I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl - Chapter 670: Start Over

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Chapter 670: Start Over

I did not understand why the class leader suddenly ran away. Winnie furrowed her brows for a bit before coming to a realization: “The class leader must be on her period.”

The majority of the people here were boys, but Winnie said it aloud in front of everyone, even Li CunZhuang’s mother was slightly embarrassed.

Not only did she talk about periods, she also ran back after the class leader, she said while running: “The class leader was exhausted last night, I’ll see if she needs my help to help her stick on her pads!”

Now everyone present were embarrassed.

When Winnie went after the class leader, she ran into the cleanly dressed Xiao Qin, who was walking towards me from the direction of the school.

As the two brushed past each other, Winnie took the initiative to greet Xiao Qin, who nodded back in response.

Because such a large accident occurred within the last 24 hours, Xiao Qin no longer cared about Winnie mistakenly consuming the aphrodisiac berries and trying to push me down.

Xiao Qin believes it was because she was too obsessed with it and that’s why she joined hands with Zhuang Ni and made me have a bad night’s rest which indirectly put my life in danger.

In addition, Xiao Qin also regretted it because she caused her mother to be worried and got into a car accident. She almost lost two important people to her which made her reevaluate her view towards life.

If Xiao Qin knew that Auntie Ren was hospitalized not because of a shallow head injury or broken glass in her abdomen, but because of a miscarriage, would she have mourned the loss of the unborn baby like me?

In any case, Xiao Qin looked much more gentle and quiet than usual. She had her hands clasped together hanging in front of her body, lightly pressing against her white skirt as she approached me.

Everyone made room for Xiao Qin, even more than the gap that they had just made for the class leader, probably because they sensed the unusual atmosphere between us.

Plus, thanks to Xiao Qin, I was saved. Xu LiJun proposed to let the androphobic Xiao Qin and I talk to each other alone, so everyone was cooperative and dispersed.

I didn’t say anything when Xiao Qin came over because Dr. Yu was watching me through the glass and it made me very uncomfortable. So I put my hands in my pockets and took Xiao Qin to the other side of the RV.

After changing spots, Dr. Yu was lacking tact as he also changed the window to spy on me. I had no choice but to treat him as a background.

“How’s Auntie Ren’s recovery going?” I asked Xiao Qin, my eyes fell to the grass at my feet.

“Well, Uncle Ye is taking good care of her and she’s a bit better now.” Xiao Qin, whose voice went hoarse last night, still could not speak loudly.

Huh, Xiao Qin, you’re a bit slow. Do you really believe the reason my dad is taking care of your mom out of the goodness of his heart? The miscarriage affected their joint child, so it was reasonable for my dad to take care of Auntie Ren.

“Ye Lin classmate…” Xiao Qin had sections of bandages wrapped around her arms and legs.

She lowered her head and looked upward at me with timid eyes.

“I won’t make things difficult for Ye Lin classmate anymore, so can you let me stay with you without chasing me away.”

I hesitated for a second because I was considering how to word it, but Xiao Qin immediately added hastily:

“It’s all my fault, I’ve already self-reflected, I…”

Her dry and hoarse voice made her unable to speak for a moment and it was painful for me to watch.

“I ……” Xiao Qin’s eyes overflowed with tears, “I’ve carefully thought about. I’m currently not qualified to be Ye Lin’s classmate’s girlfriend, so you should remove me from the girlfriend position.”

“Just allow me to stay by your side…”

I put my hands on her shoulders and reassured her, “You’ll always be qualified to stay by my side. If you disappear, I’ll still go looking for you.”

“Really?” Xiao Qin asked.

“As for being a girlfriend…” I said after thinking about it, “It’s true that I decided too hastily last time, how about we start as childhood friends…”

“Could it be that…” Xiao Qin said in a bit of disbelief, “You’re still going to give me a second chance to be your girlfriend again in the future?”

“You can also say that.” I nodded, but I felt confused about my unfathomable future.

After seeing Xiao Qin crying with joy, I felt that no matter what the future held, it was enough that she was happy at this moment.

Of course, she would be even happier if I promise that I won’t remove her as a girlfriend, or even say that I would marry her in the future.

But what if, what if I don’t have long to live.

“Thanks.” Xiao Qin wiped her tears, feeling both regret that she was no longer my girlfriend and joy that she had been given a second chance.

“I’ll start from scratch as a childhood friend and neighbor, then try to make you like me.”

She clenched her two small fists and vowed in front of me.

Um… when I said you are a sister, I was not referring to the girl next door. The two of our parents might have lost their child, but they might still get together in the future. When the time comes, you would be my step-sister.

At this time, Dr. Yu knocked on the window and asked me to come closer. Xiao Qin knew that he was a very skilled doctor and thought he was going to instruct me what to do and told me to go over to hear what he had to say.

The windows of the RV were soundproof, so you had to get very close and look at their mouth, to understand what the other person is saying.

The words Dr. Yu said made me almost spurt out a mouthful of blood.

“Get, on, her, now.”

You look quite dignified with your clean shave, but how come you have the same ideas as Director Cao and his son?

I frowned at him angrily, he did not care at all and continued:

“Don’t leave behind regrets. It seems that girl also quite likes you, in case you die, it’s good leaving behind a descendant…”

“Good my ass.” I tried to keep my voice down and yelled, “You think I won’t have any regrets if I get my childhood friend pregnant before I die? Besides, we’re only 14…”

“What’s wrong with being 14?” Dr. Yu said with disdain, as if the laws of the common folk did not apply to him, “I have connections to get you a marriage license in Russia. If you are worried about the child being born without a status, you can get married first.”

Damn, in order to solve their negative population growth problem, Putin first declared homosexuality as a crime. In some areas, they even implemented a policy where 14 years old can get married. I think he has gotten too obsessed with ways to increase the population, the complete opposite of China’s family planning policies.

Also, Auntie Ren just miscarried, but if I elope with her 14-year-old daughter to Russia to get a marriage license, then I would be trying to piss her off to death.

So I narrowed my eyes and glared at Dr. Yu, who was behind the glass, but he was too thick-skinned and didn’t care at all.

He pointed to Xiao Qin who was standing slightly farther away, “The girl’s mother and your father have a connection, right? If you don’t take advantage now to establish a relationship between the two of you, but wait until after your parents get married and you become siblings, there would be more social pressure, so rather than regret it at that time…”

“Do you even think I can wait until then?” I angrily questioned.

Dr. Yu clicked his tongue, “i just talked to my colleague in the United States. Although your blood samples haven’t been sent out, I showed him your lab results, but he was confident that he could cure you. He also said: the toxicity is rare, but it shouldn’t be any trouble for the ‘Poison King’. He believes he can definitely cure you and also swore that he would die if you don’t…”

“Hey hey, I think you got it mixed up. If he said that, wouldn’t it mean he would try his best to kill me.”

“Ah, a slip of the tongue.” Dr. Yu carelessly changed his previous remark, “He said that if you die, he will drink 500 ml of your blood, then continue to research the antidote. If he isn’t successful, he would get buried along with you.”

Who wants him to die with me! Why do the two of you have so much confidence in your own medical skills? I really admire your sense of responsibility towards your patients, but I’m already dead, so what good would it do even if he found an antidote?

“Ye Lin classmate.” Xiao Qin reminded me from the back, “Don’t argue with the doctor, he’s doing this for you to recover quickly…”

We are not only arguing about treatment, he also came up with a bad idea to let me go to Russia with you to get a marriage license, then get you get pregnant! Although you may feel happy if you heard, but I will never do what he said. Who knows if they can cure me.

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