I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl - Chapter 691: I Don’t Have Problems!

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Chapter 691: I Don’t Have Problems!

“Oh, I misread the medical records.” Dr. Yu said without even being embarrassed, “It’s not Ye Lin who wants to do a sex reassignment surgery, it’s one of his classmates.”

Where do I have a classmate who wants to have a sex reassignment surgery? Even the one most suitable for sex reassignment surgery, Shu Zhe, would not agree to have his penis cut off.

“So what exactly is wrong with Xiao Lin that he needs to stay here to continue treatment?” Dad hurriedly asked again.

“Okay.” Dr. Yu sighed, “Now that it’s just the three of us here, and there are no outsiders…”

Hey, hey, Dr. Yu what are you going to do? Didn’t you promise me you won’t tell others about my heart problems.

Please don’t tell my dad, it will make him cry non-stop! I don’t want to see his humiliating expression, at least wait until I pass away first to cry!

I frantically glanced at Dr. Yu, but he did not respond and continued to say:

“Actually, before Ye Lin fell into the trap, he was bit on the ankles by a red snake…”

My dad asked: “I heard, but didn’t you say the toxin was weak so it wasn’t serious?”

Dr. Yu shook his head, “The toxin is indeed ineffective against warm-blooded animals, but Ye Lin unfortunately had an allergic reaction. So after a period of observation, I found that Ye Lin, he… his sexual function was adversely affected.”

“Ah.” My dad was astonished, “How bad is it?”

“If we can’t find a way to eliminate the allergy.” Dr. Yu looked at the ceiling above in a thinking pose, “he may never be able to get erect again.”

Well, at least it’s better than telling my dad that my life is in danger. From a certain point of view, I do have a problem with my sexual organ because of my heart problems, since I could die if I have sex.

“Then how should we treat it.” When my dad saw my bitter face without denying Dr. Yu, he believed it.

Dr. Yu pretended to cough and said, “Since the venom caused an allergic reaction, it also resulted in swollen testicles…”

Who has swollen testicles? I was bitten on my foot, not my testicles! Even if it’s to trick my father, at least give a different lie.

My dad took a worried look at my pants, as if my testicles had swollen like two dragon fruits.

“This kind of allergic reaction is relatively rare, and there has never been a precedent for it in China.” Dr. Yu continued to irresponsibly blab on, “But my colleague at Stanford University, fortunately, was also bitten by a red snake and also had similar symptoms, and he was able to cure himself…”

Dr. Yu, you really do treat everyone equally. In order to continue the lie, you made it so your colleague also had swollen testicles!

My father was happy after hearing this: “That means Xiao Lin can still saved, and there will be a little Xiao Lin in the future.”

Who is a little Xiao Lin? Why are you thinking about grandchildren at your age? If you have time to think about grandchildren, go and create another brother/sister for me with Auntie Ren.

Dr. Yu held out his hand and told my dad to not celebrate too early.

“Allergic reactions can vary a lot from person to person. An anti-allergy medicine that works for my colleague can’t be injected directly to Ye Lin, otherwise there’s no telling what side effects it will cause, so…”

He dragged out his voice to emphasize his next words.

“So Ye Lin needs a period of observation of micro-drug testing to determine the correct formula and dosage. Mr. Ye, do you still insist that Ye Lin be transferred to a ‘large hospital’ for treatment.”

My dad was speechless for a few minutes, then turned his face to me and asked, “Xiao Lin, is what Dr. Yu said true.”

I nodded and admitted that my testicles were swollen plus my male ‘member’ was inactive, it was better than letting my dad know I had a heart conditions.

“Then, why didn’t you tell me about it a few days ago?” My dad asked with a reproachful tone.

“I’m embarrassed.” My head dropped even lower.

My dad patted my shoulder and comforted me a few times, then said to Dr. Yu, “Doctor, Xiao Lin’s future happiness depends on you.”

“Don’t worry.” Dr. Yu was satisfied that my dad had easily believed to his fabricated story, “I can’t guarantee anything else, but I can guarantee that Ye Lin will definitely have descendants.”

Hey, I don’t think you can guarantee that either. What if I croak a few days later, where are you going to find one of my descendants? Are you going to make a robot grandson for my dad?

