I’ll Add Points To All Things - Chapter 692 - Tang Xiaomi’s “Tear-Jerking Farewell”

Chapter 692: Tang Xiaomi’s “Tear-Jerking Farewell”

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Su Yang understood that Huang Zheng was afraid that his position would be affected if he held too many shares.

‘Even though I’ve already talked to him about this and said that I would be his person acting in concert who would support him no matter what decision he makes…

‘However, from Huang Zheng’s perspective, if the other investors offered the same conditions, it would be better for him to split his shares instead.

‘After all, the more people that invest in him, the lower the risk for him and his company.

‘However, I should be able to negotiate with him. After all, there’s a price for everything, even risks.

‘So, I’ll be willing to pay a little higher price for Juduoduo’s shares.

‘After all, Juduoduo has just taken off. So, if I don’t take advantage of it now while its valuation is still low, am I supposed to wait until it increases then?’

Hence, Su Yang made a decision. “I’ll look for Huang Zheng personally tomorrow. We’ve definitely got to have his share.”

Tang Jing nodded silently and asked, “Xiao Yang, is Juduoduo really worth our investment?”

Su Yang said with certainty, “Yes, it’s worth it.

“To tell you the truth… Sister Tang, whether you’re able to be financially free for the rest of your life depends on them.”

Tang Jing said softly, “But, our company doesn’t have that much money to invest. They’re asking for 50 million yuan this round.”

Su Yang waved his hand. “It’s alright. I’ve got the money. Other than the money used to operate the company, we’ll invest everything else into Juduoduo. Then, my headquarters will compensate for the remaining amount.”

Tang Jing nodded and said gently, “Okay.”

She was a very traditional woman. Therefore, in her heart, she knew that she only had to follow whatever men told her to.

After that, Su Yang chatted with Tang Jing about Juduoduo’s meeting. He remembered everything that Huang Zheng mentioned during the meeting and came up with a plan to persuade Huang Zheng together with Tang Jing.

Just like that, the two worked until late at night before returning to their rooms to sleep.

The night passed peacefully. The next morning, Su Yang woke up early and had a meal with Tang Jing and Tang Xiaomi.

After the meal, Tang Jing sent Tang Xiaomi to kindergarten. The little girl was going to attend elementary school this year, so she was very nervous about her studies. Hence, she probably would not return to the villa anytime soon. This made the little girl very reluctant to part with Su Yang, she hugged Su Yang tightly and refused to let go. In fact, she said that she did not want to go to school anymore and only wanted to play with Su Yang.

On the other hand, Su Yang was rather hurt by her sudden emotional outburst. He patted her head and told her not to speak like a child. Then, he said that he would visit her whenever he was free. However, she must study hard and not let Su Yang down.

After consoling the little girl for a while, she let go of Su Yang reluctantly. Then, she held her mother’s hand and walked out of the house. She was clearly a child who was supposed to be carefree, but now, her every step felt heavy.

After taking two steps, she turned around and looked at Su Yang.

Su Yang was a little saddened by her emotions, so he forced a smile and waved at her.

The little girl stared at Su Yang for a while before letting go of his mommy’s hand and ran towards Su Yang.

Just when Su Yang thought that she was going to have another “tear-jerking farewell”, she suddenly smiled and said, “Su Yang, can I ask you a question?”

Su Yang was confused as he replied, “Go ahead.”

“Alright then. Do you like watermelon juice, strawberry juice, or…”

Su Yang was confused as to what Tang Xiaomi was doing.

Then, Tang Xiaomi cupped her face with both hands and said cutely, “Or do you like this little bunny.”

Su Yang burst out laughing. He finally understood that Tang Xiaomi was trying to make him happy because she had made him sad.

Su Yang patted her head warmly. “This little bunny, of course.”

Tang Xiaomi chuckled and said, “Then, remember to visit me. I’m leaving now. You mustn’t be sad! Stay strong!”

After that, she waved at Su Yang and ran to hold her mother’s hand before leaving the villa without looking back.

However, as Su Yang watched the little girl leave, he thought he saw her secretly raising her hand to wipe her eyes.

The softest part of Su Yang’s heart quivered.

After Tang Jing and the little girl left, Su Yang took a look at some motivational pictures in the group chat to adjust his mood. Then, he called Huang Zheng and asked if he was free that day.

Huang Zheng was very polite to Su Yang. When Su Yang asked, he immediately said that he was available. Hence, Su Yang did not stand on ceremony and asked to meet him in the afternoon.

After arranging a time with Huang Zheng, Su Yang called Pan Zhaodi and asked her to drive him to Hangzhou.

Truth be told, ever since Pan Zhaodi became a secretary, she had been very competent. No matter what time or for what matter did Su Yang ask for her, she would always be at his beck and call. It was as if she was always by his side. This made Su Yang very curious about where Pan Zhaodi was staying at that moment.

Hence, on the way to Hangcheng, Su Yang used the glass screen to play a co-op game with Lin Jiali while he asked Pan Zhaodi, “Sister Pan, where are you staying now?”

