I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot - Chapter 727 - The Heaven-Defying People and the Seven Battle Spirit Guardians

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Chapter 727: The Heaven-Defying People and the Seven Battle Spirit Guardians

Yun Qianshan and the others were happily feasting. At the same time, a powerful artillery fire aura was heading there while releasing huge pressure. The aura was so strong that it formed a suppressive force that felt surreal, almost like a sky curtain pressing down from the sky and making it difficult for everyone to breathe.

Yun Qianshan’s expression changed and he asked coldly, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Gu Debai!”

In the space, a group of Eldritchs slowly emerged with Wisdom and a dragon-like aura surrounding them. They looked down at the crowd condescendingly with a horrifying aura. The group consisted of Gu Ai, Gu Debai, and Gu Lie who were all second-step Wisdom Elites, along with another seven Wisdom Elites. The lineup was so powerful that they could even dominate the world.

“What scary power!”

“Wisdom manifested and surrendered to them. They’re the second-step Wisdom Elites!”

“It’s over now. The Eldritchs are here. How can the fourth dimension fight against them?”

Everyone in the fourth dimension showed fear. They activated the mana in their bodies to resist the oppression from the Eldritchs and because of that, their faces were flushed red.

“You’re back?” Yun Qianshan’s face sank and asked, “What about the others from the fourth dimension?”

Yun Qianshan was shocked and suspicious. They rushed toward the third dimension excitedly, so why would they return so soon? Was it just a one-day trip?

In the group were a bunch of demons from the fourth dimension. They wanted to look for their ancestors in the third dimension. If they did find their ancestors, they would not be afraid to face the Eldritchs.

“Are you referring to those demons?” Gu Lie shook his head and mocked, “They’re quite useless. They went to the seventh dimension with their ancestors to become game meat. I don’t think they’ll be getting their happily ever after.”

‘The seventh dimension again!’ Yun Qianshan thought. ‘Since the Eldritchs dared to enter the fourth dimension and let go of those bunch of people in the seventh dimension, it just means that they think that the fourth dimension’s weaker than the seventh dimension!’

Yun Qianshan sneered, “What brings you to the fourth dimension? We have enough power in the fourth dimension to crush all of you!”

Although the Eldritchs had three second-step Wisdom Elite among them, the fourth dimension had Yun Qianshan, Lord Angel, and the mysterious person from Heaven Mystery Pavilion. They were almost on par with the Eldritchs.

Gu Ai said nothing. He glanced and set his eyes on the objects in everyone’s hand in the fourth dimension. He raised his hands and the Power of Wisdom flowed, turning into an irresistible force that pulled the objects to him.

“This is the Origins from the third dimension? It does smell like the Origins but the smell is stronger and stranger.”

After that, Gu Ai opened his mouth and ate it. Then, he closed his eyes and savored it.

“It’s definitely something good!”

A moment later, Gu Ai opened his eyes. Then, he raised his hand and waved again. This time he captured the Origins Devouring Bugs and said overbearingly, “I can’t believe the legendary Origins Devouring Bugs exists in the fourth dimension. Where did you get them? They belong to the Eldritchs from now on!”

Yun Qianshan laughed out of frustration. “Are you kidding me? We’re ready to fight you if that’s what you came here for!”

“What a bunch of ignorant fools. Do you think you have the capability to fight against me?” Gu Ai smiled in contempt. He slowly raised his hand and opened up his palm.

The sky roared with Gu Ai’s movement. At that moment, Gu Ai seemed to have the power to control the universe. The entire fourth dimension trembled because of his aura. A huge hand appeared, covering the sky and the Heaven Mystery Pavilion with its shadow. Everyone was feeling scared and trembling.

“Is this aura the Origins? His body actually contains the Origins!”

Yun Qianshan widened his eyes and stared at Gu Ai’s hand with horror. The hand was surrounded by a strange aura that had the power to control Wisdom. It exuded a heart-palpitating power.

‘He could actually refine Origins in his hands. How much Origins can he get? Gu Ai’s close to being a third-step Wisdom Elite!’ Yun Qianshan thought.

Gu Debai was stunned, too. He then said with surprise, “My brother Gu Ai, I didn’t know you were actually that powerful.”

Gu Ai smiled and said, “I obtained countless Origins in the third dimension over the years. It’s not a surprise to possess such power.”

“Then, when you were in the third dimension…” Gu Lie stopped finishing his sentence. He wanted to ask why Gu Ai did not attack the people from the seventh dimension when they were in the third dimension. However, thinking back at the time, he still felt that the people from the seventh dimension were much stronger than Gu Ai and it was right to back off.

