I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 547 - Why Does Bai Weiyang Look Like Elder Bai

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Chapter 547: Why Does Bai Weiyang Look Like Elder Bai


Lu Ye was calculating in his heart. He had to hurry up and get the family to prepare for the wedding. No matter what, he would not let Gu Yan suffer any grievances.

He turned his head to look at Gu Yan, who was in a daze, and asked curiously, “Yan Yan, what are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking… why does Bai Weiyang look like elder Bai.”

Gu Yan lowered her eyes slightly, and the sunlight shone through the glass, causing her to squint her eyes.

Lu Ye held Gu Yan’s hand and said, “Yan Yan, have you ever thought about whether Bai Weiyang is related to someone in the Bai Family?”

Actually, Lu Ye’s words were rather conservative.

Gu Yan had also suspected whether Bai Weiyang was Bai Jianjun’s daughter or someone else’s child in the Bai family.

However, if Bai Weiyang was Bai Jianjun’s daughter… could it be that Bai Jianjun had betrayed Xie Luan?

Although Gu Yan had known Bai Jianjun for two lifetimes and did not really like him, she felt that he was too strict and cold, and did not have much affection for his family.

However, this person had taken the position of commander after all, and his character was upright. It could be said that he was cold and indifferent to his family, and it could even be said that this person was unreasonable.

However, he would definitely not get involved with Zhang Lan!

The matter… might be even more complicated than they had imagined!

Lowering her eyes slightly, Gu Yan realized that the matter of changing the child back then was actually suspicious everywhere, but it seemed very reasonable everywhere.

In her previous life, she did not know anything at all. It was not without reason that she had lived such a difficult life.

After all, the person behind this matter was meticulous and calculated. He had even thought of everything. For example, when Bai Weiyang grew up, she still looked like a member of the Bai family, so she would definitely not be exposed.

And Gu Yan, who had been replaced, most likely did not look like a member of the Bai family, so it was even harder for her to be exposed.

Gu Yan’s eyes suddenly widened!

If, if that person had been present at the scene, would he have just happened to know that the newborn child did not look like a member of the Bai family, and then took advantage of the fact that no one else in the Bai family knew about it to replace the child!

Or, that person might have simply known Xie Luan, and even knew what a member of the Xie Luan family looked like!

No, these things could not have been done by Zhang Lan alone!

That proved that… Zhang Lan had help!

Gu Yan was immediately covered in cold sweat, and her expression became solemn.

Lu Ye also felt that something was wrong with Gu Yan. He immediately put his hands on Gu Yan’s shoulders and said, “Yan Yan, what’s wrong?”

“I’m fine.” Gu Yan had already regained her senses and looked out of the window. “Are we heading to the hospital now?”

“Yes, we’re almost there.”

Gu Yan nodded silently.

Yes, we’re almost there.

Because when she did the paternity test, not only did she do a genetic comparison with Xie Luan and Bai Jianjun, but she also did… a genetic comparison between Bai Weiyang, Xie Luan, and Bai Jianjun!

As for how to get the blood samples of Bai Jianjun and Bai Weiyang, this was not a difficult task for Bai Changle.

When he got off the car, Gu Yan looked at the hospital entrance and raised his head, his eyes shining.

Bai Weiyang, no matter whose child you are, in short, you can forget about flaunting your identity for the rest of your life!

When Gu Yan and Lu Ye walked into the hospital, Bai Changle, who was standing on the second floor of the hospital, was waiting for Gu Yan and Lu Ye. He was still wondering if he should go and get the results first?

In fact, Bai Changle didn’t sleep well last night. He had already determined that Gu Yan was his sister, and the result of the appraisal involved another problem.

Was Bai Weiyang related to their family?

After all, Bai Weiyang was very similar to the Bai family…

Xie Luan also knew about this matter. She didn’t come today, so although she was at home, she was naturally a little restless.

At this moment, a woman walked toward Bai Changle.

“Changle, why are you here?” Bai Mengchen looked at her nephew in confusion. “Didn’t you go on a mission?”

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