I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - 1652 Chapter 1652 was still too young

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Wen Jing finally understood why Gu Yan had silently read her words the moment he entered.

She was surprised. “How did you know that there was something wrong with this arhat?”

“His approach was a little too deliberate.”

The two of them also spoke but did not make a sound because Gu Yan quickly took out another business card from his pocket.

The two business cards were given to them by Luo Han. They looked similar on the surface, but in fact, they were different.

When Gu Yan checked the second business card, Wen Jing had already found the small chip in the business card.

Of course, the small chip had been soaked in water and was now in an abandoned state.

The business card in Gu Yan’s hand had been tested with electronic equipment and water. There was no problem with it. It was just a normal business card.

Gu Yan was speechless.

Wen Jing crossed her arms and looked at Gu Yan. “It seems that you are quite charming.”

This child… Gu Yan realized that it was because she had a good temper. Otherwise, she would have slapped him.

She was too unlikable.

Gu Yan shook his head. “You can’t be liked like this.”

Wen Jing’s expression froze, then she was very stubborn. “I don’t need others to like me!”

“You’re still too young.”

”… Gu Yan, why are you so annoying!”

Although Wen Jing was very mature, that was in front of other people. She realized that she would be angered by Gu Yan every time!

Looking at Wen Jing who was about to explode in anger, Gu Yan smiled. “It’s so good to be like this now. You’re a little like a child.”

After saying this, she turned around and walked out.

Wen Jing was very depressed.

When Gu Yan opened the door and walked out, she suddenly shouted, “Why must she look like a child? A child is so stupid and weak. She can’t do anything but cry when something happens!”

Gu Yan’s hand was already on the door handle, and then it stopped slightly.

The sudden departure of her parents had dealt a devastating blow to this smart little girl.

Gu Yan suddenly looked at this smart little girl with some pity.

If she had not brought Xiao Sheng home, would Xiao Sheng have become like this in a few years?

Although this Wen Jing was very unlikable, had a bad temper, and was very competitive, Gu Yan could not hate this child.

Especially since this child was very similar to Xiao Sheng.

Wen Jing could see the emotions in Gu Yan’s eyes. She said unnaturally, “HMPH, you don’t have to pity me!”

“My Xiao Sheng, the things he has experienced are much worse than yours. But now, he is also much more cheerful than you. When he first came to my house, he did not even like to talk. He was just like the cat in my house.”

A hint of hesitation appeared on Wen Jing’s face.

It was not the first time she had heard Gu Yan talk about the child she adopted. Her reason told her to stop listening to Gu Yan’s nonsense.

But in reality, she was really interested in the younger brother who was three years younger than her, but who had gone through more cruel things.

Could it be that… they were in the same boat?

After hesitating for a while, Wen Jing bit her lip and asked, “What… What did he experience?”

Gu Yan smiled sweetly and said casually, “There’s no rush. After our mission is over, I’ll introduce him to you. You can ask him yourself.”

Since the child was a little precocious, then she would know a child who was also precocious.

A child’s childhood still needed friends.

Looking at the door that was slowly closing in front of her, Wen Jing was so angry that she almost threw her notebook out.

This Gu Yan was really too annoying!

Since she didn’t plan to tell her, why did she mention this to her!

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