Gu Ai was in control now. Relaxed, he said, “I’ll just take it myself if all of you aren’t going to surrender.”

As Gu Ai finished his sentence, he used his giant hand and applied more pressure on the Heaven Mystery Pavilion.

“You’re underestimating all of us from the fourth dimension. Do you think our power hasn’t grown after consuming the Origins from the third dimension?” Yun Qianshan shouted angrily as he released his mana with the aura of the Origins flowing inside it.

“Useless.” Gu Ai smiled disdainfully. However, just as the two forces were about to confront each other, another force suddenly emerged from the Heaven Mystery Pavilion. It blew away the two forces and disarmed their powers with a breeze.

“Who is it?” Gu Ai asked as he instantly led his people a few steps backward, his face full of vigilance.

A phantom of an elderly man slowly appeared and said plainly, “Although we aren’t from the same dimension, that doesn’t mean we need to fight and kill each other when we meet.”

It was the old pavilion master.

“Third-step Wisdom Elite?” Gu Ai narrowed his eyes and shook his head. “No, that’s not right. This aura… It’s full of Origins. It’s definitely the Origins from the fourth dimension!”

There was a gleam in Gu Ai’s eyes showing a trace of greed but it disappeared very soon. There was no doubt that he was after the Origins of the fourth dimension but he was not the opponent of the old pavilion master.

The old pavilion master said, “In fact, it isn’t necessary for us to fight to the death. We can instead cooperate to steal all the Origins from the seventh dimension.”

Gu Ai thought for a while and said, “I’ll accept the offer.” He did not bother to ask the reason behind it. He knew it was meaningless and all of it was for their own benefits and agenda. The most important matter was to steal the Origins from the seventh dimension since the seventh dimension was a very mysterious place.

Gu Ai said again, “Since we have the intention to destroy the seventh dimension, we should act fast. I suggest we gather more people. You just need to open the portal of the third dimension and I can invite more people to join our plan.”

The old pavilion master nodded and said, “It’s a great idea. With more people joining us, we can send out more Origins Devouring Bugs to steal more of the Origins in a short time.”

Yun Qianshan said, “If that’s the case, I could invite my friends from the fourth dimension over and savor the Origins together. Especially Lord Angel. I can’t believe he dares to complain that the Origins smell bad. I must brainwash him and help him overcome his fear.”

A smile appeared on Gu Debai’s face. “It’s a party then? We could feast on the Origins together. What a scene it would be.”

Gu Lie laughed and said, “Haha, having the Origins as our meal. I think only we can live this extravagantly among all the seven dimensions.”

“It’s settled. Let’s invite the others to join the party!”

“They’ll definitely cry with happiness when they hear we’re willing to share some Origins with them.”

In the backyard of the four-part architecture, Dragin and Nanan were sitting next to the willow tree. They were listening to the willow tree who was talking about the past.

Dragin asked curiously, “Sister Willow, is the weird gray mist really Heaven? What realm are you in to be able to defeat Heaven?”

A gust of wind blew and the branches of the willow tree swayed with the wind. A gentle voice spoke, “It really is Heaven, but that was just its avatar. I had just leveled up from being a third-step Wisdom Elite and entered into the Wisdom Dictator realm.”

“Sister Willow’s so amazing to surpass the third-step Wisdom Elite,” exclaimed Dragin.

The second-step Wisdom Elite was powerful enough to suppress Wisdom. Being a third-step Wisdom Elite was unimaginable and the willow tree was actually above it. No wonder it was able to defeat Heaven’s avatar.

“How powerful is Heaven’s avatar anyway?” asked Nanan.

“It’s the strongest among all living creatures. There’s no way to know its real strength and power,” said the willow tree.

“Those who defied Heaven are remarkable people,” said Nanan and Dragin admiringly.

“Those who defied Heaven are a group of people. They’re marvelous and exceptional people. They had defied Heaven a total of nine times. Even when they failed each time, they would reincarnate into a stronger person and try again,” said the willow tree. “After defying Heaven nine times, they finally succeed by setting up a trap that could entirely suppress Heaven. The world was then separated into seven dimensions. As long as the seven dimensions are never reunited, Heaven will never appear again.”

“Why must we defy Heaven?” asked Dragin.

