I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 546 - Immediately, Get Marriage Certificate

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Chapter 546: Immediately, Get Marriage Certificate

On the way to the hospital, Gu Yan leaned against the car window and looked at the scenery outside. The breeze gently blew her bangs and her hair gently wrapped around her face.

Lu Ye reached out and helped her smooth her bangs behind her ear. He said gently, “Yan Yan, why do you look so calm? Just now, I called home and told them about your Galactic Alliance exam results. My grandfather and the others were overjoyed.”

Actually, the original situation was like this. Grandfather Lu held the phone and when he heard that Gu Yan’s Galactic Alliance exam results were the highest in history, he immediately beamed with joy. Sigh, our Lu family actually produced a talent.

At that time, Lu Haiyang, who was beside him, coughed a few times and said, “Dad, Yan Yan hasn’t married into our Lu family yet.”.

Grandfather Lu immediately blew his beard and glared at his grandson on the phone, “Ah Ye, you two, go and get the marriage certificate immediately! Such a good wife, if you lose her, don’t say you’re from the Lu family! It’s too embarrassing!”

Lu Ye imitated old master Lu’s tone and made Gu Yan cover her mouth in amusement.

Gu Yan thought for a moment and asked, “What about auntie?”

“My mother’s side. She’s a bit duplicitous. When my grandfather told us to get married soon, she was beside them and didn’t say anything. She must have acquiesced. And based on my understanding of my mother, she would definitely tell others that my daughter-in-law is amazing. She was the Galactic Alliance Exam’s top scorer and almost got full marks.”

Seeing that Lu Ye was imitating Mrs. Lu, Gu Yan pursed her lips and smiled. She thought for a moment and said seriously, “Ah Ye, I’m actually very envious of you. Your family is very easy to get along with and very kind.”

“My family is your family.” Lu Ye held Gu Yan’s hand and his eyes were deep. “So, comrade Gu Yan, when do you plan to officially turn me into your family, hmm?”

“Sister-in-law, hurry up and agree. Our Captain Lu is a good man who is hard to find even if you have a lantern.” The young soldier driving the car immediately assisted him.

Lu Ye gave the young warrior a look of approval. Hmm, this young man has a bright future!

On the other side, Gu Yan pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows. She looked at Lu Ye with a smile and asked, “Did you bring your household registration book and ID card?”

Lu Ye: ! ! ! ! ! !

The next moment, he yelled at the young warrior driving the car, “Turn around! Return to the Special Vanguard Forces!”

The young warrior who was driving was so shocked that he immediately drifted away. Fortunately, this young warrior was an auto warrior. His skills were good and his reaction was quick, so he did not bump into passersby.

Gu Yan almost hit the window due to inertia. Fortunately, she quickly grabbed the handrail and said in a bad mood, “Turn back again. I want to go to the hospital!”

“Yan Yan…” Lu Ye asked the driver to turn around while looking at Gu Yan. God knows, Lu Ye almost had a heart attack when he heard Gu Yan mention the ID card!

Gu Yan looked at Lu Ye who was like a big bad wolf with his ears drooping down. She couldn’t help but laugh and said in a bad mood, “Didn’t we agree to go to the hospital? If you want to get the certificate, we’ll go after their wedding tomorrow.”

In fact, Gu Yan had planned to wait until the admission notice was given before she got the certificate. However, it seemed that the first Academy of the Empire was not a big problem at the moment.

Furthermore, Lu Ye was going to the Snow Wolf Unit at the end of the year…

Actually, she didn’t want to wait any longer.

All she wanted to do was finish the matter in front of her and quickly collect the certificate.

When Lu Ye heard the specific time, he was also satisfied. He pinched Gu Yan’s hand and said, “Yan Yan, you said it. It’s done. We’ll collect the certificate the day after tomorrow at eight in the morning! I won’t leave until I see you.”

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