I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl - Chapter 671: Father-in-law and Daughter-in-law Are Both Humiliated

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Chapter 671: Father-in-law and Daughter-in-law Are Both Humiliated

I blame Dr. Yu for filling my head with the idea that it’s normal to get married and have children at the age of 14. It made me seriously consider the possibility of letting her have a baby beforehand so that Xiao Qin doesn’t kill herself after I die.

How perverted, I just removed her girlfriend status, but immediately turned around and say: “Let’s have a child together.”

“Do you have a strange fetish?” Xiao Qin will definitely ask, “Why didn’t you have a baby with me when I was your girlfriend, but you now want a child when we’re back to being childhood friends?”

“It’s because I feel better when I bully a childhood friend.” I would have to say that to Xiao Qin in order to conceal the truth.

“Hahahahaha, you were forced to have my child even when you’re not my girlfriend. I bet you feel wrong, you deserved it, who asked you to bully me as a child.”

Not good, I can’t stop once I start imagining different scenarios.

My lower abdomen was also on fire and it made some very bad movements. Fortunately, my back was facing Xiao Qin and she could not see the front of my pants.

It is said that when a man faces death, he has a strong desire to leave behind offspring. Compared to when Ai Shu Qiao first made death threats towards me, I seem to have become more prone to letting my thoughts run wild now.

Wait, while the intensity of my heart attacks decrease with each subsequent attack, it still looks like I cannot do any strenuous exercise for a long time.

I think bed exercise is also a type of strenuous exercise, let along a virgin’s first time. If I had a heart attack and died naked on top of Xiao Qin, then…

Exactly how many bad memories do I want to leave behind for Xiao Qin?! Xiao Qin may obstinately believe she was the one who killed me!

What if she bites her tongue and kills herself? How will my dad and Auntie Ren look when they find the two of us hugging each other’s “naked” corpses?

And not to mention my reputation will be even worse.

“He doesn’t have any compassion for women, he killed his childhood friend on the bed and he also died in the saddle, what a…”

Damn it, I had good intentions. I only wanted my childhood friend to conceive my child…

No, no, I wanted Xiao Qin to have my child to prevent her from doing something stupid. However, the success rate of the plan is not very high.

So, who should I leave a child with… no, what should I do to give Xiao Qin the confidence to live, even in the unlikely event that I do pass away.

I got it, I should use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make Xiao Qin realize there is an issue with the way she deals with problems. I will use the time she wants to correct herself to reshape her into a more sunny, more optimistic, more compassionate, in short, a strong girl who is more likely live on if I am gone.

As for the method, I already decided one one the same time I thought of this idea. I would use an “encouragement teaching” approach. If Xiao Qin doesn’t read shoujo manga for a week, I will pat her head. If Xiao Qin goes a week without pranks, I will hug her. if Xiao Qin performed three good deeds to help others, I will give her a kiss on the face…

Although the rewards are all physical contact, I have not crossed the line, either as a childhood friend or as a sister.

Okay, the plan will be named “Step-Sister Teaching Plan”. The name might sound a bit bad, but it’s an amazing plan.

At this time, Xiao Qin’s cell phone rang, but it was a call from my dad.

It turned out that my dad had heard that I had woken up and wanted to come and see me, but Auntie Ren was fragile because of her depression after the miscarriage and needed company, so my dad asked if Xiao Qin could go back and spend some time with her mother.

Xiao Qin very understandingly agreed to stay with her mother and called my dad over.

When we met, I had a thousand words to say, but my dad hugged me and left me breathless. His choked voice left me speechless, so I responded to him with a tighter hug.

After releasing his emotions, my dad wiped the tears from his eyes, then said “It’s good you’re okay, otherwise…”, then we talked about a lot of miscellaneous things.

