I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot - Chapter 939 - Meeting Zhou Yuanhai Again  

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Chapter 939: Meeting Zhou Yuanhai Again

“He still had a trump card like that!” A figure said in disbelief from within the gray mist, full of reluctance.

Another figure said, “Was it prepared from the last life? What a madman! Using a coffin to bury the undying. Converting the undying power into one of death to suppress the corruption.”

They did not think about stopping it at all. That was because they knew very well that it would be useless no matter what they did. They were on completely different levels.

They immediately retreated, only leaving that dragon-like creature behind to struggle in agony, slowly sinking into the volcano. It caused the chaotic cluster of volcanos to go quiet again.

At the scene, only that old and broken down sect building was left to witness the changes through the countless years…

Very far away, the drunkard that ran away suddenly stopped.

He looked toward the chaotic volcanos with a complicated expression. He sat down on the spot, raising his gourd as he chugged down his wine. After a moment, he stood up again and left.

At the same time, the Heavenly Palace was also incredibly busy. Heavenly soldiers and generals were sent all over the Origins Realm.

Xiao Chengfeng and the others had serious expressions on their faces. They knew that the gray mist must be fighting back after the expert lit up the Flames of Wisdom. The counterattack was much fiercer than they expected it would be. The gray mist had so tyrannically and quickly swallowed millions of lifeforms!

The Unending Sea was like a huge and unimaginable claw, reaching out into the heavens. Even those who did not want to absorb the gray mist were very possibly forced to. Furthermore, those with the gray mist fought against those on Wisdom’s side.

Those corrupted places were no longer suppressed and suddenly went crazy.

“How terrifying! The forces of the gray mist are too many. They’re expanding so quickly. No wonder even Wisdom itself was forced to split itself apart to stop this. It’s unbelievable!” Cultivator Junjun said with a serious expression, feeling incredible pressure on him.

Now, the origin world was filled with danger. The battles between cultivators constantly escalated. The situation was becoming incredibly active and chaotic.

Xiao Chengfeng took a deep breath and sighed, “The Sky Melting Sword is telling me that many strong cultivators have disappeared in a short time.”

The crowd suddenly went quiet.

Those that Xiao Chengfeng could call strong were at least close to being supreme beings, if not already supreme beings. Yet, they all released their powers in a short time before disappearing. It was obvious they put their lives on the line and fell.

They were heroes that went against the gray mist for countless years, but they fell now…

Juling Shen’s eyes were red as he said in surprise and anger, “What’s happening?”

At that moment, a figure sped over from afar. The figure was constantly flickering as his aura rose and fell. The figure seemed to be in a bad shape as it quickly stopped in front of everyone.

“Zhou Yuanhai?” Xiao Chengfeng was stunned, immediately recognizing the person.

He met Zhou Yuanhai back when he got the Sky Melting Sword from the Divine Sword Mountain. He was a servant of the Sky Melting Sword’s past owner. He happened to know a lot of secrets, and they wiped out the Wisdom Pill Pavilion back then.

After they parted, Zhou Yuanhai disappeared. So Xiao Chengfeng never expected to meet him again.

Xiao Chengfeng raised an eyebrow and asked, “What happened to you?”

Zhou Yuanhai stabilized his injuries before saying, “I was at a corrupted place, wanting to help a senior suppress the gray mist. We were no match for them, and it was everything I could do to just preserve my life.”

Cultivator Junjun asked seriously, “What’s happening with the corrupted areas? Why is the gray mist suddenly so powerful?”

“It’s not the gray mist that became powerful, it’s just that someone is helping it!”

Zhou Yuanhai said in paused for a moment before saying, “Those traitors from a lifetime ago left before the battle, betraying Wisdom. They’re now afraid of the repercussions. They’re incredibly selfish, so they chose to release the gray mist and have it go against Wisdom!”

“What? That’s what’s happening?!”

“Those animals. They didn’t just run away then, but they’ve returned!”

“Despicable. No wonder Wisdom Lost. They’re also the cause of all the chaos!”

The Heavenly Palace was shocked and angered.

They already knew about the traitors before, but they never expected the traitors to go even further this time.

“That’s right, I happened to come across another treasure by chance. It feels like it shares a similar origin to the Sky Melting Sword. Are you looking for this?”

Fu Yuanhai suddenly spoke as he took out a giant ax.

“Is that… the Wisdom Chopping Axe?” Cultivator Junjun was stunned. After that, his eyes glinted, “It’s one of the seven battle souls!”

Xiao Chengfeng said in elation, “That’s right, we were looking for it. It’s the last battle soul was looking for. I can’t believe we found it just like that.

They already had the other six, and now Fu Yuanhai gave them the last one without any difficulty.

Juling Shen said curiously, “Friend, you’re something else. The seven battle souls were all obtained by the Heaven Plundering Alliance. How’d you get it?”

“The Heaven Plundering Alliance has already been eliminated. The treasures were naturally lost. I just happened to come across it.”

As Zhou Yuanhai spoke, he snuck a glance and those of them from the Heavenly Palace. He noticed that they treated him in a much friendlier way. His heart settled at that moment. After this encounter, he gained their acknowledgment.

He tried to ask, “Fellow cultivators, there’s a calamity afoot. Should we go ask the expert about it? I could offer the ax to him.”

Xiao Chengfeng smiled in realization, “Haha, I knew it! You must’ve tried hard to get this ax. You wanted to use it to gain his favor!”

Cultivator Junjun went silent for a moment before nodding, “Since it’s the last battle soul, we’ve finally completed the sect. We should give it to the expert. Why don’t you introduce him to the expert, Xiao Chengfeng?”


A smile appeared on Zhou Yuanhai’s face when he heard that.

He plotted for countless years, instigating great change after great change. He did everything he could. Was he finally going to meet that person from legend?

Without a beginning, or an end.

Selfless and thoughtless.

Devoid of desires.

As long as it went according to plan.

He… could take over!

Xiao Chengfeng said, “Alright. Remember, I have to tell you the rules first. This is very important!”

“I’ll listen to everything,” Zhou Yuanhai said seriously.

Yet, Xiao Chengfeng was about to speak when two figures appeared together. It was Yang Jian and the drunkard.

Yang Jian’s expression was incredibly happy and high-spirited. He was filled with joy after he returned from Li Nianfan’s place having broken through.

The drunkard was full of injuries. He panted heavily as his blood oozed out. Even his organs could be seen. He was in an incredibly bad state.

The two of them appeared together, contrasting greatly. It stunned everyone.

Xiao Chengfeng was the first to snap back to reality as he said with concern, “Senior drunkard, what happened to you?”

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