I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 875 - Master Pei Catching Someone ‘Red-Handed’

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Chapter 875: Master Pei Catching Someone ‘Red-Handed’

“Qin Yu, why are you here?”

The director frowned. “You’re still hanging around here when you’re already ready?”

“You still have the cheek to say that?? What clothes are you letting my sister wear?”

Qin Yu scrutinized the director and shielded Pei Yunge behind him. “I really didn’t expect Old Liu to be so perverted.”

The director’s eyelid twitched. “…What nonsense are you talking about? The stylist said that we can’t waste Miss Pei’s beauty.”

Even in the background, she was the most stunning piece.

“Don’t talk nonsense. You can either change the person or find normal clothes for my sister.”

Cold disdain appeared in Qin Yu’s superior eyes.

The director was speechless.

He really didn’t expect Qin Yu to be so obsessed with his sister.

Ten minutes later.

Pei Yunge changed into a more conservative set of clothes. The safety rope was tied around her waist, but on the surface, it looked like a hook had hooked onto the back of her collar.

She heard the extras behind talking.

“As expected of Director Liu. He even dared to hang Brother Yu’s sister!”

Pei Yunge was speechless.

In the blink of an eye, Pei Yunge saw Huang Ke, who was hanging happily and swinging the rope around herself.

Pei Yunge was speechless. “…How long do we have to be hung up?”

Hearing this, Huang Ke immediately stopped. “Huh? It should be for the whole day. But it’s so fun, Ge’er. Try swinging around!”

Pei Yunge rejected politely. “…Thank you, but there’s no need.”


After the MV filming started, Yu Manran saw Pei Yunge behind her and could not help wanting to go and look at her. However, she was stopped by Qin Yu, who was very wary.

Not letting anyone approach Pei Yunge.

The corners of Yu Manran’s lips twitched, but she could only suppress her anger and continue filming the MV with Qin Yu.


In the afternoon, Yu Manran and Qin Yu’s intimate scene kept getting NG.

The director was furious. He could only take a deep breath and make himself a cup of tea.

The filming stopped.

Pei Yunge only closed her eyes for a while. When she woke up again, she saw that Yu Manran and Qin Yu had a fight.

Huang Ke was shocked.

“Ge’er, what should we do? Sister Man is so angry that she ran away?” Huang Ke was anxious.

Pei Yunge’s eyes moved. “I’m hanging here. What can I do?”

After getting used to being hung up, Pei Yunge’s mentality started to waver.

Huang Ke, who was beside her, was speechless.


What was unexpected was that in the next second, the girls behind suddenly could not suppress the excitement in their voices, as if they were about to scream.

Such a situation was probably rare. After all, they could see Qin Yu every day here.

This made Pei Yunge look up instinctively, but she did not expect to see the man not far away.

The handsome and dignified man was wearing a black tailored suit. His posture was languid and light. His pale-colored pupils were abstruse and the corners of his upturned eyes were charming.

There was a sense of indolence and arrogance in his cold temperament.

It was Huo Shidu.

Pei Yunge’s first reaction was to pull Huang Ke, who was beside her, and slowly turn herself around.

She didn’t want this man to see her hanging here.


In the next second, she seemed to hear a woman laugh.

Pei Yunge was speechless.

After a moment, Pei Yunge turned around and saw Huo Shidu walking with a woman who looked to be in her twenties. They were chatting happily.

“Ge… Ge’er?”

Huang Ke called Pei Yunge carefully. It was her first time seeing Pei Yunge sizing up someone so openly.


Pei Yunge replied calmly.

However, she heard the people behind her talking.

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