also helpless and out of ideas. Thus, they could only flee, flee, and flee!

Meanwhile, An Lin continued to pursue and pummel them!

The Fifth Emperor’s wounds started to become more and more severe. Moreover, using the Heavenly Life Power to continually recover its wounds at such a regular interval would only cause the Heavenly Life Goddess to become more and more exhausted. In turn, this would cause the Fifth Emperor’s recovery to become slower and slower.

If this continued, it would only be able to endure for two more hours!

At that time, the battle would reach a conclusion!

At this moment, the sun was already slowly setting.

As if being scorched by flames, the iridescent clouds in the sky were a fiery red. Not only was it like this above the White Nectar Sea, but it was even like this above the rest of the Tai Chu Continent.

Meanwhile, the wicked and spreading fractures were like vicious wounds in the sky.

The pitch-black fractures were wounds, while the iridescent red clouds were blood.

Perhaps this was a hidden message from the Heavenly Dao.

However, things had already progressed to such a state, so the beings of the Tai Chu Continent—especially humans—could only grit their teeth and continue to tread this path. This was for survival.

The Fifth Emperor had already reached its limit.

As for the battle between the God of Creation Stage divine beings and the ten primordial beings, it had already reached a climax!

The Three-headed Spirit had transformed into three independent boys who looked as if they had been cloned. Their outer appearances were exactly the same, and their auras were also exactly the same. In fact, even their cultivation bases were exactly the same.

“What’s going on? Are all three of them real? Why only use such a powerful spell technique now?” The Divine Flower Maiden’s face became slightly pale. The three eerie boys before her felt far more than just three times as dangerous as the original Three-headed Spirit.

The Hellhound who had just reformed its head growled in a deep voice as it dug its paws into the void. It was expressing its apprehension and hostility.

“Dance Among Flowers—Mesmerizing Flowers!” the Divine Flower Maiden suddenly shouted. Her eyes became pink, and her slender and shapely body started to dance among a rain of flowers.

The floral umbrella in the sky started to spin even quicker, causing more and more flowers to rain down into the surroundings.

Under the control of the Divine Flower Maiden, the plethora of flowers also started to dance beside her. The peculiar fragrance of flowers suffused through the sky, radiating with a powerful illusory effect as they did so.

With one sniff, one would enter the mortal world. With two sniffs, one would enter paradise. In fact, even powerful cultivators would experience an illusory life of joy after taking a sniff of these fragrant flowers. One second later, they would then wither along with these flowers and reach the end of their life.

This would be an extremely warm and gentle death.

Although the fragrance of the flowers was deadly, the illusions that it displayed could fulfill the desires and lives of its victims through a peculiar method. It was because of this that few people could resist its allure.

The illusory life displayed by the fragrance of the flowers would be extremely splendid and delightful. There would be passionate love, large harems, and incredibly gentle and seductive beauties. Who would be willing to reject such an experience? However, if one didn’t reject these illusions, their life would conclude with these mesmerizing and brilliant experiences.

When the fragrance of the flowers suffused through the air, the expressions of the three boys also became dazed for a brief moment. It was also at this moment that the Hellhound transformed into a streak of crimson light and dashed over. As it did so, its paws transformed into two bloody scythes that slashed at the three boys!

However, just as the scythes were about to strike the three boys.

One of the boys suddenly turned his head around one-hundred and eighty degrees to glare at the Hellhound behind him. At the same time, he made a grabbing motion at the scythes, stopping them in their tracks!

“Don’t use such sneaky techniques.

“You have to understand that…

“We’re still only children.”


An eerie green essential power erupted from the boy’s hand and traveled along the two bloody scythes, eventually enveloping the Hellhound’s entire body.

As if it were being scorched, the Hellhound wailed in agony and flailed about on the floor. It wanted to break free from the boy’s restrictions as quickly as possible.

The Divine Flower Maiden’s expression changed slightly. She flicked her sleeves, and tens of thousands of petals that she had already prepared transformed into razor-sharp blades that instantly soared dozens of kilometers into the distance, slicing the three boys into countless pieces.

Dance Among Flowers—Instant Kill!

The attacks of the Divine Flower Maiden were extremely terrifying. At the very least, they were able to shatter the Three-headed Spirit’s protective barrier of essential power and dice his body into mincemeat.

“Have I succeeded?” the Divine Flower Maiden murmured in an anxious voice.

Meanwhile, the Hellhound continued to whine as it finally managed to extinguish the essential power of the Three-headed Spirit. Upon seeing the diced-up Three-headed Spirit, it then started to bark in nervousness.

The Divine Flower Maiden frowned slightly upon hearing this. She understood that she hadn’t succeeded. As such, she resumed her calm dance, with her hands crossed before her chest as her feet lightly trod through the void. An Opposite Shore Flower that was burning with blue flames quickly blossomed before her.

“Go, purify all matter in the world.”

The Divine Flower Maiden carried the Opposite Shore Flower and flew toward the Three-headed Spirit. The blue flames of the Opposite Shore Flower started to rapidly spread into the surroundings, quickly engulfing the Three-headed Spirit’s diced-up body. These flames possessed the powerful ability to infiltrate one’s divine sense, and they were as such the best flames to burn the Three-headed Spirit with!

Sure enough, the minced body of the Three-headed Spirit rapidly contorted as it was burned by this flame. It was as if the Three-headed Spirit were struggling to break free from some torturous pain.

However, an expression of deep shock quickly spread across the Divine Flower Maiden’s face.

As the minced pieces of the Three-headed Spirit’s body contorted, she discovered that they were actually forming into mini versions of the Three-headed Spirit. The countless minced pieces of the Three-headed Spirit’s body were transforming into countless mini versions of himself. Moreover, they were all chuckling coldly at the Divine Flower Maiden.

Their chuckles sounded extremely eerie and uncanny.

The Divine Flower Maiden didn’t hesitate at all as she immediately shot back in retreat.

However, the countless Three-headed Spirits were even quicker as they leaped toward the young woman. In fact, they were much like a swarm of flaming locusts.

“Dance Among Flowers—Instant Kill!” As the young woman twisted her slender waist, her sleeves were like roaring dragons that had summoned hundreds of millions of flowers as they furiously swooped toward the countless Three-headed Spirits.

The flowers were like blades, and their killing intent was as vast as the sea!

The Three-headed Spirits were engulfed by this wave of boundless flowers.

In fact, these raging flowers were powerful enough to slash the countless mini Three-headed Spirits into particles!

The Divine Flower Maiden had exhausted a huge amount of her power to unleash this attack. Right now, there was a look of slight exhaustion in her eyes as she panted lightly and gazed at the tumultuous wave of flowers.

Only after confirming that the existence of the Three-headed Spirit had been completely erased did a faint smile spread across her face. She flicked her sleeves and dispelled the wave of flowers.

There was nothing in the void.

Sure enough, the Three-headed Spirit had already been comprehensively destroyed. Even the most sensitive Hellhound wasn’t barking anymore.

The Hellhound happily wagged its tail as it ran to the Divine Flower Maiden.

The Divine Flower Maiden was in a good mood after achieving victory, so she affectionately patted the Hellhound’s head.

The Hellhound barked in satisfaction.

At this moment, the Divine Flower Maiden saw the face of a young boy smiling at her… from inside the mouth of the Hellhound…

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