I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 1269 - The Big Boss of Another School Poaching Someone and Tearing Hai Ning Apart  

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Chapter 1269: The Big Boss of Another School Poaching Someone and Tearing Hai Ning Apart

“No wonder Pei Yunge didn’t participate in the training even once as a substitute.”

Hai Ning turned around and said with a smile, “I really didn’t expect things to turn out like this.”

“Hai Ning, do you have to say this to someone from the same class?” The other players in the team frowned.

It was fine if the other classes fought with Pei Yunge, but why was Hai Ning’s brain not clear??

“Did I say something wrong?”

Hai Ning looked calm, but her hands under her sleeves were trembling.

Pei Yunge became the judge of her competition, but she did not even get first place and only got second.

She could already imagine how those people in the class who originally disliked her would ridicule her behind her back.

With that said…

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the crowd.

“Why is it you again?”

Everyone turned around and saw a white-haired foreign man. He was dressed very formally and wore a pair of glasses.

Pei Yunge turned to look at him and raised an eyebrow. She had some impression of this person.

This was a professor from the Physics Department of Nili University. He had met her once before.

“When you were in Year Two of high school, our Nili University’s Physics Department and Mathematics Department sent you offers, right? I didn’t expect you to still go to Yun University.”

The professor did not hide his fondness for Pei Yunge at all. When he looked at Pei Yunge, he was also smiling.

Unlike his cold and serious expression just now…

“Nili University is too far away.”

Pei Yunge’s tone was still perfunctory, but when her pretty eyes curved, she inexplicably made people like her.

“It’s quite far.”

The professor nodded thoughtfully and said deliberately, “However, the school you chose is quite interesting. A genius like you will definitely be highly sought after in our Nili University. But how can you be a freshman substitute here?”

“Why don’t you consider transferring to Nili University? The scholarship will definitely be generous.”

With that said…

The smiles of the Principal and the professors of the Physics Department froze.

He never thought that Nili University would poach someone so shamelessly!?

What nonsense was he saying in front of them?!

“Professor Reubus, isn’t it inappropriate for you to poach her in person?” The Principal of Yun University gave a fake smile.

Professor Reubus was extremely arrogant. “Is poaching someone dirty? Why do you have to poach them secretly?”

“In my eyes, isn’t this the treatment a genius should receive? Since your school doesn’t respect geniuses, why don’t you let her go to a more suitable school?”

No one expected two top universities to fight so openly over a student.

Seeing this, Hai Ning could not help clenching her fists. Her eyes started to turn red from jealousy and her body was trembling.

Nili University was the top famous school in the world. Even the students of Yun University were very willing to study at Nili University with the relevant support.

But such a school would actually send an offer to Pei Yunge, who was in her second year of high school, in advance?!

The anger and jealousy in Hai Ning’s mind burned until she lost all rationality and she could not help saying this instinctively.

“Is Student Pei so good in high school? Then it looks like Student Pei is too low-key. As her roommate, I haven’t realized it.”

“However, I really want to see Student Pei’s ability with my own eyes.”

At this point, Hai Ning deliberately smiled at Pei Yunge.

But suddenly…

In the next second, they heard Professor Reubus laugh in disbelief. “Are all your students from Yun University so innocent?”

The Principal and the rest did not look too good.

How could they not hear the hidden meaning behind these words? Were all the students of Yun University so ignorant?

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