While driving, Pan Zhaodi said with a cold face, “Nearby.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Her icy cold demeanor resembles the top student, Li Runze very much.’ In fact, Pan Zhaodi had been so cold to Su Yang that he missed his ultimate and ended up dying together with Lin Jiali during their teamfight.

On the other hand, Lin Jiali was fuming as she typed furiously on the public chat. ‘What are you doing? Do you know how to release your ultimate? I was so close to being able to get a pentakill already!’

In the car, Su Yang rolled his eyes. ‘Save it. We were up against four full HPs and one with half HP. So, how were you going to kill all of them?’

Su Yang ignored Lin Jiali and walked out of the “water fountain” and asked Pan Zhaodi, “Where is this nearby area?”

After a moment of silence, Pan Zhaodi said, “Near our neighborhood.”

Su Yang looked up at her and had a guess. “The basement?”

Pan Zhaodi drove and did not speak for a long time. In the end, she made an “En” noise.

After that, Su Yang placed his hand on his phone and ignored Lin Jiali, who was urging him to go up against the five enemies who were preparing to push towards their tower. “Sister Pan, why don’t you pack up and move to the villa? There are many empty rooms there anyway, so you could find a room on the first floor and clean up the place as payment for your rental.

“That way, if I’ve got to ask you to handle some matters for me, it would be more…”

Before Su Yang could finish his sentence, Pan Zhaodi simply replied, “Okay.”

Su Yang was stunned for a moment. However, when he thought about it, the reply did fit Pan Zhaodi’s character. Hence, he smiled and shook his head before lowering to control his character, Da Qiao.

Just like that, Su Yang and Lin Jiali played games all the way until Lin Jiali dropped from Platinum 5 to Gold 3. After that, Lin Jiali came up with an excuse to not play with Su Yang anymore, claiming that she was going to eat.


However, after Su Yang had finished another game, he realized that the woman had secretly started a game herself and was in the midst of a killing spree.

Su Yang harrumphed. ‘Fine, don’t bring me along if that’s what you want! The wheel of fortune is always turning, so don’t you bully me when I’m… A noob! There’s no way I’m going to bring you along with me when I achieve King!

‘That’s right. Every noob dreams of becoming King.’

After that, time flew by and soon, Pan Zhaodi drove Su Yang to Juduoduo’s office.

Juduoduo, one of the top few companies in China’s Internet industry in the future, was already showing signs of success. Even though they had only just started financing their series A, the company already had hundreds of employees and was very powerful.

On the other hand, Su Yang and Pan Zhaodi had just arrived at the front desk to register. While they were waiting, they saw that Juduoduo’s employees were all very busy, but they were filled with excitement despite being busy.

Su Yang sized up the employees and realized that not only were they focused, they were also very efficient. Even their footsteps were hurried as if they were rushing for time.

He could not help but sigh as he lamented. ‘No wonder Juduoduo’s able to develop so quickly. The atmosphere of the whole company is actually so lively, which is the atmosphere of a proactive company.

‘If they’re compared to my own companies, we’re probably the equivalent of nursing homes. There’s no motivation, no sense of urgency and everyone seems very relaxed.

‘So, how could such a company withstand the competition of this internet company?

‘Thankfully, the few companies I have aren’t internet companies. The only on that’s closes to that, Findme app, was developed by my team in Hangzhou and the atmosphere there is more positive.’

Just as Su Yang was sizing up the company, in less than a minute, Huang Zheng, who was led by his secretary, came through the door. The moment he saw Su Yang, he smiled and extended his hand. “Mr. Su, I’ve just heard about the news, I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Su Yang replied, “It’s alright, I just arrived myself.”

Huang Zheng smiled and said, “This is your first time being in my company, isn’t it? Come, let me show you around.”

With that, Huang Zheng brought Su Yang around the office. They went from the office to the lounge, pantry and the meeting room.

However, Huang Zheng did not introduce any employees to Su Yang.

After visiting the company, Huang Zheng brought Su Yang to the CEO’s office, which was not that big. Other than his office area, there was only a sofa set.

Huang Zheng guided Su Yang to the sofa and asked his secretary to fetch him a glass of water.

Su Yang stopped him and said, “You don’t have to do that, I’ll be leaving after chatting for a while.”

Hence, Huang Zheng did not insist and asked his secretary to close the door.

When the door was closed, only Su Yang and Huang Zheng were left in the office.

Both of them were smart people, so they knew what each other was up to. As the host, Huang Zheng took the initiative to say, “Mr. Su, I know why you’re looking for me. So, I believe you should also know which way I’m inclining towards in terms of financing, don’t you”

Su Yang nodded and said bluntly, “Yes, I do, you’re hoping to be able to proceed with a low risk. Therefore, an additional investor would increase your ability to resist future risks. To be more specific, should an investor be unable to accumulate the funds required, another investor would probably be able to help.”

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