I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot - Chapter 940 - Fast Drinker  

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Chapter 940: Fast Drinker

The drunkard suppressed his injuries and said, “Something happened at the Unending Sea. I was forced to flee.”

He was surrounded by four supreme beings. In the end, he was even attacked by the Unrivaled. He might have sustained an injury he would never be able to recover from.

“Even you were injured?” Xiao Chengfeng exclaimed in disbelief.

He knew how powerful the drunkard was. The drunkard completely suppressed the Unending Sea for countless years, so much so that the corruption could not find a way to rise from it at all. Even among supreme beings countless years ago, the drunkard was an incredibly strong existence. Yet, the drunkard lost and sustained such horrendous injuries.

The drunkard said helplessly, “The traitors have completely gone astray. I fought four people alone and got hit by the Unrivaled in the end. It’s a miracle I’m not dead.”

“It’s the traitors again. Those people can’t even be called animals. If I meet them, I’ll have them fall under my blade!” Xiao Chengfeng cursed.

The drunkard shook his head, “You’d better control yourself for now. All of the traitors that have survived to this day are supreme beings. They aren’t people you can kill right now.”

Cultivator Junjun asked seriously, “That’s right, senior drunkard. Who was the Unrivaled you were talking about?”

It was very evident from the drunkard’s tone that the drunkard was very fearful of the Unrivaled, “He was someone who walked the path of being unrivaled since he was born. His talent was at the peak of ancient times, only losing to Madman Chu. Back then, he ruled over the ancient world. If he did not lose Madman Chu. He would probably be truly unbeaten to this day,” The drunkard lamented.

The path of an unrivaled!

The Unrivaled!

Everyone shuddered.

For someone to be called unrivaled meant that their strength was evident. Furthermore, that person was someone second to only Madman Chu.

Madman Chu was able to stand up to Wisdom itself, so would the Unrivaled not be the second strongest being ever?!

Everyone suddenly felt immense pressure.

“Back then, I respected that guy, but he went astray after losing the Madman Chu. I can’t believe that even he became a traitor. Haha, he still dares to call himself the Unrivaled. What a joke!”

The drunkard might not have been able to win, but the drunkard’s words were still full of disdain.

Cultivator Junjun said, “The path of the unrivaled is the hardest to walk. A single loss can stick with you for a lifetime and completely distort your path. He must feel like, as long as Wisdom and Madman Chu both sustain heavy losses from this, he would be able to truly become unrivaled.”

Xiao Chengfeng looked to Yang Jian, “Lord Erlang, you improved so much. The expert must have helped.”

“It’s nothing much, I just feel like I’ve finally caught up to you,” Yang Jian put on a face of false humility as he adopted a meaningful stance. He acted very mysteriously, but his smile reached his ears.

Looking at him, everyone knew that there must be something else. Juling Shen said impatiently, “Stop acting. Hurry up and say what the expert gave you.”

“You have to share good things. You can’t just swallow it all up yourself.”

“Yang Jina, stop fooling around. Hurry up and take it out.”

Everyone urged in anticipation.

Yang Jian finally said, “Honestly, I’m quite lucky. Didn’t the expert get a lot of wild animals before? He happened to make some bear blood wine. He even allowed me to bring some back.”

“What? Bear blood wine?!”

“The expert gave us wine. Hurry up and let us see!”

“Could it be made from that bear demon from the Celestial Demon Moutain? He was a Wisdom Elite, it must be amazing!”

The moment he heard that there was wine, the drunkard’s eyes looked like they were going to shoot out as he urged, “Don’t just stand there talking. Hurry up and take it out!”

Yang Jian did not say anything else. He immediately took out a jar. Before it was opened, everyone could smell the dense fragrance of wine. They could even feel the tremendous spiritual energy from the wine.

“What a good wine! Just smelling it helped me stabilize my injuries. This wine has various forms of Wisdom in it. It won’t just help in cultivation, it can’t even treat injuries. It is something from that person. He hasn’t changed.”

The drunkard had a look of lament in his eyes. As he said that, his saliva drooled down.

His eyes wandered about as he said immediately, “Friends, the world works in mysterious ways. I’m so heavily injured, and the expert happened to give you wine. This is destiny. This wine is perfect for my injuries!”

All of them who were so eagerly about to share the wine could not help but pause. The drunkard’s words served as a reminder for them.

Everything the expert gave them something, the expert gave them a hint. This time, they happened to bump into the heavily injured drunkard. It was related.

So they did not delay things at all.

Cultivator Junjun nodded and said, “You’re right. This wine can treat injuries. We should let you have a drink first.”

“That’s true,” Yang Jian and the others had nothing to say.

Immediately, Yang Jian poured a bowl for the drunkard and handed it over.

“Thank you,” The drunkard said politely. After that, he eagerly gulped it all down. A nostalgic look appeared on his face.

“It’s taking effect. It’s taking effect!” The drunkard shouted excitedly. The injuries on his chest rapidly healed. They were already half-healed, “Quickly, continue giving me more. I can still drink… ahem, I still need to treat my injuries!”

Yang Jian jolted, not daring to delay matters as he poured another bowl for the drunkard.

“Ah, this feels good. My injuries have recovered even more. Quickly, there’s just a bit left.”

Yang Jian poured more.

“Wow, it’s even better now. I feel like I’m about to recover. Continue…”

Yang Jian poured.

“Good, good. It’s so good! Look, I’m already ninety percent there. Another bowl will be enough.”

Yang Jian poured again.

“Ah, there’s still a little left. Again…”

Xiao Chengfeng and the others widened their eyes like idiots as they looked at the drunkard finish half the jar. Xiao Chengfeng could finally not stand it anymore, “Stop right there. Senior drunkard, are you sure your injuries still haven’t recovered?”

“Just look yourselves, but it’s almost there,” The drunkard licked his lips, staring at the jar.

Xiao Chengfeng raised an eyebrow, “No matter what, you only recover by half each time. I think you won’t be fully recovered unless you finish the whole thing!”

The drunkard said in an offended manner, “Xiao Chengfeng, am I someone like that? I would at least leave each of you a mouthful… Ahem, no, I feel like my injuries won’t be cured so easily. Why don’t you pour some into my gourd? The rest of you can share the rest.”

Xiao Chengfeng said with a pained expression, “You don’t just want to drink it, you want to take some more too. I can’t believe you’re so shameless!”

“That’s too much. You’re cheating our feelings!”

“I can stand having my feelings cheated, but I can’t stand having my wine cheated. Just you wait, I just can’t beat you right now…”

“You should just go away now. Let’s hurry up and split the rest of the wine.”

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