Seeing that Dr. Yu was so confident, my dad thanked Dr. Yu profusely and felt that he could give his son to Dr. Yu for treatment with confidence.

When he was leaving, he asked me secretly what Dr. Yu’s hobbies were, so he could bring some gifts next time to show his appreciation.

Dr. Yu likes corpses, preferably strange-shaped corpses, alien corpses would be the best.

So I asked my dad to buy some oranges next time, the best would be the ones that cost three dollars a pound and are really sour, Dr. Yu loves those ones.

My father looked at Dr. Yu strangely, probably thinking: Dr. Yu was used to eating big and sweet oranges in the United States, so he wanted to change his tastes when he came to China.

I thought after my dad left the VIP building and went to see Auntie Ren, the matter would be completely settled, but I didn’t expect the rumors had leaked out and news of my erectile dysfunction actually spread to Ai Mi’s ears.

In the past few days, I received treatment from Dr. Yu during the day, and slept next door to Ai Mi at night, in room 103.

Room 103 had the exact same layout as Ai Mi’s room 101. It also had a large living room, and two bedrooms. I use the one with more sunlight as my own bedroom and left the other one empty.

Unlike Ai Mi’s room which was renovated into a pink “princess room”, this room had the same style as the living room, it was all European style.

The bathroom was also not as luxurious as Ai Mi’s bathroom. There was no gold faucet on the sink, the bathtub was a relatively ordinary white porcelain bathtub, not the large massage jet bathtub Ai Mi likes to use.

I think the conditions are good enough, at least better than the three-star hotel I stayed in at the film city.

Also, Dr. Yu already explained that in order to prevent me from being stimulated, I can not bathe in the bathtub at all. Even in the shower, I have to gradually adapt to the water temperature, it’s best to be accompanied if possible.

Peng TouSi was happy to accompany me. He lives in room 102, the room right across from Ai Mi’s room. No, don’t come over here, I don’t want to take a couple’s bath with you!

So on the one hand, to prevent me from getting sick in the shower, and on the other hand, to prevent Peng TouSi from coming in to “help”, sometimes Dr. Yu would sit on the living room couch watching TV while I was in the shower, he even brought his first aid kit with him.

He had a dual doctorates in medicine and engineering, so when he was bored, he modified the TV in the living room so that it could receive free adult satellite programming and watch free porn.

So when I was taking a shower, he would be watching porn! So Dr. Yu also likes ordinary women, I thought he would like female robots.

Once I realized that Dr. Yu was Ai Mi’s personal doctor, I had certain misgivings about Dr. Yu watching regular porn instead of robot porn. What if he took advantage of Ai Mi while he was giving her a body checkup?

I pretended it was an accident and observed the type of porn Dr. Yu likes to watch. I found that Dr. Yu likes to watch types like “mature office ladies”, “mature teachers”, and “mature doctors”.

The ones with large breasts, long legs, incredibly sexy, basically the ones found on the cover of Playboy magazines.

In addition to Ren Peng, I found another mature female lover! It’s great that these two, who are in frequent contact with Ai Mi, aren’t lolicons.

It’s a strange feeling when someone’s outside watching porn when you’re taking a shower (if my dad comes in right now, he will know that my sexual problems are imaginary).

So after trying a few showers, once I figured out my body’s rhythm, there was no longer a need for Dr. Yu to be on standby outside.

Today, after I sent my dad away, I ordered some dinner from the French chef. I might be a patient, but I was living quite comfortably.

But after I finished dinner, when I just came out of the shower and changed into a new hospital gown, Ai Mi barged into room 103.

“Brother… you have a problem with your sexual function?”

She looked even more anxious than me.

Hey hey, although I’m touched by my sister’s concern for my body, but don’t say those words from your mouth!

Also, based on your current expression… it wasn’t only concern, but also anger. Why are you acting as if your own happiness suffered a great loss when your brother’s sexual function has problems.

I couldn’t think of how to explain it to Ai Mi, if only Dr. Yu was around.

Ai Mi became more anxious when I remained silent, she looked me up and down, then suddenly reached over and said:

“Let me see what’s wrong.”

Damn, you can’t touch over there. What are you trying to do to your own brother!

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