For example, the rescue process. About how Ai Mi threw a tantrum at the firefighters and police officers, but they saw she was a foreigner and also a minor so they didn’t really blame her. Also about how Ai Mi’s large bodyguard (referring to Peng TouSi) acted as the peacemaker and calmed the firefighters and police officers down. After I was rescued, he specifically instructed 004 and 005 to make two oversized banners, respectively, to the fire department and police station, then bring along a couple cases of fruit that looked plain, but were actually very expensive Hawaiian fruit.

I think the speed at which Peng TouSi was able to adjust to the local customs was way too fast! He also knows Chinese, knows how to pick locks, knows how to pickpocket, and even knows medical skills… what is something he can’t learn?

My dad specifically mentioned that the police captain was relatively young and looked a bit handsome. After I was rescued, it seems Peng TouSi did not fake his enthusiasm. The goodwill that came from the bottom of his heart was able to cool down the captain’s anger when Ai Mi called them good-for-nothings.

“Haha, maybe it’s because there’s a fireman next to him.” My dad joked with me.

The fireman has nothing to do with it, Peng TouSi got close to the police captain because he meets the criteria of a “good man”. Damn, stay away from our police.

My dad also mentioned when the firefighters were doing a search in a deserted mountain, the flashlight scared the monkeys and they were attacked by a group of monkeys, resulting in a spectacular scene of the battle between humans and monkeys. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, the monkeys also threw down a small monkey with albinism, after the firefighters retreated, they did not take back the albino monkey, so the fire chief took it home as a pet.

Bastard, even monkeys are so irresponsible these days. You should raise your own children you gave birth to, why are you pushing them to humans?

Finally, my dad was embarrassed and slightly saddened to mention that he and Auntie Ren had all sorts of things happen the night before, which I’ve already mentioned previously.

My dad glanced towards the window and saw that Dr. Yu had disappeared before he asked me in a puzzled voice:

“Xiao Lin, how did your class leader know about me and your Auntie Ren?”

“The two of you argued too loud, that class leader heard when she went to your hotel for the home visit.”

“So that’s how it is.” My dad came to a realization, then said: “Xiao Lin, I think your class leader likes you.”

“What?” I furrowed my brows, “Dad, that’s nonsense.”

A lot of things happened between me and the class leader since Xiao Qin transferred over, despite the misunderstandings. In terms of the class leader’s impression, I know I went from the “rotten apple” gradually to “there is hope for salvation”.

But I don’t have the confidence to say it increased to the level of “liking me” all of a sudden. Although we hugged, kissed, slept together, and even did a spanking, I still do not have confidence that the class leader likes me.

“It’s not nonsense.” my dad said, “Although I was reprimanded by your little class leader and felt very humiliated and have no face to be her father-in-law in the future…”

Don’t just classify the class leader as your daughter-in-law! I don’t think any girl will be fine with their father-in-law selling adult products.

“I have proof.” My dad stood on his tiptoes and recalled, “She had traces of tears on her face when I first met her. The degree of concern she has for you does not seem like an ordinary relationship between a class leader and a classmate. In addition, I listened to her and did not go to the front lines to add to the chaos, but went to take care of your Auntie Ren…”

“After I left, I think I heard her crying and it seems she was sending a text message…”

Wait, wait, I suddenly understood why the class leader suddenly panicked, blushed, then ran away when she heard Winnie get a text.

There is a high possibility that after I fell into the trap and my cell phone had no signal, the search and rescue had no progress, and everything into despair, the class leader sent me a last text message kind of like how I wrote my final note.

The class leader did not know that my phone had no power, so she must have thought that I had already read the text message.

What exactly did the class leader say in her text message which lead her to be unable to face me now?

Could it be it really is what my dad said. The class leader “likes” me, so when my life was hanging by a thread, she sent me last words from the bottom of her heart?

Would this be the rumored “text message confession”? The class leader now mistakenly thought I had read the text message, so she can’t face me anymore.

No, no, no, no, no, no, I have to hurry up and charge my phone to see what the text message says.

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