“To live,” said the willow tree slowly. “In that past, no matter how strong you were, even when you were already eternal, you’d one day be infected with the unknown, turning into a white-haired monster to eventually die. Meanwhile, Heaven would destroy the world and there would be a genocide of all living creatures. Everything would have to start all over again, just like restarting a game.”

“Sister Willow, are you one of those who defied Heaven?” asked Dragin curiously.

The willow tree swayed its branches and said, “No. After the success, those who defied Heaven could no longer live. They transformed their determination and souls and became the Battle Spirit Guardians, so they could forever protect the seven dimensions.”

The willow tree paused for a while and continued to say, “Since the world was separated into the seven dimensions, theoretically speaking, no one could surpass being a second-step Wisdom Elite. Those who were the Battle Spirit Guardians could reach the peak of third-step Wisdom Elite, and seven Battle Spirit Guardians guarded the seven dimensions separately, representing the most powerful being in each dimension.”

Dragin nodded. “With the Battle Spirit Guardians guarding each dimension and Heaven being suppressed forever, the seven dimensions finally regained their peace.”

“That’s true.” The willow tree paused again and sighed. “However, in the end, we still lost it to the greed in human nature. Some people tried to seek stronger power and used despicable methods to gain it. They were even bewitched by Heaven and brought disaster to the world.”

“Sister Willow, what about the rest of the Battle Spirit Guardians? Are they in Brother Li’s backyard?” Dragin asked as she glanced around.

“You don’t have to look for them. They aren’t here,” the willow tree spoke with great sadness.

Then it waved its branches at the sky and suddenly, an image appeared in front of them. Seven figures were standing in the image. Their faces were unclear and blurred but each of them looked elegant and graceful. Undoubtedly, they were exceptional people in their era. They were standing in front of a portal with worries all over their faces. In the portal, they could see some grey mist that exuded an extremely dangerous aura. Looking at the image, Dragin and Nanan felt scared and could not move their bodies.

In the image, a tall man said, “The second dimension has fallen into an unprecedented catastrophe and it’s being infected by the unknown. We must act together to suppress it in the shortest time.”

One of the people with a golden glow said, “If all of us go to the second realm, what about the other six dimensions?”

“Seventh Sister will stay behind while the rest of us go!” another person stood up and said with an extremely decisive tone.

Seventh Sister was the only woman within the group. She was wearing a long light green dress. She was taken aback when she heard it.

“The changes in the second dimension are too sudden. Isn’t it too risky to enter it rashly?” said Seventh Sister.

“We have to go even if there’s danger.”

“If we can’t defeat it, then we’ll let the second dimension disappear forever.”

“Seventh Sister, if we don’t return from the second dimension, it’s all up to you to protect the rest of the six dimensions.”

After that, none of them turned their backs. They entered the portal without any hesitation. The only woman left looked at the portal and sighed.

Nanan and Dragin could not wait to find out what happened. “So what happened to the second dimension? Sister Willow, what happened?”

The willow tree sighed. “I don’t know. I didn’t expect that that was the last time I’d see them. In the end, I couldn’t sense what happened in the second dimension.”

Nanan and Dragin’s brows knitted together. Dragin said, “You were the most powerful people in all of the seven dimensions. What else could’ve defeated them in the second dimension? Heaven was already divided into seven pieces so it couldn’t have defeated them.”

Nanan said, “I wondered if Brother Li will open the portal of the second dimension like what he did with the third dimension. If he does, we can go in to investigate what happened.”

“The expert?” repeated the willow tree respectfully as she thought of the possibility. “He saved me from the River of Time, giving me a chance to regrow with just a small trace of vitality. It reversed the boundary of life and death. He reminds me of those heaven-defying people. If there’s someone who can reopen the second dimension, then he’s definitely the man to do it.”

“Sister Willow, we need to some pick fertilizer gold to fertilize the backyard. Let’s see if those new game animals are working hard,” said Nanan.

“Hmm, we just need to eat them if they aren’t!” Dragin exclaimed and said to the willow tree, “We’ll come back when we’re free.”

Meanwhile, it was very crowded and lively in the Heaven Mystery Pavilion. Many people were arriving with anticipation and curiosity. Their mana was flowing around them with Wisdom contained in it. Most of them were Wisdom Elites and there were even a few second-step Wisdom Elites among the new arrivals.

“I heard there’s a party here, is it true?”

“That’s right. So extravagant to be feasting the Origins from the seventh dimension.”

“I’m Shi Zhenxiang, the leader of the Heaven-eyed Donkey. I’ve brought all of my people with me.”

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